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The medical department is responsible for the physical health of the crew, from running annual physicals to combatting a strange plague that is afflicting the crew.

Chief Medical Officer

Responsible for the physical well being of the crew, the Chief Medical Officer serves as chief physician, a medical researcher, and more as well as heading up the Medical department. S/he, along with the XO, is one of the only offcers who can remove a CO from duty.

Assitant Chief Medical Officer

Responsible for assiting the Chief Medical Officer in the running of the medical team aboard a ship/station. Responsibilites also include but not limited to keeping up to date with crew check ups.

Surgical Specialist

The Surgical Specialist is a Medical officer who is highly skilled as a surgeon. This individual is involved in all surgical consults, and performs surgery on crew members when necessary.

Trauma Specialist

The Trama Specialist is held by a Medical officer who is knowledgeable in all forms of medical treatment as it relates to dealing with traumatic injuries, or injuries acquired during combat or hostile situations. This crew member is the first to attend to such victims, and is one of the few who can commandeer sections of the ship/station to turn it into a triage.

Pathology Specialist

Pathology Specialists have two major functions. First, they are reponsible for performing autopsies on deceased crew members, plus preparing the bodies for funeral/memorial services - either on board the ship/station, or with their families. Second, they are responsible for investigating all airborne threats, including new strains of viruses introduced with the intent of killing many.

Pediatric Specialist

The Pediatric Specialists have one of the best, and probably most rewarding jobs as part of the Medical department. They help to oversee the delivery of babies, and then oversee their treatment and care, for as long as they are on the ship/station or until they reach adulthood.

Medical Officer

Responsible for assisting the Chief Medical Officer with examinations, administration, etc. in order to ensure the physical well being of the crew.

Medical Technician

Medical Technicians spend most of their times in the medical labs, running various experiments on samples, ranging from tissue to organs. They are often charged with uncovering the source behind an illness.

Medical Researcher

It's a large galaxy out there, and the number of illnesses from across the universe can be astronomical! The duty of the Medical Researcher is to keep on top of all types of illnesses, from among all species. They look for similarities between them, and current illnesses that may be plaguing the crew.

Head Nurse

A Head Nurse has usually served as a Nurse on board a ship/station for a number of years, or has had extensive experience within the medical field, or in managing other nurses.


Trained in basic medical care, these NCOs assist the medical staff in operations, and are able to treat minor injuries and such on their own. They also maintain the medical ward and deal with the trivial tasks to allow the medical personnel to focus on the real problems.

Emergency Medical Hologram

NPC ONLY The Emergency Medical Hologram is a component of the computer system on board the ship/station. The EMH was originally designed by Dr. Lewis Zimmerman, and the program bears a lot of his own personality traits. It may activate on command from any Starfleet officer, or activates automatically during a Red Alert. Once the personality expands enough, it may be granted autonomous control over its own functions, and can leave the ship/station through the use of a mobile holographic emitter.