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Q's Games
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Protector Missions
*Production number: Prot-RP35
*Initiated: 130728
*Ended: 130728
*Year: 2388
*Previous Mission: Dusty Trail
*Next Mission: Moonbase
*SIM Concept: BenjaminBalan2 Resident
*Historian: BenjaminBalan2 Resident

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Mission Report

United Federation Starfleet

Mission Report

USS Protector

Stardate: 130728


Security Report Log Stardate:130728 Report submitted by: Harryheath resident Subject: USS Protector Mission Report

The Captain briefed us on the situation at hand:

"Very well, following last week's mission we've been traveling at warp 4 to Pinastri. Nothing unusual on the sensors to report, we're still 2 days away from Tranquility."

Lt. Commander Himmel noticed a 2.4% shift of the warpfield in the left narcell and suggested an engineer check it out. We are still 2 days from Tranquility.

All of a sudden we are launched out of warp as the warp field destabilises. Shocked , the Captain looked to Ensign Eiyo to see what the problem was. Suddenly a mysterious being appeared. He called himself Q.

He was the one responsible for the warp field destabilising. He said he would not let us go until we "play" his game. We had no choice, if we didn't go with him he would destroy the ship.

A strange white mist appeared and before we realised we were off the ship. We had been beamed by the mist to an island of some sort. However, tricorders would not give a location. We appeared to be in the middle of the island, raised and in a deserted militant outpost, which had been blown open. This Q informed us that we had to attack one another to free the ship. Of course this caused uproar between the crew however, Captain Balan decided it was our best option to go along with it.

We were each put into a tank, around the island. The tanks were then driven by us all and we had to "blow up" each other's tank to win. Last one in their tank wins. After the first game, it came apparent that we were actually in no danger, although we were not prepared to test that willingly. It seemed that this "immortal" creature, Q was so lonely that this was his idea of fun.

After a few round on our own, Q suggested that we pair up to fight in pairs. I paired with Ensign Alecto. Ensign Eiyo with Commander Zeppitay and Captain Balan with Lt. Commander Himmel. I must say the Commander and Ensign were a very good team together and know a lot more about fire arms than I first thought. Their aim was quite commendable.

After a few rounds we grew tired of Q's game. I gave him one final deal. I stated that he go against one of us in a head to head, 1v1 final, that would decided the fate of us all. He agreed. He chose Commander Zeppitay to go up against. They fought for a while until Q destroyed the Commander's tank. When we got to the Commander, she was unconscious. Our first thoughts were a little more sever. However, it turned out that Q had attempted to break down the Commander's mental blocks. This, according to the Commander, was nearly impossible and very dangerous.

I must say, at this point I did lose my temper. I found it hard to keep my control, I know this was hard for me as a child being brought up on Earth, half my childhood. However, I took myself back to control. I believe I successfully controlled myself after that, even though Q wouldn't stop with his taunts. We continued to demand Q to take us back to the ship. It was only until the Commander threatened Q with releasing his weakness did Q correspond.

We were returned back to the ship all in one piece. However, the Captain ordered the Commander to Sickbay immediately. We then retook our previous course at warp factor 5. We are currently en-route to the SS Tranquility, approx. 2 days away.

End Report

Report submitted by: Ensign Surrok Heath Security Officer USS Protector

End Report