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The Role Play Pacts are the standing relations we have with other factions. Please note that this is purely IC and ROLE PLAY based. This has NO effect on our DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS

For example United Federation Starfleet has a Diplomatic Alliance with Orion's Sword. This group has friendly (OOC) relations with UFS. However, IC speaking, UFS and Orion's Sword are enemies. Again....ONLY for ROLE PLAY purposes

Please look at the UFS Alert Conditions

Official UFS Role Play Pacts

  • Protectorate

This pact is offered to any foreign fleet that can not sustain itself without help. We only offer this kind of help to those we feel are worthy of our help and protection. This pact is a one sided defence arrangement in which United Federation Starfleet will provide military and humanitary aid without expecting anything in return. Obviously, the help needs to be requested as we are not a bodyguard service

  • Non Aggression Pact

This pact is a recognition that United Federation Starfleet and the signatories (one or more foreign powers) agree to avoid war or armed conflict even if signatories find themselves fighting another party, including allies of one of the signatories

Example: United Federation of Planets and the Tholian Empire

  • Mutual Protection Pact

This pact is basically a full alliance as to where United Federation Starfleet and the signatories are obligated to offer any and all help. In essence if one of the signatories is attacked, United Federation Starfleet automatically becomes an ally in the conflict and is obligated to assist with any and all resources at our disposal........obviously.....this works both ways. If United Federation Starfleet is involved in an armed conflict we can call upon our allies to help us

Example: United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire

  • Neutral

This pact simply acknowledges each others existense and nothing more then trade agreements are in effect

Example: United Federation of Planets and the Ferengi

  • Enemy

This pact basically means that there is an armed conflict between United Federation Starfleet and said party.

Current UFS Pacts

Current UFS Pacts
Neutral Orion's Sword Auryn Sapeur
ENEMY Terran Empire Mianko Kirkorian
ENEMY Syldavia n/a
Mutual Protection Pact Splintered Rock Vooper Werribe
n/a Space Elves n/a
Mutual Protection Pact Klingon High Council Of Ecliptic FAdm Shadowchylde Revestel
Neutral Special Sniping Forces Squadron Delta Umino
Non Agression Pact United Systems Directorate Darkwolf Randt
Neutral Myrmidon Order KrakkenAres Pleides