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General Data
*Home System: [Pinastri Star System
*Home Planet: Pinastri III
*Violence: Low
*Primary Language: Rajan
Biological Information
*Scientific Name: Rajan
*Scientific Family: Humanoid
*Scientific Order: Oxygen Breathing Species
*Auditive: Auditive system, hearing
*Emphatic: No
*Telepatic: No
*Intelligence: This species are extinct
Other Information
Original ancient inhabitants of the Pinastri Star System


Evidence of the existence of an ancient race who once inhabited a number of Pinastri's worlds was first discovered by LTCMDR, Nabuleone Rhode, UFS Archaeologist

The Rajans had colonies on Pinastri III, IV and V. It iss assumed that all Rajan Pinastri colonies were artificially populated at the same time and after they reached a technology level where they were able to do interstellar flight the colonies were combined to a united Rajan colony.

The capital city of the Rajan civilization was called Talatasin Rajan, and was located on Pinastri III


21576 BC
Assumed appearence of the Rajan species in the Pinastri system.
Technology Level : low

15452 BC
Ancient ruins on Pinastri V, low technology level similar to ancient Egypt on earth 3000 BC

10110 BC (Rajan year: Time Unit (TU) 6124)
Rajan technology level reached federation standard.
Psionic artefact “Magnet of Trouble” secured in a box.

Significant People:

King Ramasutan
High Priest Galamotepjan

9215 BC (Rajan year : Time Unit (TU) 7019):
“Master of Trouble” appears (wormhole phenomenons). This was the prelude to the destruction of the Rajan culture and species in the Pinastri System.

Significant People:

King Ramasutan III
High Priest Itshupsetan

9091 BC (Rajan year : Time Unit (TU) 7143):
Assumed destruction of the Rajan Culture in the Pinastri System


The Rajan Culture was a caste system which was divied in two main castes:
1. Religious-caste
2. Working-caste.

The religious-caste were very strong and the poeple look significantly different on the signs and drawings recovered. It is therefore assumed that the religious caste wasn´t just a different caste but a different race. Fact is that they governed the culture and were very restrictive to the working-caste. Religion was very much the major influence on the daily life of the Rajan culture.


Based on cuneiform and hieroglyphic writings, the Rajans developed a higher writing (CH-writing) which was used till the Rajan destruction. On higher developed Rajan computer consoles is clear to see that the Rajan script was still a picture-influenced writing.


Secured analysis of artefacts confirmed that the Rajan culture reached a technology level comparable to Federation standard of the year 2385 AC at 10000 BC our timeline.

Energetic Technology

  • Fusion reactors for energetic plasma used with Deuterium.
  • Knowledge of magnetic energy fields for shield technology
  • Knowledge about Psionic energy. Rajans were able to store high dangerous psi-matter in power devices (Magnet of Trouble) and maybe use it as energy sources.

Metallurgic Technology

This metal is a mixture of different single-crystal-connections on a carbon base and metallic inclusions. It has a dense of 25.880 kg/m3 and a melt point at 35.000 Kelvin.
Usage : power supplies and reactors

Perojanit is rubin-red shining metal and an alloy of the material Perolonium and Rajanit. Perolonium is described in a Rajan database and the Rajans found this material on an asteroid and it is a high-pressure element beyond the known periodic table of the elements. In his clear form Perolonium don’t react with antimatter and that’s why it has a unique stability.
In composition with Rajanit the Perolonium has a density of 38,7 g/cm³ and a meltpoint at 129000 degrees Celsius.

Crystalline technology

With the help of the Draconian species (living on an asteroid in the unstable Khittomer Wormhole) the Rajans converted the conventional dillithium crsytals to DQ-dillithium which was much more efficient than conventional dillithium.

Other technologies

Computer database technology on federation standard.

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