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Stardate: 110627 - 110715

Lt. Taselian met a Trader on Pinastri in the Welcome Center. He bought a small Statue. What he did not know at this time was, that the Statue was infected by a Virus. He brought the Statue back to Cascadia where he is Stationed and continued his work around the Stations. Not knowing of the Virus in his body he continued work and met several people on several stations to work with. After some days he started to feel bad. He went to Sickbay and got told he has some kind of flu and was released to his Quarter to rest.

Each day more patients showed up at the Infirmeries and we had to Quaranten them as we found out that it could not just be a simple flu. Our BioHazard Team, leaded by Dr. Landfall went to the Plaque Ship in the Midgar Sector after the Trader appeared again in our Welcome Center telling us that his People are sick too. They risked their lifes bringing back the Antivirus to Pinastri. Finally we could develop the AntiVirus and all our People are well again. The AntiVirus was given to the Trader to save the lives of his People and the Virus is stored in our Lab under high security level.

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