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A Registered Nurse is a trained medical professional within the Medical Branch. Nurses assist Physicians during treatment and administer after care to patients.


  • Respond to monthly roll call
  • Record logs on forum
  • Provides accurate reporting to Physicians
  • Attend Medical Conferences (Branch Meetings) in person or by subspace communication.
  • Maintain sickbay in ready state
  • Monitor crew morale.
  • Coordinate activites with Staff Physicians



  • Intro to UFS
  • P&P
  • History of UFS 1
  • Introduction to UFS Medical
  • Medical Ethics
  • P&P Factors
  • Basic Medical Care
  • History of Nursing


  • One or more classes in the College of Cultural Studies
  • Type II Phaser Training (and any required classes)
  • Know your Hypospray
  • Know your Medical Tricorder
  • Medical Tools of the Trade
  • EMH 101

Suggestions (Not Required)

  • Orders and Directives
  • Federation Law
  • Prime Directive I
  • Prime Directive II



  • Tour medical facility
  • Demonstration of equipment
  • Experience maintaining medical records
  • Experience writing medical training simulations
  • Experience recording medical logs
  • Practical Exam.


  • N/A

Suggestions (Not Required)

  • 2 hours of Simulation Training

Minimum Rank

Crewman Apprentice