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SS Astraios
*Registry: SS 006
*Class: Helenic Class Starbase
*Faction: UF Starfleet
*Sector of Operations: Sector 001
*Base of Operations: Astraios Colony
*Commissioned: 2386
*Ship Yard: Cascadia Shipyards
*Ship Designer: Advanced Starbase Design Bureau
*Operational Status: Decommissioned
Design Specifications
*Type: Multi Role Starbase
*Hull Composition: Duranium/Tritainium Double Hull Mesh
*Decks: 1,000 Total
Designed Capacities
*Crew Compliment: 5,000
*Evacuation Capacity: 20,000
*Life Support Capacity: 25,000
*Auxiliary Craft: 197 total
Tactical Systems
*Armament: 31 Type IX Phase Cannons, 25 Photon Torpedo Launchers
*Defenses: Regenerative Shield Array
Engineering Specifications
*Computer System: AC-18 Bio-Neural Super-System x 8
*Power Systems: Micro Fusion Reactor
Senior Staff
Extra Ship Information
Ship Logo


Astraios: A fledgling colony in the Gamma Quadrant set up by United Federation Starfleet after an accidental trip through an Iconian Gateway in 100215. Also the name of the planet and sector in which SS Astraios is located.


On Stardate 100215 Colonel Guy Maloy and his expeditionary team stepped out of an Iconian Gateway on an unknown planet soon to be identified as being deep inside the Gamma Quadrant. First contact was made with the Astraionians who eventually welcomed a Starfleet presence on their planet. UFS obliged and work began on a small colony, with Commander Marie Lawson given command of the sector on stardate 100520.

The humanoid population is primarily settled on the northern continent, where fresh water is easily available for crop growth and consumption. They progressed to warp capability a century ago. Despite this the Astraionians have kept mostly to themselves, with a few traders travel to the neighbouring system for supplies.

However, the political situation in the region is tense as the legacy of age-old hostilities between the indigenous Astraiosians and their neighbours from Treman continues to play a huge part in everyday life. The conflict continued until late 2378 when a fragile peace treaty was finally negotiated.

Starfleet’s role here as always, is primarily scientific as its archaeologists study reported remains of the Hur’q race and connections with the Rajans and Astraiosians. In addition scientists are interested in learning about the rare and volatile Takaar Gas that that is found in the large nebula that is present in this sector.

High hopes for the colony were soon to be deflated when hostilities between the Astraiosians and the Tremanites commenced once again. Starfleet’s non-interference policy meant retreat was their only option although they remained in a diplomatic role trying desperately to find a solution to the hostilities. A fragile peace treaty between the warring factions was finally negotiated with an agreement for Starfleet to return to Astraios.

On stardate 110111 newly appointed Sector Commander BenjaminBastian Hermans, with a small crew of officers, returned to the colony. Rebuilding is in progress. There is not only a great deal of work, but many problems. The planet seems to have a power, some even say a consciousness. Things move of their own accord, systems turn on and off on their own, items placed, disappear and power fluctuations are rampant. Poison Toocool took command of Astraios Colony on stardate 110321 and with her team continued to investigate these inexplicable malfunctions and mysterious changes. Was it sabotage or rips in the time-space continuum?

The space station SS Astraios was built in high orbit above the planet Astraios Prime and is the home base for a number of starships in the Gamma Quadrant, including that of the Galaxy class USS Neil Armstrong. Having served as the Commanding Officer for a number of years, Poison Toocool passed the command of SS Astraios to Genny7 Markus on stardate 150830 see

Genny7 Markus then continued to serve as the Commanding Officer for over 4 years until passing the command of SS Astraios to David7 Bravin on stardate 200301 see

On stardate 221230 SS Astraios was decommissioned.


  • Streamer Ship of the Line of the Year.png

Outstanding Ship of the Line Award

Construction and Initial Assignment

SS Astraios consists of one main section and two wings, all constructed at Federation shipyards in Pinastri. The infrastructure for the station was transported via cargo vessel, escorted by Federation warships over the long weeks it took to travel from HQ in the Delta Quadrant to the Astraios System. Once arrived (stardate 110111), the lower main hull was placed in orbit and its shuttle bays and cargo transporters became the central point for work to commence on assembling the station. The station went fully operational on 110211 ((A Future's Past)).

Space Station Astraios is one of only three existing Helenic Class space stations that exist throughout the UFS. This huge and powerful station does not only house the Sector Headquarters along with Sector Command and Sector Chiefs stationed here, it is also home of thousands of officers, enlisted, businessmen and civilians. As homebase of the Task Force 4 the station is also the the headquarters of all UFS operations in the Gamma Quadrant. State of the art Science and Medical facilities aboard the station allow work on major scientific and medical projects as well as modern treatment of any injuries and diseases arising. The station is also homebase for a number of ships in the UFS task force.

Technical Data


Space Station Astraios is one of only three existing Helenic Class space stations that exist throughout United Federation Starfleet (UFS). It is located in the Astraios Star System, in high orbit above Astraios Prime. As homebase of Task Force 4, it is the headquarters of all UFS operations in the Gamma Quadrant. This huge and powerful station houses Sector Headquarters, and, along with Colony Command and the Colony Chiefs stationed here, it is also home of thousands of officers, enlisted, and civilians. State-of-the-art science and medical facilities aboard the station allow work on major scientific and medical projects, as well as modern treatment of any injuries and diseases that may arise.


  • 31 Mark IX Phase Cannons
  • 25 Mark VII Photon Launchers


  • Standard Shield Grid
  • Light Duranium/Tritanium Double hull plus 7 cm armour.
  • Standard level Structural Integrity Field
  • Echo-Displacement Sensor Array

Support Crafts

The Primary Mission of the Fourth Task Force is stated as 'Broadening Horizons'. They are posted to the Astraios colony in the Gamma Quadrant (3rd Rock Grid), current list is effective stardate 120524

  • SS Astraios (Helenic Class)
  • USS Neil Armstrong (Celestial/Galaxy Class) NPC Ship
  • USS Argonaut (NPC Ship) (Intrepid, Phasercruiser)
  • USS Mak'ala (Intrepid) NPC
  • USS Temujin (NPC Ship) (Akira)
  • USS Marco Polo (Sabre) NPC
  • USS Pemmiccan (Nova) NPC (Cadet Training)

  • USS Angola (NPC Ship) (Nova) NPC
  • USS Arcos (NPC Ship) (Nebula)
  • USS Aristotle (Nova) NPC
  • USS Capricorn (NPC Ship) (Steamrunner)
  • USS Colossus (Sovereign) NPC
  • USS Dorado (NPC Ship) (Intrepid, Phaser)
  • USS Ghana (Excelsior) NPC
  • USS Hawking (Nebula) NPC
  • USS Hideki Yukawa (Nova) NPC
  • USS Hudson(Sabre) NPC
  • USS Hudson (Galaxy) NPC
  • USS Huitzilopochtli (Galaxy-Class Dreadnaught) NPC
  • USS Khitomer (Ambassador) NPC
  • USS Iceni (Defiant) NPC
  • USS Lister (NPC Ship) (Olympic, Hospital)
  • USS Marie Curie (Norway) NPC
  • USS Mars (Prometheus) NPC
  • USS Sloan (NPC Ship) (Venture)
  • USS Taurus (NPC Ship) (Steamrunner)
  • USS Trinidad (Sabre) NPC
  • USS Warrior (Defiant) NPC

  • USS Uralia (Luna, Science) NPC
  • USS Pemmiccan Nova Class - spacedock (Cadet Training)

(replaces USS Condor)

  • USS Faithful (runabout)
  • 1 Work Bee

Mont Blanc class Shuttle (build at Astraios shipyards & deployed in the Sector for small scientific or medical missions):


Klingon Bird of Prey captured 110508

Borg Sphere commandeered 120610

Dedication Plaque

First Contacts

Centurians - 140420

Cryrairos - 140209

Spouwwqna - 130609

Naasirkhans - 130519


Ship of the Year 2411

SpouwwqnaCampaign.jpgUFS Unit CitationUFS Meritorius Unit Commendation