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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Talisman A Missions
*Production number: TAL-RP042
*Initiated: 110703
*Ended: 110703
*Year: 2386
*Previous Mission: Defensive Measures
*Next Mission: Misunderstandings
*SIM Concept: Hitman Jayaram

Captain's Log

  • computer begins recording*

Captain's log, stardate 110625.2022. It has been about four hours since the Relknoks attacked Pinastri IV for the second time. The casualty count was substantially lower this time around, but Starfleet still sustained heavy injuries. The more immediate problem for the Talisman is that during the encounter Lt. Commander Brandi Meredith escaped confintement and has fled the Talisman. In her current state of mind, we have no idea where she might go. Starfleet Command has listed her as M.IA. under the given circumstances. Dr. Thiemen-Jayaram is remaining behind on Pinastri IV to try and trace the commander. Meanwhile, the Talisman has immediatley departed for the Relknok worldship at maximum warp. The time to stop this threat is now, before they have a chance to strike again. We have roughly one week to come up with a solution before we arrive. This is going to be a them-or-us situation. They have to go down now.

  • computer ends recording*

Event Summary

On stardate 110703, the USS Talisman arrived at the site of the Relknok's massive worldship. Their order's were to stop the Relknok's and destroy the worldship at any cost. Due to Starfleet's resources being stretched due to this incursion and others, the Talisman had to rely on assistence from the Klingon High Command, namely in the forces under the command of Captain Ka'Moc. While the Klingon's began the initial engagement against the worldship, the Talisman made preperations to some specially modified equipment. Lt. Commander's Phoenix Finistair and Millenia Infinity came up with the idea to replace a select numer of war heads on photon torpedoes with high density duranium, making the torpedo's kinetic in nature. This proved to be quite effective against the organic nature of the worldship's construction. Commander Lans Starsider and Lieutenant j.g. Jayce Raymaker utilized Theta Radiation after procuring some from Pinastri IV before departure to modify five torpedo's. If successful, the Theta Radiation would immediatley begin disintegrating the worldship on impact.

On arrival, the Talisman moved all civilians and non-essential personnel to the saucer section of the ship and seperated the stardrive section, partly to give the ship more maneuverability. The Talisman proceeded forward to the worldship, using the modified "slug" torpedo's to blow an opening in the hull and enter. Once inside, the Talisman moved to what was believed to be the central power source of the worldship. Between the Klingon forces outwise the worldship and the acidic poison the Talisman managed to introduce into the Relknok system in their last encounter, it is believed the Relknoks either did not consider the Talisman a threat or had not the resources to deal with the invading ship. With that, the Talisman diverted all available power to shields to protect themselves against the radiation and delivered the devestating torpedo.

Immediatley after impact, the worldship began to fall apart at the seams. The Talisman immediatly set course to depart the worldship at maximum speed. Thanks to some skilled maneuvering by the helm officer and hard work by engineering, the Talisman was able to escape the worldship. Before the ship could leave on impulse, the shields failed and the Talisman would have been destroyed before reaching the opening. In a last ditch effort, the ship jumped to warp one and barely made it through their opening. Having completed it's objectives, the Talisman along with the Klingon forces departed the area, with the Talisman headed back to Pinastri IV for repairs and debreif after re-integrating with the saucer section.