Sanders Class Heavy Carrier

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General Information

The Sanders Class is named after Colonel Rodney Sanders who commanded the 1st Marine Air Group defending Earth during the first Borg attack where the all marines were lost. The Sanders is a completely original design built from the ground up to serve as a Marine Aerospace Carrier. It is capable of carrying 3 flight wings but standard is 2. The Sanders has the firepower of an Excelsior class starship meaning it is capable of independent action without the need for protection ships. The Sanders entered service in 2377 and currently has 26 in service with another 24 planned for first phase.


Design Statistics



Changing Wings to Air Strike Groups (Carrier Strike Groups) 4th Air Strike Group is SL (D) delta quadrant over Alantic (A) or Pacific (N) Carrier Air (Starfighter) Wing (CSW) 42nd Air Wing- CSW-42 Tailcode DG SF-132 Reaper Squadron SF-146 Star Wolves Squadron SF-238 Red Knights Squadron SF-256 Pheonix Squadron

F/I-Fighter Intercepter F/A-Fighter Attack F/B-Fighter Bomber B-Bomber SR-Stealth Reconnaissance E-Electronic Surveillance C-Cargo H-Hover or VTOL D-Dropship M-Medical Bay or Medvac O-Command


40-50 Strike Starfighters (SFA)

  • Two Strike Fighter Squadrons with 12-14 F/I-375 Valkyries each squadron
  • One Strike Fighter Squadron with 12-14 F/A-274 Peregrines
  • One Strike Fighter Squadron with 12-14 F/B-176 Hammerheads

4-6 Electronic Warfare Aircraft (SEQ)

  • One Electronic Attack Squadron of 4-6 SR-126 Wraiths (change from Fade)

4-6 Reconnaissance Aircraft (SRW)

  • One Carrier Airborne Early Warning (VRW) Squadron of 4-6 E-574 Spectres

2 Cargo Aircraft (SRC)

  • A Detachment from a Marine Logistics Support Squadron Detachment of 2 C-475 Nebulas

16 VTOL Aircraft (VSR, VSC, VSM)

  • One Hover Ship Rapid Deploy (VSR) Squadron of 6 DV-06 Gremlins (Argo strictly drop pods)
  • One Hover Ship Combat (VSC) Squadron of 5 CV-06 Gremlins (Argo Marine Infantry & ATV jeep or craft)
  • One Hover Ship Medical (VSM) Squadron of 3 MV-04 Angels (Argo 1-Mobile Medical Bay Ship 2-Medivac Ships)
  • One Hover Ship Command (VSO) Squadron of 2 OV-02 Hawks (Argo 2-Mobile Command Center Ships)


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