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Operating Protocols


Security aims to be the elite Branch in UFS, therefore appearance standards must be high! All Security Officers should be in a fully compliant UFS issued uniform while on duty, no additions or other clothing is permitted. Further, the wearing of any holstered weapon other than the issued UFS phaser or rifle (slung) while on duty is also prohibited.

Duty Definitions

Definition of “On Duty” vs. “Off Duty”- All UFS Security officers are considered on duty when the following criteria is met:

  • Fully uniformed
  • Outside of there residence
  • Wearing the Security Branch group tag
  • Wearing their Fliptitle indicating rank, bilet, and status (i.e. Ensign|Pathfinder Security - On Duty)

If you are going to be in an ‘On Call’ state, then you acknowledge that if you are called upon or there is no other security in the SIM at the time of need, you are expected to respond.

To be ‘On Call’ and not respond to a call for assistance when there is no other security present would be considered a direct violation of protocol.


All Security Officers will maintain proper bearing and exercise proper protocol when in the presence of others (whether members or guests) while on duty.

The use of Mr, Mrs, Ms when dealing with civilian visitors is strongly encouraged.

The use of Sir, Ma'am, rank and surname when dealing with Senior Officers while in public chat is mandatory.


SIM Patrols are NOT a mandatory duty of a UFS Security Officer. However, you are free to patrol the SIM and attempt to deal with any incidents you encounter. Remember we are fully immersive, so all interactions should be entirely ‘in character’.

If you decide to patrol then the following should be used as a guide.

A patrol route should include all areas of one of the SIM’s (Sector 001 or Sector 002).

“Common Grounds” would be defined as the ground level of the SIM and its surrounding areas on ground level.

“Skyward” would mean any ships and stations located in the upper atmosphere of the SIM.

All main “public” areas should be monitored heavily.

Private areas such as resident houses and condos as well as offices on the stations should only be monitored from the exterior, unless you see an individual violating the premises with their unauthorised presence.

Weapons Use

The use of weapons, cages, orbiters or other such devices by USS Security personnel is strictly prohibited. There are absolutely NO exceptions to this rule…Ever!

If the violator(s) are running/flying etc. or require to be escorted off the SIM you will need to contact Land Management or the nearest member of the Senior Staff.

You may ask:

Q: ”But why was I given weapons in my new member kit?”

A: There may be times when the use of a phaser/rifle may be necessary, but this will only be for authorised RP (Role-play) events throughout the SIM.

Security Incidents

UFS Security as a Branch is NOT responsible for dealing with Griefer attacks. This is the responsibility of those officers who have Land Management Powers. However, by the very nature of being a Security officer, it I likely that other members will call on you should such an attack occur.

In any situation dealing with multiple officers and/or visitors it is always advisable to first listen to the situation before reacting.

A Griefer by definition is anyone wishing to cause harm or havoc, when dealing with them patience is a must and the following steps should be used:

  • Identify whether suspect is armed - This doesn’t just mean with what you can see from plain sight, but if you can see any hidden weapons as well on their persons. By hitting Ctrl-Alt-T it will put you in Alpha vision mode allowing you to see if they have any hidden weapons attached or hovering weapons system drones. There are also some scanners that can scan for scripted objects on a person that can be used.
  • Identify victim(s) - This could be a resident, a guest of a resident or a visitor simply visiting our SIM.
  • Identify offence - Always listen to both sides of the story and try to confirm with nearby individuals that may have witnessed the incident, but try to always use your best judgement. If it looks like peach, smells like a peach and tastes like a peach…well, good chance it’s a peach!
  • Converse - Then try to talk them into disarming, and disengaging in the offensive activity. In the event that politics and patience do not work, IM for Land Management assistance on the main UF Starfleet channel.
  • Final Resolve - It is now time for the suspect to leave and at this time the first officer on the scene should request them to. If they refuse, then a member of Land Management will need to deal with it. Once ejected if they return request permanent ban. (*In some cases a permanent ban may apply automatically)

Upon arrival to a security alert location the initial officer is in command and should be the ONLY officer speaking with the offender, all officers are to surround/corner the offender in a manner that is noticed but not considered an eminent threat, 10 to 15 meters from the offender and UNARMED (Meaning you shouldn’t have your weapon un-holstered.).

If a crowd has gathered around the incident politely shout for all non-security personnel to please evacuate the immediate area. Most folks should comply as it is hard to do your job with a mob about egging things on. The only ones that may or should remain temporarily is the victim (if there was one) and any witnesses. After getting their side of the story they should continue on as they were so as not to escalate things any further.

In the event that the Chief or the Vice Chief of Security is online, they will also respond to the call and assume control of the situation. Upon their arrival to the scene the initial officer should immediately inform the superior officer of the situation in IM.

Incident Reporting

Upon stand down of any security alert the initial officer is required to file an Incident Report on a note card to include any pictures, chat logs, and witness statements prior to clocking off duty.

Use the form below for an IR

Copies must be sent to the Following officers:

Use Standardized Reporting procedures.

Copies of the IRs shall be posted as follows:

  • Security Reports section of the where they will be viewable only to UFS Security personnel.

Incident Report (IR)

UFS Officer Disposition

If an IR has been filed on a member of UFS, the Security Officer will send a copy of the IR to the members Branch Head.

If the member has more than three (3) IRs filed against them the IR will also be sent to the IG who will begin an investigation.

Security Drills

At dates and times unannounced to all but Command, Operations, and Senior Security officers there will be surprise security drills where you will have to locate where an attack is coming from and identify the attacker’s location.

In this instance you should treat this drill as you would any other incident (i.e.- You find the attacker and they do not cease firing or they continue to be aggressive). If they do not cease you should follow through with calling for backup etc. as was previously covered.

This will not escalate too far as the offender will either be a Command or Senior Security officer, and this is a measure of how well you operate under pressure.

Final Note: Any Security Officer found in violation of these standard operating procedures is subject to disciplinary action which may include dismissal from the Security Branch and/or the UF Starfleet group as a whole.