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A pilot who has graduated from both the Starfleet Academy, and the Training Group. Senior Pilots are generally the most highly skilled combat pilots within the SFC. These pilots are assigned to a Wing, which may remain as a Headquarters posting, or be deployed to any willing (and able) ship or station within UFS. Senior Pilots can hold any position within the Air Group division, assuming they fit the billet requirements for that position.


  • Serve in a combat capacity as a deployed member of the Air Group division.
  • Perform combat patrols of your deployed ship or station when required.
  • Participate in missions as assigned to your Wing, or members of your Wing.
  • Regularly participate in further training in the form of Air Group drills, SFC tournaments and any other drill held by the SFC.
  • Other duties, as assigned by the Wing Commander or Wing Vice Commander.


Academic (Mandatory Classes)

For Combat Pilot:

Academic (Suggested Classes)

For Combat Pilot:

Minimum Rank

  • 2nd Lieutenant or Airman Basic