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General Information

The General Infantry Kit, also known as the Mk VIII Kit, is the most common seen in the Corp.
All Marines, From Commandant to Cook are issued one and are required to keep it ready at all times.

Uses for this Kit

This Kit is used for standard patrols and other standard combat duty.

Clothing and Armor

Standard Fatigues are the clothing worn with this kit. The pattern is changed depending on the terrain.
The Mars Pattern Mk V combat armor is the armor used with this Kit.


M-45 Marine Heavy Hand Phaser
M-155A2 Marine Assault Phaser Rifle
Photon Grenades


Combat Tricorder
Combat Communicator
Infantryman's Medical Kit

  • For Squads

Subspace Communicator

Possible Variations

When gathered in squads the weapons load outs shift slightly based on MOS as needs of the Squad.
The M-155A2 Marine Assault Phaser Rifle is at times switched for the M-78 Phaser Carbine for close quarters combat or the M-75 Phaser Sniper Rifle for Sniper Qualified Personnel