State of Emergency

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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Talisman A Missions
*Production number: TAL-RP040
*Initiated: 110612
*Ended: 110612
*Year: 2386
*Previous Mission: Intervention
*Next Mission: Defensive Measures
*SIM Concept: Hitman Jayaram

Captain's Log

  • computer begins recording*

Captain's log, stardate 110612.1449. The Talisman is still in Cascadia's dry dock recieving repairs for damage sustained in the Relknok encounter. Lt. Commander Meredith is still aboard the ship under Dr.'s Jayaram and Mavendorf's care. Her recovery will probablly be a slow one. The remainder of the crew is taking time to relax or assist as they can around Pinastri. I myself will be doing Simulator Training again while we are here. I still can't help but feel uneasy, as I know this is not over. The Relknoks will be coming. The only remaining question is......when?

  • computer ends recording*

Events Summary

Not long after the USS Talisman returned back to Pinastri after being trapped inside the Relknok worldship, the Relknoks staged an attack on Pinastri IV. The UFSMC responded immediatley, but to no avail. The Relknok technology, even though weakend by the compound that the Talisman's medical staff developed, was still too dominate of a force for Starfleet to handle. Starfleet suffered heavy casualties in the course of that attack. The Relknoks had a steady stream of reinforcements from the Relknok "Heavy Cruiser" that was orbiting Pinastri IV. Because of their gateway technology, the ship was able to appear in an instant and gave Starfleet no warning. The ship was finally chased away by the USS Goddard which was docked at Tranquility Station. Starfleet had barely survived the Relknok onslaught and immediatley began researching defensive measures to combat this threat.