Strange Signals

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Strange Signals
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Protector Missions
*Production number: Prot-RP04
*Initiated: 120812
*Ended: 120812
*Year: 2387
*Previous Mission: Rough Landing
*Next Mission: Honor of Duty
*SIM Concept: BenjaminBalan2 Resident
*Historian: BenjaminBalan2 Resident

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Mission Report

United Federation Starfleet

Current Location: En route to Sector 006J

Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate 120812.09, After a week landed on the planet, the repairs were almost completed. We were able to detect a small outpost on the other side of the planet which seemed to be an EDC outpost, and the source of the radio wave emission. I ordered an away team to dispatch there, leaded by Cmdr Zeppitay, it composed of: Ensigns Sisko, Brainydude101, Himmel & Our guest, Cmdr Kanto. Meanwhile, our Asst. Chief Engineer was doing the repairs on the thrusters. The outpost was depressurised but the team managed to get the atmosphere back online. Shortly after they discovered the outpost's signal controller, but the activation of the terminals engaged a self destruct sequence that consisted to destroy the entire planet. They managed to disable the controls and the signal. We then escaped the planet just in time and jumped in warp 5 afterwards.


  • Benjamin Balan
  • Miu Zeppitay
  • Luci Duranjaya
  • Shiloh DuranJaya
  • Sisko Resident
  • brainydude101 resident

Special Attendance:

  • Sarheni Kanto

End Report