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The Surgeon General is a position in the United Federation Starfleet. The Surgeon General holds authority over the UFS Medical branch. In addition to performing management of UFS Medical Branch, the Surgeon General is responsible for coordinating activities at UF Starfleet Medical and UFS Medical Deployed. The Surgeon General has the power to relieve starship medical officers who are judged incompetent.

Staff Archive


  • Role Play your position as Branch Commander if you choose
  • Keep open contact with Ship & Station Commanders to assist and advise on specialist subjects.
  • Assist the Academy College Dean with creation and updating of Branch related Classes for UF Starfleet Academy
  • Updating and Maintaining the LCARS Database for your branch.
  • Participation in group functions, such as ceremonies.
  • Involvement daily activities around UFS facilities in all Grids(mingling, being available).
  • Staff motivation.
  • Make contact with those whom you have not had contact with in 7 days or greater.
  • Monthly Reporting to the Chief of UF Starfleet Operations.
  • Serve as an example of a good Starfleet Officer.
  • Investigate Member Problems and work to a solution as quickly as possible if approached.
  • Work towards Member Retention through regular contact and problem Solving.
  • Work towards overall Branch staffing goals.
  • Ensure that all Branch Members have the opportunity to RP at least once per month should they choose to Role play within UFS.
  • Maintain Monthly Meetings for the entirety of the Branch.
  • Maintenance of Branch groups in ALL Metaverses (through Delegation if necessary)
  • Write an Article for the Delta Communicator for each Issue to update readers on Branch Activities
  • Recruit and communicate with a Vice Branch Head
  • Delegate duties



  • Be of Good Standing
  • Be Available for at least 1 Hour per day, 7 Hours Per Week
  • Open Communication with the Chief of UF Starfleet Operations Office



  • Observe cadet exam
  • Tour medical facility
  • Demonstration of equipment
  • Experience maintaining medical records
  • Experience writing medical training simulations
  • Sim Training - 4 Hours minimum
  • 6 months as a member of UFS medical branch

Minimum Rank

Lieutenant Commander