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Biographical information Photo
Name: T'Rennek Yuitza (Male) Date of Birth (Age): 2350 (35 (Terran Years)) TRennek Yuitza.jpg
Species: Caitian Place of Birth: Larrrtov, Ferasa (Cait)
Nationality: Serret Ethnic Origin: Unknown
Languages: Federation Standard, Heltic (Caitian)
Physical information
Height: 6’5” Weight: 240 Lbs
Hair: White with black marks (Fur) Eyes: Gold
Blood type: A Medical Restrictions: None
Religion: Unknown
Other Important Medical Information: None
Other Identifying marks/Features: Torn left ear
Maritial Status: Unbonded Spouse None
Children None Mother M’Rsha – Caitian Diplomat for in-system affairs
Father L’Talm – Captain, Caitian Planetary Defence Force Siblings Eight brothers, Two sisters
Starfleet Records
Service Number: SSN0032 Branch: Science
Rank: Commander Position: Science Officer
Current Assignment: SS Tranquility Security Clearance: Delta 1 Level 1
Status: Inactive
T’Rennek was born in Larrrtov on his native Ferasa (Cait) in 2350 and his childhood was typical of other Caitians. His mother was an FTL engineer at the Rannur Shipyards whilst his father was part of the planetary defence forces, and as a warrior, felt it was his duty to teach his children the ways of combat-for-protection. He began his advanced education by attending the University of Ferasa where he majored in Caitian art with a minor in political science. He furthered his academic studies at the Caitian Science Institute where he studied astrogation and archaeology.

He followed his urge to wander about the stars to learn more about the multitude of races out in the universe as well as fulfilling the Caitian imperative of serving living for honour, by sitting the Starfleet Academy entrance exams. His entrance exams were a success and he was assigned to the officer training program at the Pinastri Academy annexe in the Delta Quadrant.

During his time at the Academy, he became intrigued with strategy, seeing it more as art than science. He concentrated in strategic operations during the latter part of his training and graduated joint-top of his class in 2383.

After graduation, T’Rennek took up his first billet at the Academy where he stayed until mid-2385. His first post was working in the curriculum development department where he achieved great success including becoming department Director. During this time he also served a stint as Chief Historian for the Pinastri colony.

In mid-2385 after a period of extended LOA he returned to duty in the Chief of Starfleet Operations’ office as a procedural strategist, where he remains to this day.

Physical Appearance

Trennek’s body fur is naturally short and due to his polar ancestry is white in colour with black markings he sometimes keeps his tail clasped with a metal ring with inscribed with a Caitian religious blessing. When permissible, he wears a necklace consisting of a small stone circle with a hole through with an inscription in Heltic calligraphy and a leather string.

Physical Attributes

Caitians have greatly heightened senses of touch, smell, sight, and hearing, compared to humans. The pads on his hands and feet are extremely sensitive and can detect vibrations much smaller in amplitude and longer in frequency than humans. T’Rennek’s ears can be moved independently and will subconsciously be constantly scanning around unless he is paying attention to someone or something.

His sight allows him to see in much lower light levels than humans, but at the cost of reduced colour distinction at standard lighting levels. T’Rennek only wears shoes when on duty, as his foot pads provide adequate protection and allow him to move stealthily. If he drops to all fours, he is able sprint at speeds of up to 55 mph for brief periods of time.

T’Rennek uses body language as part of his communication technique. The degree of his tail motion and the setting of his eyes, ears, and whiskers are all important indicators.

Personality & Traits

T’Rennek is very friendly and intensely loyal to those he calls friends. He develops very close bonds with them and will defend them like they were family. He is a highly social creature, and spends most of his time around others whom he always treats with deep respect and honour. He will almost always refer to others with their full rank and name, as is Caitian tradition to show respect. In informal settings, he may not always use rank, but will still sometimes use a person’s full name.

Like most other Caitians, he has a great appreciation for beauty and art (some of the Federation’s other races would label Caitians almost hedonistic in their pursuit of them). He carries out his duties with zeal and efficiency to honour his commanding officer and his colleagues. He always avoids combat, using violence as a last option. However, when he must use it, he fights to win. T’Rennek is adaptable and curious. He retains a vast amount of seemingly inconsequential data in his head and can just about tell you where to find anything if asked. He's generally busy even if he doesn't seem to be, and he bounces through spells of talking all the time to being stoically silent. He knows Starfleet regulations by heart and isn't afraid to move through them in a way that is strictly "by the book"... only creatively.

Because the Caitian native language is more precise in description than Federation Standard and thus does not use figures of speech, this sometimes causes T’Rennek to misunderstand humans, taking figures of speech literally. As much as he has tried to learn what specific figures of speech mean, new ones are always appearing. He has concluded he may never understand them all, but does find this use of language an interesting art form.

Strengths & Weaknesses

T’Rennek’s strength is in his loyalty to his friends, his commanding officer, and to the ideals of the Federation. He cannot be bribed or coerced to betray them. Like most other Caitians, he will not seek to use force until absolutely necessary (Caitians are generally pacifistic). This may cause him to hesitate to use force when it is called for, potentially causing a vulnerability that an adversary could exploit.


Like most officers in Starfleet, he dreams to command a starship himself, someday. The Caitian wanderlust is strong in him and he finds the life of a starship officer, always travelling from place to place, very appealing.

Hobbies & Interests

T’Rennek is a devout follower of the teachings of Cait’s Great Messenger, who long ago united the planet’s tribes and taught them to live in peace with one another. He is also prideful of his Caitian heritage and follows Caitian traditions, and enjoys sharing them with others.

He is an avid music lover and plays the Caitian stringed instrument, the Mgrrrrr’than....albeit badly! He is also an advanced student of Rakun, a traditional fighting discipline using a rapier-like sword and a dagger (called the rakgr’n and raksir).

Personal / Professional History Starfleet Service Record
  • Entered Caitian Science Institute: 060601
  • Graduated Caitian Science Institute: 080622
  • Entered Academy - UF Starfleet Academy: 080828
  • Selected for UFS Red Squad: 080914
  • Retirement: 100526
  • Returned to Duty:100813
  • Retirement: 101105
  • Returned to Active Duty:110115
  • Retirement: 110725
  • Returned to Active Duty: 111205
  • Graduated from Academy-UF Starfleet Academy 080930
  • Assigned to UFS Academy: 080930
  • Professor, UF Starfleet Academy: 081001 to 081008
  • Asst Director, Curriculum Development: 081008 to 090127
  • Alpha Cadet Company Executive Officer: 090107 to 090301
  • Director of Curriculum Development: 090127 to 091203
  • Office of the UFS Historian-UFS Chief Historian: 091203 to 100324
  • Director of Curriculum Development: 100324 to 100519
  • Vice Commandant UFSA: 100519 to 100526
  • Assigned to UFS Command: 100816
  • Procedural Strategist , Command HQ: 100816 to 101105
  • Curriculum Development Expert, UF Starfleet Academy: 110117 to Present
  • Director, Curriculum Development, UF Starfleet Academy: 110120 to 110201
  • UF Starfleet Historian & Archivist: 110201 to 110725
  • Assigned to SS Tranquility: 111205
Academy Record
College of Command College of Operations College of Engineering
  • Chain of Command: 090825
  • Command Protocols I: Starship & Starbase Command: 090324
  • Effective Delegation: 090808
  • Introduction to Diplomacy: 090424
  • Introduction to Leadership: 081230
  • Introduction to UFS Honour Guard: 090107
  • Introduction to United Federation Starfleet: 080902
  • Kobayashi Maru: 090929
  • Leadership 101: 080911
  • Mentally Tact: 080928
  • Orders and Directives: 080906
  • MSR Training: 081123
  • Prime Directive I: 090512
  • Prime Directive II: 090507
  • Protocols and Procedures: 080829
  • UFS Ethics: 080926
  • Alien Languages 101: 090205
  • Bridge Duty Stations: 080901
  • Flight 101: 090504
  • Groundschool: 080905
  • Helmsman Protocols: 090516
  • Interpersonal Communications: 080831
  • Introduction to UFS Communications: 080916
  • Introduction to SFC: 091108
  • Introduction to UFS Operations: 080901
  • Personal & Intraship Communications: 090424
  • Simulator Training: 080831 & 080905
  • Trekkin through UFS Part I: 081116
  • EPS Technology: 080913
  • FTL Travel: 080906
  • Introduction to ASDB Shipyards: 090912
  • Introduction to UFS Engineering: 080830
  • Scripting 101: 090131
  • Transporter Certification: 080922
College of Medical Sciences College of Academy Sciences College of Galactic Sciences
  • Anaesthesia: 090730
  • Anatomy 101: 090219
  • Basic Medical Care: 090104
  • EMH 101: 090104
  • Know your Hypospray: 090104
  • Know your Medical Tricorder: 090318
  • History of Nursing: 090105
  • Introduction to UFS Medical: 080903
  • Medical Tools of the Trade: 080916
  • Nanotechnology in Medical Science: 080922
  • Psychological Factors of Humans in Space: 080924
  • Psychology 101: 090104
  • Space Sickness: 090514
  • Starship Operations: Medical: 090730
  • Introduction to Red Squad: 081013
  • Introduction to UFS Academy: 081101
  • UFSA Class Author's Guide: 090903
  • Instructor Training - UFSA: 081005
  • Anthropology 101: 090104
  • Archaeological Ethics: 081128
  • Archaeology 101: 080908
  • Astrometric Deck Study: 090226
  • Astronomy 101: 080908
  • Chemistry 101: 090108
  • Geology 101: 090108
  • Introduction to Biology: 090116
  • Introduction to UFS Science: 080828
  • Metallurgy: 090516
  • Meteorology 101: 081229
  • Philosophy 101: 080923
  • Physics 101: 080903
  • Sociology 101: 080905
  • Stellar Cartography 101: 090106
  • Temporal Mechanics 101: 080925
College of Security Sciences College of Cultural Studies College of History
  • Advanced Security Training Course (ASTC)
  • Basic Security Training Course (BSTC): 080830
  • Federation Law 101: 080906
  • History of Law Enforcement: 080926
  • Intermediate Security Training Course (ISTC): 080903
  • Legends of Starfleet Security: 080926
  • Security Organisations: 080830
  • Starship Security Systems I: 080906
  • Starship Security Systems II: 080905
  • Starship Security Systems III: 080905
  • The Obsidian Order: 080924
  • Andorians: 080913
  • Bajor 101]]: 080828
  • Bajoran Studies I: Planetary Studies & Ancient History: 090131
  • Bajoran Studies II: Culture & The Way of the Prophets: 090131
  • Bajoran Studies III: Church, State and the Militia: 090516
  • Bajoran Studies IV: Occupation and Resistance: 090518
  • Betazoid: 080901
  • Borg 101: 080909
  • Caitians 101: 080903
  • Cardassian Union: 081013
  • Federation Cuisine 101: 080907
  • Ferengi Alliance: 080902
  • Hirogen 101 090524
  • Introduction to the United Federation of Planets: 080903
  • Invernian 101: 090312
  • Kazon Collective: 090331
  • Klingon Empire 101: 080906
  • Orions 101: Myths & Legends: 091108
  • Orions 201: The Orion Syndicate: 091108
  • Q and the Continuum: 080905
  • Religion & Belief Systems: 080903
  • Romulan Empire 101: 080904
  • Sentient Machines: 090421
  • Trill 101: 081027
  • Vulcan 101: 080829
  • Vulcan 201: History: 081111
  • History of Starships I: 081228
  • History of Starships II: 081228
  • History of UFS II: 090320
  • History of UFS: 080901 & 080911
  • History of UFS III: 100314
  • Science Museum Field Trip: 090123
  • Temporal History: 090129
  • The Big E - Part I: 081113
  • The Big E - Part II: 081113
  • The Dominion War: 080901
  • The Romulan War: 100323
  • The Maquis: 080901
TRACOM Educational History Weapons Qualifications
  • Combat Medic Theory: 090430
  • Combat Medicine 101: 090502
  • Combat Medicine 201: 090502
  • Marine Basic Entry Course: 080926
  • Marine Basic Jump Theory: 090825
  • Starfleet Weapons Theory: 080914
  • Caitian Science Institute: Majors in Planetary and Life Sciences
  • UF Starfleet Academy Red Squad Graduate
  • UF Starfleet Academy Cadet of the Year, 2383
  • Type II Phaser Training - Phaser Type II: 080927
  • TR-116 Rifle Training-TR-116 Rifle:
  • F9000 Assault Rifle Training-F9000 Assault Rifle
  • RP-155 Regenerative Phaser Rifle Training-RP-155 Regenerative Phaser Rifle
  • X-1600 Sniper Rifle Training-X-1600 Sniper Rifle
  • K-Bar Knife Training-K-Bar Knife
Promotion History Awards

UFSA SuperIntendants AwardFederation StarDistinguished Service RibbonChristopher Pike Medal of ValorUFSA Excellence RibbonUFSA Award for Academic DistinctionRibbon of Valor with clustersPrestigious Service AwardThe Boothby AwardExtended Tour RibbonGood Conduct RibbonFirst Contact Ribbon

Medical History Reprimands
  • On file with Medical
No records on file.