Telepathic Underground

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Telepathic Underground
General Data
*Home System: [004C to 004E; 005C to 005E; 006D
*Home Planet: Unknown
*First Contact: 091003 (2384)
*First Contact By: USS Shogun
*Faction: Telepathic Underground
*Government: Resistance Movement
*Violence: High
Biological Information
*Scientific Order: Primarily Bipedal
*Skin: Various
*Hair: Various
*Eyes: Various
*Auditive: Standard Audio Communication as well as telepathy in various forms
*Emphatic: Yes
*Telepatic: Yes
*Intelligence: High
*Genders: Varies by Species
Other Information

The Telepathic Underground was a resistance movement that was founded by various different races in 2409 to combat an attempted Devore subjugation.

The Devore are notably anti-esper and as a result they found ways to capture and incapacitate as many telepaths as possible as they entered and conquered various regions of space. Many telepaths ran away from the onslaught and ended up regrouping in a single area of space, where they mounted a resistance. The Devore had superior technology and ways to temporarily render telepathic assaults useless, however they also more than happily took part in invasive, violent and painful surgeries on captured Telepathic Underground members to render their abilities inert.

USS Shogun arrived in that area of space on 091003 and made contact with the Telepathic Underground. Unfortunately, several defensive weapons employed by the Telepathic Underground plus the sheer numbers of telepaths collected in one area had a hazardous effect on telepaths on USS Shogun while negotiations for aiding the Underground were underway. When Ensign V’Tal, a Vulcan Security Officer, died due to the proximity to Telepathic Underground members, Starfleet ordered USS Shogun away leaving the Telepathic Underground to their own devices against the Devore. This was an act that the Telepathic Underground never forgave Starfleet, or USS Shogun, for.