The Illness

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The Illness
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Protector Missions
*Production number: Prot-RP21
*Initiated: 130224
*Ended: 130224
*Year: 2388
*Previous Mission: Air & Fire (Part 2)
*Next Mission: Among the Debris
*SIM Concept: BenjaminBalan2 Resident
*Historian: BenjaminBalan2 Resident

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Mission Report

Current Location: Class M in the Kaliem Galaxy

Commanding Officer's Log, Stardate 130224,

The Protector's bridge crew was needing rest, I looked through the Station's database for a suitable planet. We arrived there and beamed on the planet. Commander Zeppitay was already there setting up the camp. We formed 2 teams to explore the surroundings of the camp. Commander Nemeth and myself were investigating a mysterious ring while Ensign Ni and Commander Axel were inspecting the flora. Suddenly, the Ensign started complaining about blurred vision, and fell down on the floor, recovering fast she was able to walk again in minutes. Although not for long, she started complaining about an headache and fell unconscious. We brought her back to the camp where Commander Axel did everything she could to ease her pain. I brought water back to the camp, commander Axel injected her with it in order to feed the ensign... And the water had an unplanned effect has it completely healed her. Our doctor supposed that the water was containing some medicinal properties. Seeing no opposition for our short-leave anymore, the doctor granted us the right to stay on the planet and enjoy it's nature. We will be back on our way in 2 days.


  • Benjamin Balan
  • Miu Zeppitay
  • Luci Duranjaya
  • Data Axel
  • Colin Nemeth
  • Lojeea Ni

End Report