The Way to Life

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The Way to Life
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Protector Missions
*Production number: Prot-RP40
*Initiated: 130929
*Ended: 130929
*Year: 2388
*Previous Mission: The Rising Sea
*Next Mission: Meteor Cargo
*SIM Concept: BenjaminBalan2 Resident
*Historian: HarryHeath resident

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Mission Report

United Federation Starfleet Mission Report USS Protector


Security Report Log Stardate:130929 Report submitted by: harryheath resident Subject: USS Protector Mission Report

The Captain briefed us on the situation at hand:

"The Protector is entering the Heaus System in the Sector 005B. We have detected strange subspace signals coming from the seemingly unhabited 3rd planet. We are to inspect the planet and see what is the source of theses signals. We will be soon joined by one of UFS best scientists, Commander T'Sar who will be an advisor of this mission"

We were eagerly awaiting Commander T'Sar's shuttle in the Bridge. it would be agreeable to see the Commander, as I have not been in physical contact with another Vulcan since we left SS Tranquility.

Myself and Commander Zeppitay were ordered to greet the Commander at the shuttle bay. It was a safe port of her vessel and Commander Zeppitay gave the Commander permission to come aboard.

We then proceeded to the Bridge where the Captain and Commander T'Sar greeted each other as old friends. He offered the Science console on the bridge to the Commander, which she welcomed.

We arrived in the system and reached full stop, where we observed the 3rd planet. Commander T'Sar undertook surface scans, in order to pin-point the location of the subspace signals. In the meantime, L.t. Commander Himmel took us into Standard Orbit and sent the co-ordinates of the signal's origin to the Transporter room. Commander T'Sar confirmed no life forms were in the immediate surroundings. Myself, Commander Zeppitay and T'Sar and Ensign Jimbo would beam down to the surface in hope of figuring out the purpose of these sub-space signals.

We beamed down to a woodland area, Commander T'Sar pointed out the darkness of the world was strange. Tricorder scans revealed that there was a large tower not too far from where we beamed into.

The tower was later identified as an Obelisk, much similar in shape to those on Vulcan and Earth. However, it was clear that the signal was being sent from this obelisk. This one, however, was something different to the ones Commander Zepptiay had seen before. Myself and Commander T'Sar believed it to be logical to believe that this obelisk, with sub-space transmission system on the top, was a sub-space beacon. After searching the LCARS system for species using such devices, the results returned Borg Technology and Strategic planning. However, Commander Zeppitay quickly returned this to be unlikely.

Commander T'Sar believed that the height was quite particular.

Commander Zeppitay, taking a closer look deduced that it looked like a transponder from the Kaliem galaxy. However, she quickly dismissed this thought as "impossible." As a species from that galaxy could not use intergalactic travel. However, the Commander did mention that there was one exception that went missing - (a story the Commander was told when she was 6.)

All of a sudden the Commander and myself were beamed up to, what appears to be a station of some sort… An intruder alert initiated the station's self destruct sequence… the Commander T'Sar and the Ensign were then also transported. According to Commander Zeppitay, we were heading into a G2 Class Star.

The station's systems were highly encrypted and in a language I have never seen before. Commander T'Sar indicated that sections of the language hinted a link to Ancient Vulcan and Egyptian writings. Commander Zeppitay prompted that we must find some way to shut the system down.

With the temperature rising and the time ticking, we did our best to try to get the information to the Protector. The star is Bellatrix according to Commander T'Sar.

We had 6 minutes until we entered the Sun's Corona.

The Exterior temperature of the Station had exceeded it's maximum allowance… and we were seconds away from dying. Ensign Jimmbo was feeling very sick. The temperature was reaching Vulcan limitations and I was feeling drowsy myself… equipment was blowing up. The station's structure began to collapse… I was trying to not let Ensign Jummbo go… but if we didn't beam out immediately, there would be little hope of all of our survival rates.

Commander Zeppitay sent the co-ordinates, which could activate the transporter… the Protector was blocked. Captain Balan sent over the codes, I inputted them into the computer, fire was surrounding us, the pad was active…

… we just made it out in time. The beam took us to the surface of the planet. After making sure everyone was alright, the Protector got a lock on our signals and we beamed up… ALIVE.

Commander Zeppitay concluded that the Obelisk was transported by a wormhole projector from the Kaliem Galaxy. And Commander T'Sar concluded that the Golden number was the "way of life." and that: "The Golden number is an infinite one.. but it is said equal to 1.618."

We headed back to the bridge knowing that all of us got out safely and very much alive.

End Report

Report submitted by: Ensign Surrok Heath Security Officer USS Protector


  • Benjamin Balan
  • Miu Zeppitay
  • Sponkey Redyard
  • HarryHeath Resident
  • Jimmbo Resident
  • Luci Himmel

Special Attendance:

  • Sarheni Kanto

End Report