UFSMC Legion of Valor Award

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UFSMC Legion of Valor Award
UFSMC Legion of Valor Award
Awarded by UF Starfleet Marine Corps
*Award Type: Banner
*Eligibility: UF Starfleet Marines
*Awarded For: Corps Level Service
*Combat/Non-Combat: Non Combat
*Status: Active
*Honor: High
*Period: Yearly



Awarded to UFSMC members who are part of a detachment who serve at UFSMC Corps Level. More than one streamer may be awarded to a unit based upon the Corps level posts held by the unit’s marines, but only one (1) streamer may be awarded per marine each year. The lettering on the streamer is based upon the post held by members of the Unit. The positions eligible for this award, and the respective, lettering will be:



  • Branch Director/UFSMCA School Director: UFSMCA
  • Division Training Officer: (DIV #) DTO
  • UFSMC Public Information Officer: PIO
  • Deputy Commander, UFSMC Command: DCO (FORCECOM, TRACOM)
  • Commander, UFSMC Command: CO (FORCECOM, TRACOM)
  • Sergeant Major, UFSMC: SGM UFSMC
  • Deputy Commandant: DEPDANT
  • Commandant: DANT