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UF Starfleet Headquarters is the command center of UFS Ships and Stations across the Galaxy, from where all planning starts to implementation, down to deployment.

Fleet Command Staff

UFS Command Personnel

  • Director of Strategic Operations - Lieutenant Commander Mac Gaelyth

Fleet Elements

PC Ships

SS Tranquility - Command Operations

Under the command of Thallanor Rasmuson the Ournal Class spacedock can support up to eight Sovereign Class vessels, and up to twenty four smaller ships. Tranquility is a huge show of Starfleet strength as well as a safe haven and a place to repair starships. It also provides staging areas for many freighters and transport vessels.

USS Veracruz - Exploration Operations

Under the command of Kinney Randt and Executive Officer Aryela Dagger, The Allegiance Class starship is one of several designs developed by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers to serve as the next generation exploration platform and command vessel for the Federation. The initial design briefings called for a large vessel - the largest starship ever to be produced by Starfleet at the time - designed to perform long term exploration assignments on behalf of Starfleet and also capable of providing a Federation presence in galactic hotspots during times of hardship.

Pathfinder Research Facility - Research and Scientific Operations

Under the command of AndromedaStJohn Aeon and Executive Officer Josie Sauber Pathfinder has seen some of its most detailed and interesting missions. Being a planetary, ground-based research facility, Pathfinder is expanding the boundaries about what we know about the Pinastri System and its previous inhabitants, the mysterious Rajans.

USS Banshee - Deep Space Tactical Exploration Operations

Under the command of Jamie Czavicevic, an accomplished UFS tactician and Millenia Infinity, USS Banshee was designed by the Advanced Starship Design Bureau and constructed at Cascadia Shipyards as a Deep Space Explorer/Carrier & Torpedo Cruiser, her first mission was to return to Unimatrix 01 Transwarp hub and determine if there is anythign left of the Borg collective, and if possible retrieve the Federation shuttle left behind by Captain Janeway.

USS Cochrane - Exploration Operations

Under the command of Lan Nakajima and Executive Officer MilesPrower Dagger the USS Cochrane underwent a complete overhaul beginning Stardate 120323 in mandate with the need to replenish fleet assets after the loss of numerous UFS ships in Hirogen Space several weeks prior. It was decided at the time that due to extreme strain on construction materials needed to bring the fleet back to full status, that it would be much less costlier to update the aging Oberth Class Starship to modern specifications, making it almost as capable as the costlier Nova Class Starship which replaced it over a decade prior.

USS Aviator-A - Exploration and Support Operations

Under the command of Azalyna Resident and Executive Officer Scott Salmson. One of the new systems of the Aviator is its parametallic alloy mixed with the ablative armor. This combination increases the density of the armor which allows a greater absorption rate from enemy fire. The Aviator also is equipped with Quantum Slipstream technology that features Benamite recrystalization. This process prevents the Benamite crystals from deteriorating.

USS Puma - Support Operations

Under the command of Phoenix Finistair and Executive Officer Madadh Magic. This Saber-class starship was first introduced in the late 24th century, and was in full service by 2373. The ship featured a design more compact than other Starfleet vessels, and was fairly well armed despite its small size; the class has featured prominently in the Battle of Sector 001 against the Borg and in the Dominion War.

SS Alexandria - Command and Academic Operations

Under the command of Morath Landfall and Executive Officer Michel Rosenstrauch, the station is responsible for coordinating the constant flow of shuttle traffic for the Pinastri System. Being on the edge of the Pinastri system, SS Alexandria will be the first to be able to detect incoming threats to UFS. Although, not well armed, the station possess one of the best communication and long range sensors within United Federation Starfleet.

USS Taylorholic Durant - Scientific and Academic Operations

Under the command of Mike Calhoun the USS Taylorholic Durant is a fully capable science ship with some of the best sensor arrays available to modern day starships. The ship is currently busy in analysing scientific anomalies in the Pinastri System to add to our knowledge of the system.

USS Menelaus - Tactical Operations

Under the command of Ezra Sweet and Executive Officer Tedra Llewellyn, the USS Menelaus is one of the longest serving ships currently in UFS today. The Prometheus Class Starship is fitted with the powerful Multi-Vector Assault Mode which allows the ship to split into three parts, becoming three individual warp capable modules capable of dealing with most modern tactical situations. The USS Menelaus has an extensive history within UFS and has been responsible for several first contacts, defense of UFS borders and a mission history spanning back several years.

SS Helmut Kohl - Command Operations

Under the command of Jade Christos ,SS Helmut Kohl is located in sector 007H, the Barrett System, almost 70 Lightyears away from the Pinastri System. The station is equipped with a high level of scientific and diplomatic facilities as well as impressive shield and weapons array capable of deterring most threats looking to acquire new pieces of hardware.

USS Echelon - Intelligence Operations

Under the command of Galia Iadyl USS Echelon has flourished, provoking the curiosity and excitement of all United Federation Starfleet due to its secret nature. It has been the source of much rumor and speculation which the Commander will not confirm or deny. All United Federation Starfleet classified materials and files have been moved to the ship for safe keeping, making it a treasure trove of controversial information.

USS Sheppard - Exploration Operations

Under the command of Hanna Kestrel and Executive Officer Jess Hamelin, this Intrepid ship is equipped with highly advanced science suites and research labs. The ship is also equipped to deal with both diplomatic and medical crises on the neighboring worlds and allies of United Federation Starfleet. However the primary function of the USS Sheppard is exploration and preparing for that which is not yet known.

Astraios Colony - Command and Colonial Operations

Nestled within the deep confines of the Gamma Quadrant, the planet of Astraios, home to the Astraionians people who welcomed a Federation presence on their planet due to an accident with an Iconian Gateway on stardate 100520. The Colony is currently under the administrative eye of Captain Poison Toocool who leads Astraios in day to day operations, cut off from the rest of UFS.

Today, Astraios is one of UFS's most successful colony ventures, with expert leadership, Captain Toocool has lead the colony into a new era of exploration and prosperity in the Gamma Quadrant, relaying significant discoveries back to Pinastri via an array similar to the Pathfinder Project. Astraios is a fully equipped colony with an extensive civilian presence as well as an Academy of its own too.

SS Astraios - Command and Defensive Operations

Orbiting high above the planet of Astraios, SS Astraios is a fully operational Helenic Class station of new and experimental design. The station is a testbed of new technologies designed to help protect and serve Astraios Colony and service Task Force 4 which regularly dock at the station before proceeding out to explore the Gamma Quadrant.

Starfleet’s role here as always, is primarily scientific as its archaeologists study reported remains of the Hur’q race and connections with the Rajans and Astraiosians. In addition scientists are interested in learning about the rare and volatile Takaar Gas that that is found in the large nebula that is present in this sector. However SS Astraios Station, due to the independent nature of the colony is heavily armed to deal with threatening situations.

USS Protector - Exploration Operations

Under the command of BenjaminBalan2 Resident and Executive Officer Miumiu Zepp this Merced Class Starship was designed shortly after the Excelsior Class. While not as adaptable and flexible as most Starfleet vessels, it is known as a solid, durable and dependable ship. The Prototype was built in 2311. During the Cardassian Wars, many Merced-Class frigates were refitted with new warp engines and upgraded weapon systems. In 2384, the class was once again refitted to include Type XII Phaser Arrays, a Dilithium Swirl Warp Core, upgraded Warp Engines along with some changes to the Bridge Module.

NPC Ships