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Introduction to UFS Medical Branch

Welcome to the UF Starfleet Medical Branch!

Being a Medical officer is an exciting job, one that you will always be proud to complete. As a medical officer you will:

  • Be relied on in situations where the lives of the crew, and your own, will depend on your ability, skill, and ingenuity to save the day.
  • Go on away teams, explore strange new worlds, seek out new life, deal with unknown diseases, see wonders, and maybe create new procedures for the Medical branch.
  • Your skills can put you in charge of teams and sometimes bring your character to the forefront of a mission.

As a Medical Officer in deep space, you will have certain duties. You will likely be a doctor, and sometimes there will be patients to attend to.

The important thing is to use your own imagination

Sometimes there aren’t any patients around. In these instances, it is up to you to find something to busy yourself with. You can contact your CMO or other players to run a subplot, or you can make up a situation of your own. For example: Ensign X comes in with a broken arm that needs to be fixed. Always keep in mind to include a realistic recovery time in your role play.

There are also Medical experiments that can be done. Again, you can work with your CMO to come up with these experiments, or simply come up with one yourself. For example: A cure for the common cold.

Information about Medical

The Medical Branch is led by the Surgeon General and Vice Surgeon General. These Officers are experienced members of the Medical Branch. They are based in the Pinastri System. They create the policies which allow the medical branch to function. Those policies are implemented by the medical staff assigned to the many ships and stations of the fleet.

The Medical Branch carefully puts together an education package consisting of basic training to give you the knowledge and training to roleplay a Starfleet Officer. When you successfully complete the classes, you will choose your permanent posting. At that point you will choose the chapter you wish to be with and begin your medical career. As Physicians or Nurses, Medical Officers and Enlisted go on to treat patients on any of our stations and ships. From there they can take on more responsibility to become a Head Nurse, Research Assistant, Vice Chief Medical Officer or Chief Medical Officer.

UFS Medical

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==Medical Skill Sets== (Duty list)