UF Starfleet General Orders

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The United Federation Starfleet General Orders are to be considered as the fleet-wide commands under which we operate. These guidelines MUST be followed by ALL UFS personnel in the performance of their duties.

General Orders are the primary guidelines and regulations in United Federation Starfleet and supersede ALL other guidelines and regulations issued in the field.

At no time can any UFS Commanding Officer, no matter rank or billet, issue any order that would violate the UFS General Orders. These commands are seen as illegitimate and thus simply following orders that contradict any UFS General Order is not defense.

The UFS General Orders are issued in a ad-hoc fashion, meaning that General Order 4 is not considered more important than General Order 7. Instead, all are equal in magnitude.

The exception to this is General Order One (also named The Prime Directive). When any General Order or regulation conflicts with General Order One, the Prime Directive takes precedence.

General Order One

HAVE FUN. This is the most important General Order in UFS and is considered our Prime Directive. If any UFS member has any problem obeying this order, the reason why should be dealt with immediately.

General Order Two

No UFS member shall at any time interfere with the natural development of any other organization.

General Order Three

UFS Members will at all times protect the freedom and rights of UFS members

General Order Four

United Federation Starfleet Command authorizes all Commanding Officers to countermand UFS Command regulations in the event of EXTREME threat to United Federation Starfleet. When they do, they will need to give a full explanation as to why he/she overrides a direct order of the UFS Joint Chiefs of Staff

General Order Five

Commanding Officers shall protect and safeguard the rights of the crew members under their command.

General Order Six

United Federation Starfleet Command Officers are required to report any and all instances of espionage against United Federation Starfleet

General Order Seven

United Federation Starfleet members are required to protect and defend United Federation Starfleet property and territory.

General Order Eight

United Federation Starfleet shall never initiate hostile actions unless responding to hostility. When they do they will do so in a matter as to not escalate matters further.