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USS Aviator
Vesta Class.png
"Novus Adventum."
*Registry: NCC-75101-A
*Class: Vesta class
*Faction: Starfleet
*Base of Operations: SS Tranquility
*Commissioned: 100910
*Ship Yard: Cascadia Shipyards
*Ship Designer: Advanced Starship Design Bureau
*Operational Status: Inactive
Design Specifications
*Type: Multi-Mission Explorer
*Overall Length: 672 Meters
*Beam: 195 meters
*Mass: 3,255,000 metric tons
*Decks: 23
Designed Capacities
*Crew Compliment: 750
*Auxiliary Craft: Federation Shuttlecrafts
Tactical Systems
*Armament: See Techincal Data
*Defenses: See Techincal Data
Engineering Specifications
*Warp Engines: See Techincal Data
*Cruising Speed: Warp 8
*Maximum Speed: Warp 9.99
Senior Staff
Extra Ship Information
Ship Logo


The USS Aventine having been the first Vesta class ship in 2380 with all its advanced technology was put to the test with the Borg invasion of 2381 which nearly annihilated sentient life in both the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. The U.S.S. Aviator is the eighth Vesta-class starship to be commissioned by the Federation, and the first of the next generation of the class to be developed after the Borg Invasion of 2381.

The USS Aviator NCC 75101-A is the second ship to bare the Aviator name. The name comes from the first Aviator under the command of Admiral Mike Calhoun.

Presently the USS Aviator NCC75101-A is the most advanced ship of the fleet. One of the new systems of the Aviator is its parametallic alloy mixed with the ablative armor. This combination increases the density of the armor which allows a greater absorption rate from enemy fire. The Aviator also is equipped with Quantum Slipstream technology that features Benamite recrystalization. This process prevents the Benamite crystals from deteriorating.

The USS Aviator NCC 75101-A was launched under the command of Cmdr. Markus Tyrellium and executive officer Lt.Cmdr. Generaal Joubert after her a long awaited refit was launched in early October of 2385 and is the only Vesta class ship in the Delta Quadrant.

On stardate 110304 Lt Eddie Hagoromo was promoted to the position of executive officer of the USS Aviator NCC 75101-A. as Lt.Cmdr.Generaal Joubert was reassigned.

Ship Information

Ship Official Song: Faith of the Heart, by Russell Watson (Theme from Enterprise)

Reason: The words in this song represent everything it took to get the USS Aviator NCC 75101-A launched. The road was long and hard and was not easy in any sense. Every word from Faith of the Heart speaks to the crew of the USS Aviator NCC 75101-A like no other possibly could.

Ships Official Colors: Black & Yellow (Primary) Blue & Silver (Secondary)

Crew Manifest


  • Ship of the Month: December 2385

Construction and Initial Assignment

The initial assignment of the USS Aviator NCC 75101-A is for the exploration of uncharted sectors in the Delta Quadrant

  • August 2385 Reconstruction project begins.
  • September 2385: During complications with the Aviator’s hull and armor systems construction was stalled until replacements could be fabricated.
  • September 2385: Replacement sections of the Aviator’s hull and armor systems had been fabricated mid September. Construction continued.
  • October 2385: The Aviator’s build is completed on Stardate 101005.
  • October 2385: Sickbay redesigned increasing efficiency of the medical staff by 60%.
  • January 2386: Redesign of Security (Brig and Offices)
  • September 2386: Redesign of the ships interior and major upgrades to all ships systems

Technical Data

  • Length: 672 meters
  • Width: 195 meters
  • Height: 87 meters
  • Decks: 27
  • Crew: 750
  • Mass: 3,255,000 metric tons
  • Role: multi-mission explorer


  • Redundant Symmetrical Subspace Graviton Field (Regenerative Shield Technology)
  • Armour :: 15cm Microfiber Reinforced Ablative Armour


  • 18 Mark XII Phaser Cannons
  • 15 Type XII Phaser Arrays: 178,000 TeraWatt output
  • 1 Rapid Fire Quantum Torpedoes
  • 6 Pulse Fire Torpedo Tubes: 420 rounds


  • Impulse Drive: .975c
  • Reactor: Mark XII Warp Reactor
  • Normal Cruise: 9.9
  • Maximum Cruise: 9.99
  • Maximum Rated: 9.998
  • Quantum Slipstream Drive

Auxiliary Craft


  • 6 Type 11 Shuttles
  • 6 Type 9 Shuttles
  • 2 Danube Class Runabout
  • 2 Mustang Class Runabouts


  • 6 Type-III Workbee Maintenance Craft
  • 4 Class-1 Mantis Workpods


  • 2 Argo-Class Shuttles (w/Vehicle)
  • 1 Mark-VIII Roma-Class Auxiliary Scoutship

Dedication Plaque

Aviator Starship Dedication Plaque.jpg

First Contact

Ships Planetary Data Base

Missions of the USS Aviator-A