USS Wraith (NPC Ship)

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Basic Info

Name: USS Wraith

Registry: NX-97511

Class: Wraith Class

Constructed: Utopia Planitia

Affiliation: United Federation of Planets

Deployment: Alpha Quadrant

Captain: Skree Dantat


Wraith-class starship, and the first ship of her class. The Wraith is designed to be virtually undetectable without being equipped with a cloaking device. The design is a modified version of the Defiant Class. The Wraith is armed with four pulse-phaser cannon, top-mounted strip phasers and three torpedo launchers, two forward and one aft.

It has one third the warp signature of a Defiant Class ship and is designed to radiate less heat. Its hull is coated with a special sensor absorbing composite and is painted a darker colour to be harder to spot visually. The Wraith also features ablative hull armour and a 50% increase in shield strength.

Unlike the Defiant Class, it also has two holodecks and has no cargo bays. Two are replaced with holodecks, one with an armoury and one with a operations centre for mission planning and briefings.

In 2380 the Wraith underwent a two-week refit which included upgrades to its engines, weapons and targeting software as well as a redesign on the ops centre and replacement of the Tactical II console on the bridge with a Combat Information console which combined Ops and Tactical's functions.

In 2381 Admiral .....took command and led the initial fleet of ships through the Wormhole to the site of the new UFS colony in the Delta Quadrant. Towards the end of that year the ship returned thrugh the wormhole to active service in the Alpha Quadrant.