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United Federation Starfleet uses customized uniforms based on it’s virtual timeline. Upon the completion of your UF Starfleet application in a metaverse, a set of uniforms will be issued to you according to your Branch of choice and rank, consistent with this era. Each uniform has a specific purpose and occasion when it may be worn.

This policy is the guideline to when and how a uniform can and cannot be worn. It is expected of every UFS Officer or Enlisted member to follow this policy when on-duty, off duty and at official functions.

Failure to abide by the following policy may result in disciplinary action taken against you and a permanent reprimand marked on your UF Starfleet record.

  • These Uniforms are only available for Metaverse Chapters.
  • These are not Available via Mail Order
  • Bling or excessive jewellry are not permitted to be worn with any UFS Uniform
  • Some accessories are permitted (see below)
  • Your Commanding Officer will conduct Uniform Inspections periodically and correct anything that contradicts this Uniform Policy
  • Anything distorting the Uniform or changing it in anyway withouit prior authorization is strictly forbidden


The following Table shows what items are in the Uniform Folder that is given from the vendors in the metaverse

What is included in the Uniform Folder
Male Female
System Layer Top and Pants for Duty, Class B & Mess Dress System Layer Top and Pants for Duty, Class B & Mess Dress
Omega Applier for Duty, Class B & Mess Dress uniforms Omega Applier for Duty, Class B & Mess Dress uniforms
Full Duty Uniform meshes (5 sizes) Uniform Jackets meshes (15 sizes)
UFS Mens Shoes UFS Female Jacket and Skirt Uniform meshes (15 sizes)
UFS Uniform Alpha Layers (for Mesh) Uniform Pants meshes (12 Sizes)
UFS Flat Boots for Pants Uniform
UFS Heeled Boots for Skirt Uniform
UFS Uniform Alpha Layers (for Mesh)


The Uniform HUD is in the shape of the UFS Logo. Clicking this will bring up a menu shown below.

Each Button does the following:

  • Flap Open/Closed - Opens the Flap on the Uniform
  • Duty - Changes the texture of your outift to the Duty Uniform
  • Class B - Changes the texture of your outfit to the Class B Uniform



Every member of UF Starfleet is issued an official duty uniform appropriate to their rank and Branch. Duty Uniforms MUST be worn when on-duty, accordingly with the member's rank and Branch color.

Branch colors are as follows:

  • Red with Gold Piping: Flag Officers, Joint Chiefs of Staff
  • Red: Command
  • Yellow: Security, Engineering, Operations
  • Blue: Science
  • Teal: Medical
  • Grey: Intelligence
  • Green: Marines
  • Purple: Cadet

Male Duty Uniforms

Male Duty Uniforms.png

Female Duty Jacket & Pants Uniform

Female Duty Jacket & Pants Uniforms.png

Female Duty Jacket and Skirt Variant Uniform

Female Duty Jacket & Skirt Uniforms.png

When to Wear

The Duty Uniform is to be worn at the following times.

  • During normal duty missions aboard UF Starfleet Ships and Stations.
  • When representing UF Starfleet at events such as Sci-Fi Convention, RFL Weekend etc

Policies for Duty Uniform

  • Full uniform must be worn.
  • Pips are to be situated on strap on the right shoulder vertically. (see example below)
  • Phasers may be worn by Security, Marine and Intelligence Personnel - ONLY at ALERT conditions.
  • Tricorders may be worn with this uniform provided it is branch and Starfleet appropriate.
  • Footwear is provided you may NOT wear your own unless pre approved by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
  • Cadets are NOT permitted to wear a Phaser.


Every member of UF Starfleet is issued a Class B uniform. These uniforms are to be worn during formal functions, such as the Promotions and Awards Ceremonies, Commisioning Cermemonies or when announced in advance.

Male Class B Uniforms

Male Class B Uniforms.png

Female Class B Jacket & Pants Uniform

Female Class B Jacket & Pants Uniforms.png

Female Class B Jacket and Skirt Variant Uniform

Female Class B Jacket & SkirtUniforms.png

When to Wear

The Class B Uniform is to be worn at the following times.

  • When attending the Promotions and Awards Ceremony
  • When attending Commissioning Ceremonies
  • When prior notice is given by the Joint Chiefs of Staff for an event

Policies for Class B Uniform

  • Full uniform must be worn.
  • Pips are to be situated on strap on the right shoulder vertically (see example below)
  • Phasers may NOT be worn with this uniform.
  • Tricorders may NOT be worn with this uniform.
  • Footwear is provided you may NOT wear your own unless pre approved by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


There is currently no Mess Dress uniform.

Where functions would normally require the Mess Dress Uniform the Class B Uniform will be used in it's place

Flap Open Guidelines

Opening the Flap on the UFS Uniform is a visual representation that you are Out of Character or "in relaxation mode" whereby rank and position (while respected) is more relaxed than during a Mission or Roleplay Area

Flap Open Image.png

Off Duty Dress Code/Visitors Dress Code

United Federation Starfleet is a moderate/PG group. Therefore when visiting its assets the Dress Code needs to adhere to this setting.

Minimum Dress code is for areas to be covered up in accordance with the theme of the area you are visiting.

It is NOT authorised to wear the following

  • Underwear on its own.
  • Sports Bras that can be considered revealing
  • Shorts on their own showing chest (Men)
  • Any BDSM/RLV collars, chains, leashes etc
  • Any clothing deemed Adult in nature
  • Nakedness is prohibited on all UFS Assets


United Federation Starfleet makes use of Titlers in the Metaverse to denote a person's rank, Branch, position and duty. The titlers are a required component of the UFS Uniform. The following format is how to correctly display this information:

Rank | Branch
Position | Ship/Station Name

e.g. Captain | Command
Commanding Officer | SS Peedy Thor

United Federation Starfleet does NOT utilise any other form of representation in the titler.

  • Rank is denoted by name only not symbols
  • Only Primary Position is to be listed
  • Species may be listed if not apparent
  • Roleplay Name may be included if different from display name

An Example of additional information that can be utilized

Andrew Bacon
Captain | Command
Commanding Officer | SS Peedy Thor

An Example of how NOT to display the titler

The right honourable Andrew Bacon of the porta potty coalition

●●●● Captain | Command
SS Peedy Thor | Commanding Officer
Headquarters Chief of Janitorial Duties
UFS Academy Instructor

Titler colors are to be the same as the color of your duty uniform as listed above under Duty Uniforms.

Special Consideration Uniforms & Accessories

During certain events there may be additional uniforms provided, below is a list of those uniforms plus details on accessories.

  • Honor Guard: UF Starfleet members of the Honor Guard are issued with Uniforms appropriate for that Duty. These uniforms may only be worn during Events that require Honor Guards attendance.
  • Holidays: It may be appropriate during some festive holidays to wear accessories with the uniform, for example a Christmas Hat, Easter Bunny Ears, etc
  • UF Starfleet Events: During times there may be events held by UF Starfleet at one of its assets. During these times specific dress code and attire will be established fitting in with the Moderate/PG rating of the group.
  • Wedding Bands: Wedding Bands/Rings are permitted to be worn with all Uniforms provided they are not blinking (flashing particles) or excessive in size.
  • Religious Accessories: Some religious accessories may be worn with all uniforms provided they do not interfere with the visuals of the uniforms eg. Bajoran Earring, Klingon House sash (Remember we are representing starfleet)
  • BDSM/RLV Items: Items that control one's avatar or decree ones master/submissive status are NOT permitted to be shown with any Uniform, they may be worn but MUST be hidden.
  • Patches: The only approved patch that can be worn on UFS assets, stations and ships is the LGBT patch shown here.

UFS LGBT Patch.png

  • All other patches are NOT permitted to be worn with ANY uniform regardless of said patch.

  • Marine Aerospace Wings: Marines are permitted to wear the aerospace wings, if qualified. These are to be positioned above the combadge.
  • Mourning Combadge: The UFS issued mourning combadge shall be worn at memorials, as appropriate.

HONOR GUARD UNIFORM Honor Guard Uniform.png



Group Tags

Display of group tags in UF Starfleet denotes activity at that time.

When On Duty you must wear the appropriate Group tag either for your ship/station or the Main UFS Group.

When Off Duty you are to wear the UFS Off Duty tag in the UFS Main group when visiting any UF Starfleet Assets.

It is NOT appropriate to display a group tag that meets the following but not limited to:

  • Advertising other groups
  • Denoting ones Submissive/Dominant Status
  • Advertising other Ships/Stations not part of UF Starfleet


On Duty: On duty is described as any activity undertaken while representing UF Starfleet, these include but not limited to:

  • Taking part in Roleplays
  • Attending Classes in world classes
  • Undertaking Officer on Deck Duty
  • Undertaking Greeter Duty
  • Any action requiring participation with your character while undertaking tasks for the Fleet as a whole.
  • Undertaking Branch Specific Tasks

Off Duty: Off Duty is described as any action undertaken while not performing tasks for your Branch, Ship, Station, or Fleet.

Assets: Assets are denoted as any area representing United Federation Starfleet, these are but not limited to:-

  • Ships of the Line
  • Stations of the Line
  • Welcome Areas
  • Metaverse Sims
  • Relay for Life Kiosks
  • Conventions in the Metaverse (eg. Sci-Fi Convention, RFL Weekend)