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The Vice Surgeon General is the second in command of the UFS Medical Branch. He is the right hand man of the Surgeon General. He has full authority and are responsible to conducting their duties in the Surgeon General’s absence. In addition to duties as the second in command of the medical branch, the Vice Surgeon General is responsible for the internal workings of the UF Starfleet Medical and the Deployed Medical personell.


  • Respond to monthly roll call
  • Record 1 log weekly on forum
  • Attend branch meetings
  • Submit PADD’s to CO on time
  • Do 2 shifts as Medical OIC weekly.
  • Serves as CMO of Nimbus Station
  • Motivates staff
  • Provides accurate monthly reporting to Surgeon General
  • Coordinates medical branch activities with the Surgeon General.
  • Conducts monthly medical branch meetings (at request of SG)
  • Is involved in daily sim activities
  • Participates in group functions, such as ceremonies
  • Sends Welcome Letter to new members of Medical Branch (at SG request)
  • Performs Trainee Medics Practical Exams (at request of SG)
  • Supervises all activities of UF Strafleet Medical divisions and UFS Medical Deployed crew.
  • Work with SS Alexandria Medical staff to ensure Cadet Checkups are running smoothly,
  • Maintain communication with Deployed personnel.
  • Supervisor for Medical Residency Program.

Staff Archive




  • Intro to UFS
  • P&P
  • History of UFS
  • Phaser Safety and Type II Phaser Proficiency
  • Introduction to UFS Medical
  • Medical Ethics
  • P&P Factors of Space Travel on Humans in Space
  • Intro to UFSA
  • UFSA Instructor Training
  • All Medical classes
  • Intro to Leadership
  • Orders and Directives
  • Federation Law
  • Operations Protocols
  • Chain of Command
  • Command Protocol I: Command and Operations
  • Effective Delegation


  • Weapons Theory
  • History of UFS II
  • Intro to Biology
  • Intro to UFS Operations
  • Interpersonal Comm
  • Personal and Intraship Comm
  • UFS Ethics
  • History of UFS III
  • Workbee Operations I
  • Alien Languages
  • Chemistry 101

Suggestions (Not Required) N/A



  • Observe cadet exam
  • Tour medical facility
  • Demonstration of equipment
  • Experience maintaining medical records
  • Experience writing medical training simulations
  • Sim Training - 4 Hours minimum
  • Practical Exam
  • 6 months as a member of UFS medical branch.


  • Sim Training - 15 Hours minimum

Suggestions (Not Required) N/A

Minimum Rank