061226 Damnit, Granite

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Stardate: 160226, Location Pirandian System, Sector 006F

Whilst the Captain continues extended discussion with the Pirandian government with regards to what we found on ZIwalsa (Pirandia II) , the Thunderbird has returned to said planet to further investigation of our somewhat disturbing findings.

It's clear that whilst Pirandia's claim to that which remains on the planet, their facility, the mine, the ores and crystals within, is undisputable, there's grave concern with regard to what else we may have found down there.


  • CO - Commander Azdra Portland-Nikolaidis
  • XO - Lt Commander Suzie Setsuko
  • Medical - Dr. John Sheppard-McKay
  • Medical - Dr. William Greymoon
  • Engineering - Lt Ed Pintens
  • Engineering - LtJG Tobias 'Syn' Wolf
  • Security - Ens Alric Montgomery
  • Security - CA GemmaV
  • Science- Ens Daniel Jackson