160506 - 160610 Disaster at Pinastri

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Stardates 160506 - 160610, Location Pinastri System and surrounding areas

Disaster has struck Pinastri. Geological uprising has destroyed the grounds where UFS once stood. It has now been verifed that this is the work of the "Core Worlders" and their "Q" ships. The Hanneman Science Outpost has been completely decimated, no lifesigns found. Along with the USS Veracruz, the USS Thunderbird has assisted in taking out one of the Q ships.


  • CO Commander Azdra Portland-Nikolaidis
  • XO Lt Commander Suzie Setsuko


  • Chief Operations Officer Lt Sytia Shran
  • Commander Scott Salmon
  • Lt JG Alana Skytower


  • Chief Engineering Officer Lt JG Tobias Nikolaidis Wolf
  • Lt Corax
  • Lt JG Mina Landfall


  • Lt Broly Blackheart


  • Chief Medical Officer Lt John Sheppard-McKay
  • Ensign Archi Merlin


  • Lt JG Daniel Jackson


  • Officer in Charge 1st Lt Alric Montgomery
  • Corporal RebelV
  • Corporal GennaV