16th Marine Detachment

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16th marine logo2.png
Swift, Silent and Deadly.
General Data
*Fleet Affiliation: SS Peedy Thor
*Founded: 150730
*Status: Active
*Location: Second Life Grid
Detachment Command
*Officer-in-Charge: Talas Shran
*Deputy Officer-in-Charge: Kiara1 Noel
Unit Gudion


The 16th Detachment Known as The Ghosts, is a classified marine unit based on the SS Peedy Thor under the operational command of the ship's CO and XO. This is one of the first to combines Aerospace squadrons and Infantry Force Recon Companies in a single fighting unit.

Detachment Breakdown


The 16th Ghost infantry elements consists of the following:

Two Companies of Operators from the 1st marine, Division 1st Regiment, 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion

  • 1st Force Reconnaissance Company
    • Recon Platoon Alpha
    • Recon Platoon Beta
    • Recon Platoon Charlie
  • 4th Force Reconnaissance Company
    • Recon Platoon Alpha
    • Recon Platoon Beta
    • Recon Platoon Charlie


The 16th Ghosts aerospace elements consists of the following:

48 Pilots from the 1st Airwing, 23nd Air Group, 4 Squadrons:

  • 3 Flights 4 planes each totaling 12 pilots each squadron.

Support Unites

  • 1st Combat Logistical Support Company
    • Transportation Services Platoon 113th
    • Medical Services Platoon 8th
    • Engineer Services Platoon 235th
    • Maintenance Services Platoon 245th
    • Marine Wing Support Squadron 271st
  • Support Craft - 2 Calliope Class Assault Shuttle

16th Marine Detachment Roster

16th Marine Detachment
Officer in Charge G-o6.png Talas Shran
Deputy Officer in Charge G-o4.png Kiara1 Noel
First Sergeant G-blank.png Vacant
16th Marine Detachment Marines
Marine Scout Sniper G-o4.png Lucius Wylder
Marine Recon Specialist G-o1.png Aries Wingate
Marine G-blank.png Vacant
Marine G-blank.png Vacant