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General Data
*Production number: AST-RP167
*Initiated: 140105
*Year: 2412
*Aliens: Centurians
*Previous Mission: Speluncis
*Next Mission: Tredecim
*SIM Concept: David7 Bravin, Genny7 Markus
*Historian: Poison Toocool


An Away Team beamed down to the planet Centuria and put a virus into the robots' main computer system, which disrupted their shared communications and disabled the dampening field. The Team was then able to go through the barriers and into an area where Iconian structures were found. Whilst the other members of the Away Team were studying an Iconian temple-like building, Cmdr Markus (who had the Iconian artifact with her) wandered off and suddenly disappeared - presumably through a hidden Iconian Gateway.

The Away Team (who are still on the planet Centuria and now led by Cmdr Bravin) has to decide how to proceed. The mission to locate LT Isis Gaelyth has just grown to include a search for Cmdr Genny Markus.

Crew participation

Cmdr David7 Bravin: Mission Leader

Capt Karl Quar: Chief Engineer

Capt Dolfke Barbosa: Chief Security

Ensign LilithGreycloaks Resident: Intel

Cmdr Breydon Lane - Medical/Ops

Gerry Attric: Observer


Log Entry: Commander David7 Bravin, 140504:

Still on the planet Centuria, we continued our search for Cmdr Markus. Near to the waterfall we saw what appeared to be an Iconian Gateway. We soon discovered that we could walk through the Gateway with no effect. I surmised that since Cmdr Markus had been carrying the Inconian artifact with her, the artifact had triggered the operation of the Gateway. As we no longer had the artifact with us, we needed to find another way to continue our search.

I recalled the gazebo-like structure, similar to a temple, with the model of a binary star system on the ceiling. I ordered the rest of the Away Team to follow me back to the structure, where I sent a picture of the ceiling back to the ship for Astrometrics to determine the location of the system.

I then informed everyone that before leaving the planet, we should return to the Central Control Room and remove the virus from the main computer system. This we duly did (thanks to Capt Quar) thereby restoring the robots' communications and the dampening field. We then beamed back up to the ship.

Once aboard, Astrometrics informed me that they had identified the position of binary star system, which they then forwarded the co-ordinates to Helm on my instructions. I then ordered Helm to take us out of orbit and set course using the co-ordinates they had received.

We had not been travelling long, when Tactical detected a ship heading towards us, followed by Ops announcing that we were being hailed. We then heard a familiar voice, that of Captain Delta of the warship Invinciple, telling us that we were still in the restricted area and that we should leave or be fired upon. I replied that if we were fired upon we would return fire, but since we were on a peaceful mission I suggested that it might be best if we just simply continued our journey. With that I ordered Helm to take us to maximum warp and we left without further incident - on our way to hopefully find Cmdr Markus and LT Gaelyth.