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"A Sitting Duck"
General Data
*Production number: CNH-RP011
*Initiated: 121111
*Ended: 121111
*Year: 2387
*Previous Mission: Backfire
*Next Mission: Pursuit
*SIM Concept: Lan Nakajima
*Historian: Lan Nakajima


Current Location: Sector 003D, Midgar Sector, 5LY Trailing Deshima Station

Captain's Log,

We've managed to put some distance between us and the now destroyed Vaadwaur Genetics Facility, after it's destruction, and the destruction of the Gorn Vessel left us with nothing but a Gorn.... Guest. So far we haven't detected any Gorn OR Vaadwaur ships in the vicinity, but we're keeping a look out for anything suspicious. Security was unable to get any information out of our guest, before he entered some sort of Gorn Hibernation trance. Hopefully we can revive him enough to try and get some sort of information out of him.

Engineering reports several odd power flow readings from the Warp Core and Fusion Reactors after our run in with the Gorn last week, though they assure me everything is alright, I can't help but feel uneasy about this whole situation. I'm hoping that we can rendezvous with an intelligence Operative on Deshima and see if there have been any signs of Gorn or Vaadwaur Activity in the region aside from the Research Facility, and if so perhaps we can intercept their communications, and discover what they know about the Avanis Colony location.

Crew Participation

CO - Lan Nakajima

XO - MilesPrower Dagger

Mission Specialist - Madadh Magic

Chief Operations Officer - Melina Firehawk

Operations Officer - Donald Guardian

Engineer - Pavlov Winterwolf

Chief of Security - Cipher Rhodes

Marine OIC - Jade Ella

Jester Spearmann - As Gorn Prisoner