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United Federation Starfleet has 3 fleet wide alert conditions. The condition is chosen by the Commander-in-Chief together with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The active status depends the conditions for the whole fleet

Alert Conditions
Alertgreen.gif Condition GREEN is the normal operation status of the fleet. All starfleet officers carry out their standard patrol duties and assignements.
Alertyellow.gif Condition YELLOW signifies a heightened state of alert. The Fleet is placed on standby, all starfleet officers are recalled to their posts. The First Fleet is mobilized and put on alert. The United Federation Starfleet Marine Corps is ordered to be on standby for immidiate deployment
Alertred.gif Condition RED means that an enemy attack is imminent or has begun. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th fleets are mobilized. Starfleet Security has secured all restrictive areas and has sensitive areas completely under lockdown. All ships and starfleet forces have orders to engage the enemy