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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Menelaus Missions
*Initiated: 110825
*Ended: Ongoing campaign
*Year: 2386
*Aliens: None
*Previous Mission: Rising Tension
*Next Mission: Messenger
*SIM Concept: Tedra Llewellyn

Mission Briefing

shipslog SD 110916 USS Menelaus, first officer sickbay

it has been one day now since that ship chased us into the athmosphere of that gas Giant. We are drifting slowly, as slowly as this planet turns to the other side of it and hopefully then we can stage out escape. Personally addition, I hate to be the prey and not the predator.

Mission Log

shipslog SD 110918 USS Menelaus, first officer

tlhepa, myself and Jim were today back on duty. We currently do have some type of flu on board, which incapacitated about 40-50 of the crew in various stages. Sickbay has a treatment but that didn't hinder people to get infected. Dr. Ultsch and Dr. Greymoon are also on quarter duty, as they need to sleep of exhaustion after treating so many in such a short time.

We managed to reach the other side without further damage. Our sensors were not quite functional inside the gas giant, so we decided to launch a probe. The probe didn't show any presence of the black ships and therefore we staged out escape.

En route a shadow ship started to follow us closed by and then overtook us and vanished. Still puzzled as to why they did that, Dr. Malloy called the bridge telling us that sickbay was except him empty. All patients in sickbay and the close by to infirmary converted cargobay were gone.

Unfortunately for us that also included Captain Ezra Sweet, who had been back to sickbay to get another treatment for the flu, we have on board.

Science, Security and Engineering now determined that the shadow ships can phase through engery shielding. Jim also has something in mind to "repel" them next time they come too close, we will work on that when time. For now they work together at a message. We are going to try to launch it hoping that with the right technology it will be able to send a message they will hear. First we need to figure out how we do it and in what language then we will device a clear message.

Engineering is still busy to fix the ship while on route to another gas Giant to await further instructions from HQ. For now we need to wait and work on a way to follow them and to be able to detect them or their warp trail.


Ship Status

Status: red


  • Command
    • Tedra de Arr

  • Operations
    • Ashlynn Gravois

  • Engineering*
    • Data Giant
    • Damien Korolev
    • Jackray Toocool
  • Security
    • tlhepa Gurbux
    • Reina Beaumont
  • Science
    • Jim Foxley
    • Sarheni Kanto
  • Medical
    • Dr. Malloys (NPC)