Athena Part I

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Athena Part I
General Data
*Production number: 42
*Initiated: 080915
*Ended: 080916
*Year: 2383
*Previous Mission: Buckle Up!
*Next Mission: Athena Part II
*SIM Concept: Chase Quinnell
*Historian: MilesPrower Dagger


The USS Redeemer arrived at Pinastri 1 day late, and has entered synchronis orbit with the Athena Station. As the cadets come onboard, they are taken to the briefing room where they will be briefed on the plan for the next 2 days.

After departing Pinastri, the Redeemer then proceeds to a survey mission at Galvera II. When the ship arrives, it is clear that things are not normal...


Captain’s Log



Ship CO: Lt. Chase Quinnell
Ship XO: Lt. Cmdr Chad Hoorenbeek
Engineering Officer: Ensign Elim Exonar, Cadet Machaela Lowey
Science Officer: Cadet William Sommerfeld, Cadet SVAndrei Baxton
Helm Officer: Cadet Orion Hax
Ops Officer: Cadet Rialore Hax
Tactical Officer: Cadet Kressler Constantine
Medical Officer: Cadet Tobias Jehangir

The USS Redeemer arrived at Pinastri and underwent short repairs. After that it picked up cadets at the Athena Station. The ship then went to warp to the Galvera II system for an archaeological survey. The captain called a briefing will all on-duty cadets to explain to them what the next two days would be like.

The ship dropped out of warp in the Galvera system and immediately, things were not right. Astrometrics detected a large Particle Fountain near the system's star. It was changing shape in an odd form. As the ship began to actively scan the fountain, it came closer. After cutting scans, the fountain stopped approaching. This time, a low-intensity scan was done.. however, this time the ship was engulfed by the fountain and slid into complete darkness.

Once the crew began to wake up and adjust to the dim lighting, they began to restore power. Once the backup sensor logs came online, it was clear that the fountain was not naturally occuring. It had emitted an anti-warp field with an exact inverse of the USS Redeemer's warp signature, causing it to loose warp capability. It also had intense electro-magnetic interference which rendered all of the ship systems offline. It also scrambled logs and fried various conduits.

A part of the bridge crew was sent down to Engineering under Cadet Lowey's command. They proceeded to re-boot the ship systems one by one. Chief Engineer Ensign Exonar arrived in engineering announcing he had just woken up after being rendered unconscious while he was off duty. He helped in the rebooting of the warp core.

Once all systems were online, the ship began its investigation. It found that it was a few lightyears from where it started and retraced its steps. A strange quantum singularity(black hole) was detected. The only difference was.. it was not taking any mass or light into it, infact, some form of radio noise was coming through it. A probe was launched.. but as the probe went in, it somehow pulled the Redeemer in with it. All ship systems went completely dark....

Mission Logs

[14:17] Chase Quinnell: =/\= USS Redeemer to Athena Station, we are preparing to depart. Quinnell out. =/\=
[14:19] Chase Quinnell: Helm, take us away from Athena at half impulse.
[14:19] orion Hax: Half impulse aye sir
[14:20] Chase Quinnell: Set course for Galvera II, warp 8. Engage.
[14:21] orion Hax: Aye sir bering 233 mark 63 warp 8
[14:21] Chase Quinnell: Commander, you have the bridge. All cadets, meet me in the briefing room.
[14:21] William Sommerfeld: Aye sir.
[14:21] Chad Hoorenbeek: Aye
[14:21]  ::The cadets and the captain take seats in the briefing room::
[14:23] Chase Quinnell: First off, I would like to welcome you all aboard the USS Redeemer, the first ship of its class and the second starship to bear the name.
[14:24] Chase Quinnell: This ship will be your home for the next couple of days and I'd like you all to make the most of it. We will start off by surveying Galvera II's archeological dig sites. Following that, we'll be observing a star which will be expanding to encompass its' binary in the FGC-2109 system.
[14:25] Chase Quinnell: Any questions or concerns?
[14:25] Kressler Constantine: no sir.
[14:25] SVAndrei Baxton: no, sir
[14:25] William Sommerfeld: No sir.
[14:25] orion Hax: no sir
[14:25] Tobias Jehangir: no Sir
[14:25] Tobias's translator: No Sir
[14:25] Rialore Hastings: No Sir
[14:25] Chase Quinnell: Very well then, report to your stations.
[14:25] Machaela Lowey: none sir
[14:25] William Sommerfeld: Aye sir.
[14:25] Tobias Jehangir: Aye Sir
[14:25] Tobias's translator: Aye Sir
[14:25] Chase Quinnell: ETA, Commander?
[14:25] No room to sit here, try another spot.
[14:26] Chad Hoorenbeek: ETA, 25 minutes
[14:26] Chase Quinnell: Good, right on schedule.
[14:27] Chase Quinnell: Astrometrics, activate your sensors. Once we arrive at the Galvera system, you may begin taking astrometrical scans. Once we arrive at the planet, I'll be taking a group of cadets down to the dig site.
[14:27] William Sommerfeld: Aye sir.
[14:27] William Sommerfeld: Activating sensors now.
[14:28]  ::The USS Redeemer drops out of warp at the Galvera system::
[14:28] William Sommerfeld: Um sir, I've got something funny coming up on the sensors.
[14:28] Chase Quinnell: Explain, cadet.
[14:28] William Sommerfeld: It appears to be a particle formation.
[14:29] Chase Quinnell: On-screen.
[14:29] William Sommerfeld: Aye sir.
[14:29] Chase Quinnell: Helm, keep us at a safe distance.
[14:29] orion Hax: aye sir
[14:30] Chase Quinnell: Particle fountains are considered highly dangerous and much about them is unknown.
[14:30] Chase Quinnell: Science, astrometrics, I need you to scan the fountain to find out any pertinate information.
[14:30] SVAndrei Baxton: aye, sir, initiating scans
[14:30] William Sommerfeld: Aye sir, commencing scan.
[14:31] Chase Quinnell: Engineering, keep an eye on ship systems.
[14:31] Chase Quinnell: Ops, what's the status of the planets in the system?
[14:31] Machaela Lowey: Aye Sir. All systems are unaffected so far.
[14:31] Rialore Hastings: Aye Sir, same reading
[14:32]  ::The particle fountain begins to change shape::
[14:32] Kressler Constantine raises an eyebrow
[14:32] SVAndrei Baxton: Sir, it seems that the fountain is starting to increase its activity
[14:32] William Sommerfeld: Aye sir, it is.
[14:33] Chase Quinnell: Any idea what is causing it?
[14:33] SVAndrei Baxton: 12% in the past 15 seconds, and growing
[14:33] Kressler Constantine: Sir, shall we raise shields?
[14:33] SVAndrei Baxton: not yet sir, i need more time
[14:33] Chase Quinnell: Yellow alert status automatically brings shields online.
[14:33] William Sommerfeld: Sir, how far is the formation from the system's sun?
[14:33] Kressler Constantine: Understood, sir.
[14:33] Chase Quinnell: I don't know, cadet, Ops can you tell me?
[14:34] SVAndrei Baxton: sir, it seems to have stabilized again
[14:34] Rialore Hastings: It's not too far away sir, exact readings are hard to get.
[14:35] SVAndrei Baxton: it reached a climax of 65%, then it calmed down
[14:35] William Sommerfeld: Perhaps solar activity is causing the formation to change?
[14:35] Chase Quinnell: It's possible, cadet.
[14:35] William Sommerfeld: Solar flare, perhaps?
[14:35] SVAndrei Baxton: could be a link, yes. Running a history scan on the sun's recorder solar activity
[14:35] Chase Quinnell: I don't believe any previous encounter with a particle fountain was within a solar system.. so it's a possibility we can't rule out.
[14:36] William Sommerfeld: Aye sir.
[14:36] SVAndrei Baxton: sir, it seems that the sun produced a solar flare 6 hours ago. It was to small to damage anything, but there could be link.
[14:36]  ::The particle fountain begins to grow again-- fast, particularly in the direction of the Redeemer::
[14:36] SVAndrei Baxton: still, i'm intrigued by the delay
[14:36] SVAndrei Baxton: Sir, it's growing again
[14:37] Chase Quinnell: Acknowledged cadet.
[14:37] William Sommerfeld: Oh dang. Sir, the formation is growing towards us.
[14:37] SVAndrei Baxton: exponentially, and heading this way
[14:37] Chase Quinnell: Helm, full reverse.
[14:37] orion Hax: aye sir
[14:37] SVAndrei Baxton: still growing.
[14:37] SVAndrei Baxton: 34% more mass, and rising rapidly.
[14:37] Chase Quinnell: How soon will it hit us?
[14:37] William Sommerfeld: It's moving at an incredible speed. Are you sure we can outrun it sir?
[14:38] SVAndrei Baxton: at this rate, 3 minutes
[14:38] Chase Quinnell: red alert
[14:38] Kressler Constantine: Red alert, aye sir.
[14:38] Tobias Jehangir: Sir, I Advice to the shields, we do not know the effect of radiation on the human body
[14:38] Chase Quinnell: Shields automatically go up in yellow/red condition.
[14:38] SVAndrei Baxton: 120% more mass... It's movement patter is intriguing, sir
[14:38] Chase Quinnell: However, you're right.
[14:39] SVAndrei Baxton: it seems to be expanding only towards us
[14:39] William Sommerfeld: Perhaps sentient control?
[14:39] Chase Quinnell: Maybe it is attracted to the ship somehow?
[14:39] Kressler Constantine: Sir, it could be attracted to us for some reason.
[14:39] SVAndrei Baxton: SIR! The Warp engines...
[14:39] SVAndrei Baxton: MAybe it's attracted by the field it generates
[14:39] Chase Quinnell: Warp drives have never attracted them before.
[14:39] Rialore Hastings: What if we released Verteron Particles into the stream?
[14:39] William Sommerfeld: Myabe this one is different. It is in a solar system after all.
[14:40] SVAndrei Baxton: Well, still something is pulling it towards us
[14:40] Chase Quinnell: verteron particles?
[14:40]  ::The ship begins to shake::
[14:40] Kressler Constantine: Sir, it began after we initiated scans.
[14:40] Rialore Hastings: From the Warp Engines sir, maybe it would stop following us if we released it near a planet.
[14:40] SVAndrei Baxton: Recommend we stop all sensors
[14:41] Chase Quinnell: Deactivate all sensors.
[14:41] William Sommerfeld: Deactivating.
[14:41] SVAndrei Baxton: can anyone get a visual on it?
[14:41] William Sommerfeld: Aye.
[14:41] William Sommerfeld: It appears to be retracting.
[14:41] SVAndrei Baxton: this is strange
[14:41] SVAndrei Baxton: Sir, i recommend another test
[14:42] Rialore Hastings: Another test could make it expand again.
[14:42] Chase Quinnell: Alright, but make sure you deactivate sensors before it causes a severe threat.
[14:42] Rialore Hastings: Possible more stronger than last time.
[14:42] SVAndrei Baxton: exactly. That way we can be sure that it's the sensors
[14:42] SVAndrei Baxton: that is possible too
[14:42] SVAndrei Baxton: Sir, do we have any probes onboard?
[14:43] Chase Quinnell: We do.
[14:43] SVAndrei Baxton: i have an ideea. We could launch one, and instruct it to scan the fountain. Perhaps the fountain would move towards the probe. That way it's not risky for the ship
[14:44] Chase Quinnell: Alright cadet, make it happen.
[14:44] SVAndrei Baxton: Aye, sir
[14:44] SVAndrei Baxton: Engineering, can you modify a probe to have boosted scanner range and power?
[14:46] Machaela Lowey: Workin on it sir,,,,
[14:46] Machaela Lowey: I think I can put one together with a similair configuration to what astrometrics is throwing at it...
[14:47] Machaela Lowey: There.
[14:47] SVAndrei Baxton: thank you.
[14:47] Machaela Lowey: Probe ready sir...
[14:47] SVAndrei Baxton: Launching probe.
[14:47] SVAndrei Baxton: i'll wait until the probe is far enough from the ship before i begin to scan it
[14:48]  ::the particle fountain begins to expand 2 times more rapidly than previous and increases its size exponentially. It quickly engulfs the probe but then proceeds towards the ship::
[14:48] SVAndrei Baxton: well, there goes my theory....
[14:48] William Sommerfeld: Um sir, we might want to get out of here.
[14:48] SVAndrei Baxton: Sir, it's expanding quickly
[14:48] Chase Quinnell: I'd like to, but....
[14:48] Chase Quinnell: Particle fountains disrupt warp fields.
[14:48] SVAndrei Baxton: we can't get out of here
[14:48] William Sommerfeld: Sir, we stay here much longer, we'll be engulfed in 2 minutes.
[14:48] Chase Quinnell: We're not getting out of here with warp drive.
[14:49]  ::The ship begins to rock violently::
[14:49] Kressler Constantine grabs the console for dear life
[14:49] SVAndrei Baxton: sir, it's growing by 200% every 15 seconds.
[14:49] Rialore Hastings: Sir, what if the stream is following the power levels of the ship?
[14:49] William Sommerfeld braces himself.
[14:49] SVAndrei Baxton is tossed out of the chair
[14:49] orion Hax grabs his console
[14:49] Tobias Jehangir: If everything is proper Baxton?
[14:50] William Sommerfeld: Um sir, I think we lost power.
[14:50]  ::The ship shakes violently before all systems go completely dark::
[14:50] SVAndrei Baxton: yes, i'm ok
[14:50] SVAndrei Baxton: sir, i've lost all power to Sciences
[14:50] Kressler Constantine: Tactical is down, sir.
[14:50] Rialore Hastings: Ops is down Sir.
[14:50] William Sommerfeld: Astrometrics and Comms are down.
[14:50] Machaela Lowey: Engineering is down Sir.
[14:50] Kressler Constantine: Where are the back-ups?
[14:50] William Sommerfeld: We're moving blind and deaf.
[14:51] Rialore Hastings: Apparently the secondary systems didn't kick in.
[14:51] orion Hax: We are free floating sir i have nothing
[14:51] Chase Quinnell: Alright, we need to find out what happened..
[14:51] Machaela Lowey: Working on activating auxiliaries sir.
[14:51] SVAndrei Baxton: Sir, requesting permission to help Engineering
[14:51] William Sommerfeld: Attempting to manually backup astrometric logs.
[14:51] Rialore Hastings: Sir, I believe the stream was following the ship because of her power levels.
[14:52] SVAndrei Baxton: do we have a view of the fountain fro the Briefing room windows?
[14:52] Machaela Lowey: Captain the surges from the foiuntain were similair to the warp core flow...
[14:52] William Sommerfeld: Oh, Astrometrics is back online Sir.
[14:52] Chase Quinnell nods.
[14:52] Chase Quinnell: Good, what do the backups tell you?
[14:53] William Sommerfeld: Well, everything up to the moment of impact is here. Everything after appears as if it was erased, possibly by electro-magnetic interference.
[14:53] William Sommerfeld: Wait.....
[14:53] William Sommerfeld: Thought I had something sir. Nevermind.
[14:53] Chase Quinnell nods.
[14:53] William Sommerfeld: I'll work with it. See if I can find anything else.
[14:53] Chase Quinnell: Our first priority is to get life support back online.
[14:54] Kressler Constantine nods
[14:54] Chase Quinnell: We'll need someone to get to engineering. We don't know how many people are conscious down there.
[14:54] SVAndrei Baxton: i'll handle it, sir
[14:54] Kressler Constantine: I can assist, sir.
[14:54] Chase Quinnell: Machaela, take as many people as you need. You'll need to take the jefferies tubes.
[14:54] William Sommerfeld: Sir, I've got something.
[14:54] Tobias Jehangir: I think there should be a doc respond Sir
[14:55] Tobias's translator: I think there should be a doc respond Sir
[14:55] orion Hax: Sir i am dead stick i have no flight control, last known heading we shouldn't run into anything
[14:55] Machaela Lowey: I think Cadet Baxton will be enough.
[14:55] Chase Quinnell: Alright, make your way to engineering
[14:55] Machaela Lowey: Aye Sir
[14:55]  ::Machaela and Cadet Baxton enter the jefferies tubes::
[14:56] Chase Quinnell: =/\= Quinnell to Engineering, can you hear me? =/\=
[14:56] William Sommerfeld: Sir, I've managed to piece together a small part of the erased logs. It appears that what ever hit us had some sort of electro-magnetic properties.
[14:56] Chase Quinnell nods.
[14:56] Machaela Lowey: =A= The stations are working... =A=
[14:56] William Sommerfeld: That possibly explains why everything went down.
[14:57] William Sommerfeld: And.... here we go.
[14:57] Rialore Hastings: Sir, could I make a suggestion?
[14:58] Chase Quinnell: Go ahead.
[14:59] Rialore Hastings: I'd like to suggest that when we do get full power back, I think we should run on minimal power and leave the system
[14:59] SVAndrei Baxton: =A= We need medical in here =A=
[14:59] William Sommerfeld: Sir, the logs detected something odd moments before we were hit. It appears to be 2 small, single seat ships.
[14:59] Rialore Hastings: I believe that is why the Particle Fountain was following us sir.
[14:59] Tobias Jehangir: Sir I need in engineering
[14:59] Kressler Constantine: single seats?
[14:59] Chase Quinnell: That is strange..
[15:00] Machaela Lowey: =A= Engineering to Bridge: Warp Core is offline and we need medical team stat. =A=
[15:00] William Sommerfeld: Yes, almost like fighters.
[15:00] Chase Quinnell: Tobias, report to Engineering.
[15:00] William Sommerfeld: I'm gonna keep working at this, although there is little chance of anything else.
[15:01] William Sommerfeld: And nothing. Logs are as filled in as they will ever be, sir.
[15:01] Chase Quinnell: =A= Bridge to Engineering, report? =A=
[15:01] William Sommerfeld: Electro-magnetic properties, and two odd signatures.
[15:02] SVAndrei Baxton: =A= Engineering, we have two injured cadets, and are attempting to restore the warp core =A=
[15:02] William Sommerfeld: Aye sir.
[15:02] Chase Quinnell: =A= Take all injured up to sickbay if possible. =A=
[15:02] Machaela Lowey: =A= Captain the warp core is offline =A=
[15:03] Machaela Lowey: =A= Impulse is at...twenty percent. =A=
[15:03] Chase Quinnell: =A= Acknowledged. =A=
[15:03] SVAndrei Baxton: Seems that the fountain affexted the systems down here preety bad. Will have to route a biit to get them back
[15:04] Machaela Lowey: =A= Engineering to bridge do we have any idea what was in that particle fountain? =A=
[15:04] Chase Quinnell: =A= Not yet, Engineering. =A=
[15:04] William Sommerfeld: Sir, one last thing. The particle phenomenon has completely disappeared. It was on the logs on second, then gone the next.
[15:04] Machaela Lowey: =A= affirmative =A=
[15:04] Tobias Jehangir: =A= Sickbay to Bridge. I have two injured Ensign. =A=
[15:04] SVAndrei Baxton: Sir, i have a theory, but i need power back to Sciences
[15:05] Chase Quinnell: Alright, see if you can transfer some power to the bridge science station.
[15:06] William Sommerfeld: Sir, anything I can do for the time being?
[15:06] Machaela Lowey: =A= Engineering to bridge power available for science station... =A=
[15:06] Chase Quinnell: William, I'll need you to coordinate sciences and astrometrics for us.
[15:06] SVAndrei Baxton: =A= Sir, i think the fountain was closed by the Warp core field =A=
[15:06] William Sommerfeld: Aye Sir.
[15:06] SVAndrei Baxton: ok, i have power.
[15:06]  ::SVAndrei Baxton arrives back on the bridge::
[15:06] William Sommerfeld: How do you need them coordinated?
[15:07] SVAndrei Baxton: =A= Engineering, i have power, thank you =A=
[15:07] SVAndrei Baxton is working frantically
[15:07] Chase Quinnell: You'll need to be in charge of those departments for now. It is unknown whether the officers from the respective departments will be on-duty any time soon.
[15:07] SVAndrei Baxton: sir, you might want to take a look at this
[15:07] William Sommerfeld: Aye Sir.
[15:08] Chase Quinnell: What is it, Mr. Baxton?
[15:08] SVAndrei Baxton: My last scan of the phenomenon indicates some sort of antiparticles
[15:08] William Sommerfeld: Hmmm.
[15:08] SVAndrei Baxton: but look, they have the exact phase as our warp core
[15:08] SVAndrei Baxton: just in reverse
[15:08] Chase Quinnell: Now that is strange..
[15:08] SVAndrei Baxton: it could be an anti-warp field of something
[15:08] Chase Quinnell: And what of the two one-seater ships that were detected by Astrometrics?
[15:08] SVAndrei Baxton: that could explain why it was drawn to the ship
[15:08] William Sommerfeld: And those signatures I picked up as well.
[15:09] Tobias Jehangir: the two Ensign injured are stable and will recover
[15:09] Kressler Constantine: Fascinating..
[15:09] SVAndrei Baxton: that is all i can get. My logs were also wiped out after the impact
[15:09] Chase Quinnell: =/\= Good work Tobias =/\=
[15:09] Chase Quinnell: I see, keep working on it.
[15:09] SVAndrei Baxton: i have one conclusion. this fountain wasn't natural, sir
[15:10] Chase Quinnell: That might explain a lot.
[15:10] Kressler Constantine: Those two single seaters were involved?
[15:10] Tobias Jehangir: this is my job. Can I be somewhere assist Sir?
[15:10] SVAndrei Baxton: hard to tell, but it's probable
[15:10] SVAndrei Baxton: what kind of ships were they?
[15:10] Kressler Constantine: single seaters.
[15:10] SVAndrei Baxton: race?
[15:10] William Sommerfeld: Don't know.
[15:11] Chase Quinnell: =/\= Tobias, I'll need you to coordinate relief efforts throughout the ship.
Find any people who need medical attention and try to set up triage centers throughout the ship. =/\=
[15:11] William Sommerfeld: Let me review the logs once more.
[15:11] Machaela Lowey: =A= Bridge this is engineering. Whatever that was it shut down the anti matter inducers and knocked out our secondary protocols... =A=
[15:11] SVAndrei Baxton: hmm... this is strange
[15:11] Chase Quinnell: =/\= How long until they're repaired, Engineering? =/\=
[15:11] SVAndrei Baxton: the inverse phase was modulated to exactly match our ships reactor
[15:11] SVAndrei Baxton: this is no natural phenomenon sir
[15:11] Chase Quinnell: Yea, I think we already noticed something like that.
[15:12] Tobias Jehangir: I will try all the people on the Sickbay to bring, I will begin in the engine room, Sir, I think they are in the running
[15:12] Tobias's translator: I will try all the people on the Sickbay to bring, I will begin in the engine room, Sir, I think they are in the running
[15:12] Machaela Lowey: Secondary power will be available in a few minutes...
[15:12] SVAndrei Baxton: and by the nature of the fountain itself, it could have only been commanded from short range
[15:12] SVAndrei Baxton: we need to know what happened to those single seaters
[15:12] Machaela Lowey: the warp core will take about a half hour...
[15:12] SVAndrei Baxton: who are they
[15:12] SVAndrei Baxton: that's all i have for now
[15:13] William Sommerfeld: Sir, the ships picked up do not seem to be any known design. However, their architecture and build do resemble those of the Cardassians.
[15:14] emDash Radar: Tobias Jehangir has entered chat range.
[15:14] Machaela Lowey kicks the console. "Stupid injectors, hurry up"
[15:14] William Sommerfeld: Possibly a new variation or design?
[15:14] Rialore Hastings: Cardassians? What would they want with us?
[15:14] Kressler Constantine: Cardassian single seaters, this is starting to make sense now, sir.
[15:14] SVAndrei Baxton: Are you sure? The Cardassians don't have this kind of abilites.
[15:14] Tobias Jehangir: Contact me if there are more violations
[15:14] Machaela Lowey: Sir we have secondary power
[15:15] William Sommerfeld: Yes, I'm positive. It may be that they aren't alone in this.
[15:15] Kressler Constantine nods
[15:15] Chase Quinnell: The Cardassians don't hold this level of technology.
[15:15] William Sommerfeld: But then again, the signature looks like a Cardassian ship, although it is not necessarily one.
[15:15] Chase Quinnell: Hmm..
[15:15] William Sommerfeld: Could have been purposefully made to look like one.
[15:16] Kressler Constantine: These fighters could be Cardassian..this would explain the single seats.
[15:16] Chase Quinnell: True, but for now, we need to get our systems online.
[15:16] SVAndrei Baxton: makes more sense. Could the Voth have something to do with this?
[15:16] Kressler Constantine: Sir, Tactical is back up.
[15:16]  ::Consoles on the bridge light-up::
[15:16] orion Hax starts checking his systems
[15:16] Kressler Constantine: Sir, tactical systems are online and operational.
[15:16] SVAndrei Baxton: Science has full power, sir
[15:16] Machaela Lowey: =A= Engineeering to Bridge... Primary power is available. =A=
[15:16] Rialore Hastings: Ops at full power sir.
[15:17] Machaela Lowey: =A= Systems should be coming back up, and the warp core will be online in 5. =A=
[15:17] SVAndrei Baxton: sir, i recommend a low intensity scan before we power up the whole ship
[15:17] SVAndrei Baxton: we don't quite know what is out there
[15:17] William Sommerfeld: Sir, Astrometrics is back online and fully operational.
[15:18] William Sommerfeld: Sir, we've got a logged communication. It's scrambled though.
[15:18] Chase Quinnell: Agreed, low intensity scan.
[15:18] SVAndrei Baxton: scanning, sir....
[15:18] Chase Quinnell: Cadet Sommerfeld, try to dicipher it.
[15:18] orion Hax: I have used manuvering thrusters to bring us to a full stop
[15:18] William Sommerfeld: Aye Sir.
[15:19] SVAndrei Baxton: no sign of the fountain
[15:19] orion Hax: Attempting to fix our position
[15:19] Chase Quinnell: Where are we?
[15:19] Rialore Hastings: Is there a trail we could follow to see where it originated?
[15:19] SVAndrei Baxton: attempting to locate a trail
[15:19] William Sommerfeld: Whoa, that's interesting.
[15:20] William Sommerfeld: I've managed to decipher a good portion of the transmission, but it still sounds like gibbersih.
[15:20] Chase Quinnell: Keep at it, Cadet
[15:20] William Sommerfeld: Aye Sir.
[15:20] Tobias Jehangir: Report: Six more injured from the engine room, two Transporter room too. Three further from the rest of the ship, one of them severely injured. He will survive but he urgently needs a space station with better medical equipment. Sir
[15:21] Machaela Lowey: Bridge, warp core is online, maintaining low output.
[15:21] orion Hax: We are half light year from where we lost power sir
[15:21] SVAndrei Baxton: i think it's safe to fully activate the core
[15:33] William Sommerfeld: Sir, I can say with relative certainty that this transmission came from a Cardassian.
[15:34] Chase Quinnell: What makes you say that, cadet?
[15:35] Elim Exonar: Engineering to bridge. I just made my way to Engineering, I was offduty when the incident happened and got knocked unconscious. I am in Engineering here and Cadet Lowey seems to have restored main power
[15:35] Chase Quinnell: Warp core status?
[15:35] William Sommerfeld: Not taking into account the possibilty of using voice synthesizers, they way the words are formed and expressed. There is a very reptillian-like "tinge" to the way they are communicated. The computer also says that it is 83% Cardassian.
[15:35] Elim Exonar: We are about to bring it back online sir
[15:35] Chase Quinnell: Noted, cadet. Thank you Ensign, keep me informed of the situation.
[15:36] William Sommerfeld: Aye sir.
[15:36] SVAndrei Baxton: I recommend you bring back the warp core gradually.
[15:36] Elim Exonar: Aye sir, Exonar out
[15:36] SVAndrei Baxton: I'll run an extensive search patter sir, in case the fountain responds to our warp signature again
[15:36] Chase Quinnell nods.
[15:37] Elim Exonar: Engineering to bridge, the warp core is back online
[15:37] Chase Quinnell: Acknowledged, Mr. Exonar. [15:37] SVAndrei Baxton: No sign of the fountain
[15:37] William Sommerfeld: It just... disappeared.
[15:37] SVAndrei Baxton: attempting to track a path
[15:38] Chase Quinnell: That's strange.
[15:38] Chase Quinnell: Any news on our investigation?
[15:38] SVAndrei Baxton: it should leave at least some residues, that we could use to track down its movement
[15:38] William Sommerfeld: But then again, this is not a normal anamoly. After all, it didn't show any of the normal traits of one.
[15:38] Rialore Hastings: We could also check for any other warp signatures as well.
[15:39] Tobias Jehangir: I recommend extensive scans for life forms. Sir
[15:39] SVAndrei Baxton: Aye, running any scans for warp signatures
[15:39] SVAndrei Baxton: extending to lifeforms too. Ill need more power into the long reange scanners for this
[15:39] Chase Quinnell: Engineering, boost power to long range sensors.
[15:40] Elim Exonar: Aye sir, boosting power to long range sensors
[15:40] SVAndrei Baxton: Initiating scan, sir
[15:40] Elim Exonar: Cadet Lowey, reroute power to the sensor grid
[15:41] Machaela Lowey: Power rerouted Sir,
[15:41] William Sommerfeld: Sir, I've got an unknown signature on Astrometrics.
[15:41] SVAndrei Baxton: Scanning complete, sir. No lifeforms detected.
[15:41] Chase Quinnell: Identify, Mr. Sommerfeld.
[15:42] SVAndrei Baxton: But there is a clear trail of anti-protons that mark the fountain's path
[15:42] William Sommerfeld: Well, it appears to be a very faint "trail."
[15:42] William Sommerfeld: Anti-Protons.
[15:42] SVAndrei Baxton: but we can still follow it
[15:42] William Sommerfeld: As Baxton had said.
[15:42] SVAndrei Baxton: Can you cross reference the warp signature-'s position with the trail?
[15:43] SVAndrei Baxton: is there any obvious connection between them?
[15:43] William Sommerfeld: Well, this trail could either be where it came from, or where it went. One of the two.
[15:44] SVAndrei Baxton: Well, where it went we know
[15:44] Chase Quinnell: Helm, lay in a course. Warp 1
[15:44] SVAndrei Baxton: The trail should end where we had the impact
[15:44] Chase Quinnell: Follow the trail. Engage.
[15:44] SVAndrei Baxton: so one possbility remains..
[15:44] SVAndrei Baxton: I recommend caution, sir
[15:44] Chase Quinnell: Agreed.
[15:44] Chase Quinnell: Yellow alert.
[15:44] SVAndrei Baxton: scanning a wide pattern ahead of ship
[15:44] SVAndrei Baxton: 180 degrees in all direction
[15:46] SVAndrei Baxton: path ends at mark 554.54
[15:46] SVAndrei Baxton: no signs of any abnormal energy fluctuations
[15:46] Chase Quinnell: All stop.
[15:46] Chase Quinnell: Scan the area
[15:46] William Sommerfeld: Aye sir.
[15:47] SVAndrei Baxton: well, whatever it was, and whoever caused it, it's gone
[15:47] William Sommerfeld: Sir, it may be gone, but there appears to still be a sizable anamoly where it used to be.
[15:47] SVAndrei Baxton: it only left behind the trail of anti-protons, and some radio noise.
[15:47] Rialore Hastings: Radio noise?
[15:47] Chase Quinnell: Can we get close to the anomaly?
[15:47] SVAndrei Baxton: the anomaly emits radio noise only
[15:48] William Sommerfeld: Looks fine by the sensors.
[15:48] SVAndrei Baxton: it could jam communications, but should be otherwise harmless
[15:48] William Sommerfeld: It emits radio noise and causes a slight spacial distortion.
[15:48] Chase Quinnell: Move us in, 1/4 impulse.
[15:48] SVAndrei Baxton: scanning the anomaly
[15:49] SVAndrei Baxton: this is most awkward.
[15:49] orion Hax: aye sir
[15:49] SVAndrei Baxton: Sir, it seems to be an... object that emits strong radio waves at ultrasonic frequencies
[15:50] Elim Exonar: Computer, transfer Engineering controls to the bridge
[15:50] SVAndrei Baxton: apparently the object is a stabilized core of matter and anti-matter.
[15:50] William Sommerfeld: Sir, it also appears to be spacially distorting space.
[15:50] SVAndrei Baxton: recommend we send a probe into it. Could be a form a black hole
[15:52] Chase Quinnell: A black hole?
[15:52] William Sommerfeld: No sir, not a black hole. However, it does appear to have a significant mass.
[15:53] SVAndrei Baxton: Not exactly the standard black hole. It's stable, it does not take in matter or energy
[15:53] Rialore Hastings: Perhaps a wormhole?
[15:53] Chase Quinnell: That is strange.
[15:53] SVAndrei Baxton: a wormhole does not emit radio noise
[15:53] William Sommerfeld: Perhaps something is hiding just outside it?
[15:53] SVAndrei Baxton: unless it's connected to the center of the Galaxy?
[15:53] William Sommerfeld: A Cardassian ship?
[15:54] SVAndrei Baxton: Extending scans...
[15:54] Chase Quinnell: Center of the galaxy..?
[15:54] SVAndrei Baxton: it's blocking my scans,. It's mass is to big
[15:54] Elim Exonar: Sir, I recommend we launch a Class 5 probe to study the phenomenon
[15:54] Kressler Constantine raises an eyebrow
[15:54] Chase Quinnell: Send the probe in.
[15:55] SVAndrei Baxton: Yes, the exact center of the Galaxy. Could be the source of the radio noise, if it is indeed a wormhole
[15:55] Elim Exonar: Aye sir, launching Class 5 probe. All readings will come in to the Science station
[15:55]  ::As the probe goes thru the 'black hole', the ship somehow begins to move along with it::
[15:55] SVAndrei Baxton: Sir, are we moving?
[15:55] Chase Quinnell: ::The ship rocks gently::
[15:55] Chase Quinnell: Helm report.
[15:56] SVAndrei Baxton: Engineering, cut communications with the probe
[15:56] William Sommerfeld: Sir, my console is flickering.
[15:56] SVAndrei Baxton: it's happening again...
[15:56]  ::The probe goes thru the singularity::
[15:56] SVAndrei Baxton: lost the probe
[15:56] Chase Quinnell: All hands, brace for impact!!
[15:56]  ::The Redeemer enters the singularity::