Athena Part II

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Sovereign Class Starship.jpg
Athena Part II
General Data
*Production number: 43
*Initiated: 080915
*Ended: 080916
*Year: 2383
*Previous Mission: Athena Part I
*Next Mission: Shore
*SIM Concept: Chase Quinnell
*Historian: MilesPrower Dagger


Upon arriving at the designated coordinates for the survey mission, the Redeemer detected a large particle fountain in the system. It was acting strangely, and once the Redeemer began scanning it, the fountain reach out towards the ship. Scans were ceased. Once again the Redeemer tried to scan it, but this time the fountain reached the ship and was engulfed. Blackness. After power was restored, eventually the Redeemer found its way back to its previous location, and was pulled into a strange black hole which was emitting radio noise...


The ship awoke for a second time in complete darkness... this time, the power was restored much more quickly. Sensors indicated that the ship was on one of the outermost fringes of the Alpha Quadrant. Many inactive un-used ships in the area were adrift.

3 Ferengi vessels approached the Redeemer. They were more interested in profit than 'free' cooperation. The Redeemer cut transmissions.
A couple bridge crew were feeling a bit dizzy or light-headed, including the captain. After a query to the computer, it reported that decks 1 through 3 were at 22% life support. It seemed that the General Alert System was not working properly and hadn't warned about the lack of adequate life-support. It was quickly restored to normal.

Another ship, an Annari exploration cruiser came through one of the wormholes and hailed the Redeemer. It informed them that they had in-inadvertently let one of their new experiments run amuck. Despite the Redeemer's offer to help, the Annari insisted on fixing it themselves, urging the ship to leave before it was too late.

Finally, one of the cadets, Flonne Ninetails(a telepath), came to the captain.

Flonne Ninetails looks to him, no emotions, "We are the INGS, we watch over all... we take old unused lifeless ships..."

The cadet had become possessed by a non-corporeal being. The being insisted that the ship leave the area immediately. The captain had helm and astrometrics make an educated guess as to what 'black hole' portal lead back to the Delta Quadrant. Once a portal was chosen, the Redeemer flooded its impulse drives will all the power it could muster and barged through it just as it closed.

The non-corporeal being left the cadet's body after saying that it was satisfied. As the Redeemer attempted to pinpoint its location, it received a hail; the USS Benton was concerned about the Redeemer's unscheduled appearance 5 sectors away from where it should have been. When queried, the captain of the Benton informed them that they were just outside the Pinastri star system. Sighs of relief filled the bridge and the captain gave the order, "Set course for the drydock."

Captain’s Log



Ship CO: Lt. Chase Quinnell
Engineering Officer: Ensign Elim Exonar, Cadet Machaela Lowey
Science Officer: Cadet William Sommerfeld, Cadet Obsidius Calhoun, Cadet Orion Hax
Helm Officer: Cadet Dyllan McMahon
Ops Officer: Cadet Flonne Ninetails
Medical Officer: Cadet Tobias Jehangir
Tactical Officer: Cadet Denzen Mimulus

Mission Logs