Back to the Future, Part 1

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Back to the Future, Part 1
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP098
*Initiated: 120122
*Ended: 120122
*Year: 2387
*Previous Mission: To Follow the Light
*Next Mission: Back to the Future, Part 2
*SIM Concept: Mulgrave Dwi
*Historian: April Coswell

Something goes horribly wrong with Commander Hamelin and as a result, people die. An ill-fated time jump causes the destruction of the USS Sheppard.


Location: 20,000 years in the future

Captain's log, Stardate 120122

The away team is reunited with the Sheppard, but the Chenae I T66 got away - well, more to the point, the Seekers of the Light. I am not pleased with the implications of its departure; the creation of that supernova will have lasting consequences for this entire sector, and what's more the AI intends to do it again, but closer to our own time stream. I have tasked Science with finding out when they have gone; we have scan results from several time jumps and should be able to extrapolate when and perhaps even where these time anomalies exit.

Engineering is also working on on the deflector and modifications made to the Sheppard by the Seekers. I want to be able to use it to our advantage - I'll not allow us to carry on being pushed pillar to post by these beings anymore, it's time for us to take action - especially in light of the fact that in my abscence the Sheppard crew have managed to purge the ship of the ascended Seekers who have been looking over our shoulders.

Computer, end log.


Holding position in a star system not too distant from the newly-created supernova, the Sheppard and her crew prepare for their own homegrown time jump. Executive officer Jess Hamelin walks onto the bridge, asks Chief of Operations April Coswell for a report, and then announces that she needs to have a word with the Captain and makes her way to the ready room.

While Lt. Commander Coswell and the bridge crew work on collecting data on a primitive humanoid species located on one of the planets, the Captain and Commander Hamelin make their way down to Engineering to receive a briefing from Lt. Commander Ponce Zapatero|Alex Zapatero on how he plans to slingshot the ship through the local star's core to initiate the time jump. Then, as the Captain signals Science officer Araulya Coronet to inquire whether progress has been made in calculating when in time the Sheppard might end up, Commander Hamelin announces she's heading back to the bridge to oversee things from there.

Once there, she asks Commander Coswell for a report... then announces that she needs to have a word with the Captain. Informed by a slightly bewildered crew that she already did that, the XO does her best to hide her disbelief, takes the center chair and orders the Chief of Operations to the deflector control room to prepare things for the time jump, just as the Captain enters the bridge. Preparations get underway for the time jump when suddenly... Commander Hamelin vanishes into thin air.

In the deflector control room, Commander Coswell is working on deflector configurations when the XO appears a few feet away from her, holding a phaser and accusing the Chief of Ops of being a Seeker and trying to sabotage the computer core. The Captain and Security arrive, but not before Commander Coswell gets shot at point-blank range. Commander Hamelin vanishes again and, shortly after, signals the bridge to begin a diagnostic on the deflector while the warp core is taken offline. Recognizing orders the XO gave a few weeks prior, the crew realizes that she is somehow jumping through time and reliving past moments.

The Captain leaves the bridge to head the search for Commander Hamelin, leaving Assistant Chief of Operations Rich Lombardia in command with orders to prepare and initiate the time jump. In sickbay, Doctor Data Axel|Axel works to revive Commander Coswell but, ultimately, pronounces her dead.

In Engineering, the Captain and Security Chief Cordova Marabana try to subdue the XO, but both get killed in the attempt.

Upon hearing of the Captain's death, Lt. Lombardia decides to carry out her orders and initiate the time jump. As a Chenae vessel appears on long-range sensors, ordering the Sheppard to stand down and prepare to be boarded, the Sheppard goes to high warp and slingshots through the sun's core... only to emerge near the Chenae station and come under heavy fire from the T66 AI. With helm non-responsive, the ship can't escape a point-blank shot which tears off its nacelles and causes its core to go critical. The Sheppard explodes, killing everyone onboard.