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"A Deal Gone Bad"
General Data
*Production number: CNH-RP010
*Initiated: 121028
*Ended: 121028
*Year: 2387
*Previous Mission: Investigations
*Next Mission: Adrift
*SIM Concept: Lan Nakajima
*Historian: Lan Nakajima


Current Location: Sector 001B, Voth Sector, 19LY Trailing Voth System

Captain's Log,

After transferring several members of the crew to the Descartes for the foreseeable future, the Cochrane has handed over the investigation and evacuation of the Voth world to the USS Agamemnon, with a fleet of Transport and Colony ships enroute from Pinastri. The Cochrane has been reassigned to investigate the Vaadwaur/Gorn partnership in trying to steal my nanites. Preliminary information suggests they might have more up to date information on where we'll find the Avanis survivors as well. We've made considerable progress in our course for sector 004C, however I feel the time has come to finally test our Slipstream Drive. With any luck we should arrive in 004C near the Vaadwaur Genetics Facility within the next few hours. I only hope that we don't run into any trouble...

Crew Participation

CO - Lan Nakajima

Chief Operations Officer - Melina Firehawk

Operations Officer - Donald Guardian

Engineer - Pavlov Winterwolf

Chief Security Officer - Cipher Rhode

Marine OIC - Jade Ella

Infantryman - Jester Spearmann


Joan Faulkes - Comms Officer


Command Report:

The Cochrane departed the Voth System after crew transfers and handing the investigation lead over to the USS Agamemnon. With our course several Sectors away, I ordered a test of our Slipstream drive, after having it for over a month, and never having used it, I decided it was high time to do so. After having Operations plot the correct vectors, and Engineering confirm all slipstream drive Systems were operations within specified parameters, we engaged the drive. Aside from a slight bout of turbulence to start as the Cochrane crossed the Quantum threshold, the trip was exceptionally smooth, with testing of our comms system from within the slipstream proving successful. Weapons systems were severely hindered by the slipstream as expected, however Engineering informed us that pending it was needed, they could probably guarantee at least two high yield phaser bursts. About 20 minutes into the trip Operations reported our arrival to Sector 004C, at which time we reentered normal space. Tactical sensors detected a single Gorn attack ship in the Vaadwaur system, and that it was attacking the research facility. I ordered a channel open, and requested the Gorn cease their attack. We were greeted by the Gorn captain, and were told not to interfere, before the comms cut and they refocused their attack on the Cochrane. After a few volleys back and forth the Cochrane managed to disable the Gorn Vessel's engines, and they launched primitive missile based weapons at the Cochrane, however these were easily dispatched and vaporized before causing any damages. By this time Engineering reported an overload in the Vaadwaur Facility's reactor, and it exploded.

I ordered an away team to the Gorn ship to secure the vessel, uplink with their computers for any information on the Avanis and the current situation, and to take any survivors into custody. Several minutes after the team boarded the Gorn activated a dampening field, causing communications and transporter locks to fail. I ordered the comms officer, LT Faulkes to try and clear up comms and break through the interference, but in an effort to do so, transferred a cascade virus to the Gorn ship which completely wiped and disabled their computer system. By this time, the away team had secured the only survivor, and were ready to beam back. As they were beamed aboard, Operations detected a failure in the Gorn Antimatter containment system brought on by the ravaging effects of the cascade virus, and suggested containment failure was imminent. With the only survivor in custody, and no further information to be gained, I ordered the ship be moved several lightyears away to monitor the area while we interrogate our guest.

Signed, Commander Lan Nakajima CO - USS Cochrane