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General Data
*Production number: AST-RP048
*Initiated: 120122
*Ended: 120325
*Year: 2387
*Previous Mission: Nebula Nightmare
*Next Mission: Blind Date
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool, David7 Bravin


Commanding Officer Poison Toocool - Log, Stardate 120223: The USS Mak'ala has the crew of the Antares freighter "The Starfish" under quarantine aboard the Starfleet vessel. A kind of sleeping sickness spread among the freighter's crew while the cargo ship strayed mysteriously off course near a dangerous asteroid belt in Section 12.3 of the Takaar Nebula. Captain Bravin also informs me that there are some irregularities with the cargo manifest and that the freighter's captain and crew are not responding well to questioning. After a thorough sterilization the freighter was searched but little was found... except records that had been altered, along with what seems to be a benign cargo. The origin of the 'burning' gadgets on the engineering deck is currently unknown, but they have been contained and are being examined by the Mak'ala's science department.

Captain Bravin has conferred with his IAD agent. They are proposing that a hand-picked crew from Mak'ala transport aboard the freighter and continue on its journey to Treman, in order to discover more information about those who are expecting The Starfish. Given the suspicious nature of the freighter's activities and the continued refusal of its captain to explain his actions, I have given permission for the covert mission. Apparently the freighter's civilian engineer might be of assistance and will also accompany the Starfleet team. The Mak'ala is to follow the same course but stay well out of sensor range...

Crew participation

LTjg David7 Bravin, Captain, USS Mak'ala

LT Dolfke Barbosa, Chief Security Officer, Away Team Leader

Ensign Saraleah Sands, IAD Agent

LT Genny7 Markus, Asst Chief Medical

LT David London, Science Officer (aka LTjg David7 Bravin)

Dann Quinn (Cmdr Karl Quar), Civilian Engineer & Helm, The Starfish


Reporting: Captain David7 Bravin, USS Mak'ala: We have carried out a thorough sterilisation of the freighter "Starfish" to remove any possible causes of the Sleeping Sickness.

The Captain of the Starfish is still unhelpful and evasive about his cargo and the freighter's interrupted journey to Treman.

I have now received permission from Astraios Command to undertake a covert mission to Treman, to obtain information about those who are expecting the arrival of the Starfish and its cargo. To this end, I have selected a number of my officers to go aboard the Starfish and carry out the covert mission.

Dan Quinn, the freighter's Chief Engineer, who has thus far been helpful, will provide technical assistance aboard the Starfish for the journey to Treman. The Captain and rest of the freighter's crew will remain in quarantine aboard the Mak'ala.

I have put LT Barbosa (my Security and Tactical Officer) in command of the Starfish, with the initial task of getting the freighter safely to Treman.

I shall remain aboard the Mak'ala and follow the Starfish, at a safe distance.

I have wished all aboard the Starfish the best of luck on their mission, in the knowledge that the Mak'ala has their back.

On our journey to Treman, I received a somewhat disturbing message (on a secure channel) from the Starfish, to the effect that Ensign Sands (our Intel. Officer) had gone missing. I sincerely hope that this proves to be a false alarm.