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General Data
*Production number: AST-RP045
*Initiated: 120122
*Ended: 120325
*Year: 2387
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Respiratory Distress
*Next Mission: To sleep, perchance to dream
*SIM Concept: Poison Toocool


Commanding Officer Poison Toocool - Log, Stardate 120126: The Mak'ala, under command of Captain Bravin, is in orbit of FGC-1, she has given initial medical assistance and has a team of engineers on the surface attempting to repair the dome around the settlement. The USS Argonaut, under command of Captain Quar, is on its way to rendezvous with the Mak'ala & attempt to mediate between FGC-1 and FGC-2 to stop any further hostilities. All seems calm at the moment, however, the Mak'ala reports tension and even veiled threats in their communication with FGC-2. LTjg Bravin has sent a signal to the Argonaut asking them to increase speed. "I can't put my finger on it," he explained to me in his last report, "but I can't help feeling this is far from over."

Crew participation

Crew USS Argonaut:

LT Cmdr Karl Quar, Captain

LT Dolfke Barbosa, Security

Crew USS Mak'ala:

LTjg David7 Bravin, Captain

LT Genny7 Markus, Medical

Cadet Begum ATA, Observer & Engineer casualty


Reporting: Captain David7 Bravin, USS Mak'ala, 120129: The USS Mak'ala remains in orbit above planet FGC-1. We are currently treating a number of colonists from the planet in our Sick Bay for respiratory problems caused by a loss of air from the Dome on the planet. We also have a number of our Engineers down on the planet carrying out emergency repairs to the Dome to make it air tight. Communications with the neighbouring planet FGC-2 and their Warship, which also remains in orbit above FGC-1, have become increasingly tense and somewhat threatening. I will be glad when the USS Argonaut arrives, with a diplomat aboard, to help with the situation.

Suddenly our ship's sensors detected an explosion down on the surface of FGC-1. We then received reports that the explosion occurred in a part of the Dome in which our Engineers were carrying out repairs. Further reports informed us that a number of Colonists and our Engineers had been killed or injured by the explosion.

We then noted that the FGC-2 Warship had engaged its engines and was heading back to its home planet.

It was at this point that I received a message from Captain Quar aboard the USS Argonaut, saying that they were entering the star system. I quickly apprised the Captain of the situation regarding the explosion and the departure of the FGC-2 Warship.

We agreed that a Medical Team with Security and Engineers should be sent down to the Dome to render assistance. With the departure of the Warship, teleporting down to the planet would no longer be problematic.

I beamed down with my Away Team and met with Captain Quar and his Team. Dr. Markus immediately set to work treating the injured in the small medical facility.

Captain Quar and I went off to survey the damage caused by the explosion. Whilst on our way there was another much smaller explosion, which thankfully did not cause any further damage or injuries. We concluded that the explosions may have been the work of a saboteur. Our reasoning being based on the fact that the explosions had been in an area where our Engineers were already repairing previous damage to the Dome. Also the co-incidental sudden departure of the FGC-2 Warship immediately after the first explosion suggested that they were implicated and had perhaps even beamed the saboteur aboard before leaving.

Dr. Markus took our injured Engineers back to Sick Bay aboard the USS Mak'ala for further treatment.

Captain Quar and I agreed that we should return to our respective ships and remain in orbit above planet FGC-1 whilst diplomatic contact is made with the leaders of planet FGC-2.


Reporting: CLTjg Genny7 Markus, USS Mak'ala, 120129: My Medical Team aboard the USS Mak'ala was still caring for the Colonists from FGC-1 with respiratory problems, when I received reports of an explosion down on the surface of the planet. Apparently the explosion occurred in a part of the Dome where our Engineers were carrying out repairs and a number of Colonists and our Engineers have been killed or injured by the explosion. The FGC-2 Warship that had been causing us problems was observed now heading back to its home planet.

I made a request to our Captain for permission to transport to the Dome in order to give medical assistance to the injured. The Captain informed me that the USS Argonaut had just arrived in the star system and that I should first liaise with their Medical Officer.

I beamed down to the Dome with a small medical team, along with some of our Engineers and Security personnel, where I met up with Dr. Edwards (NPC) and her team from the USS Argonaut. We were saddened to learn that there had been four fatalities as a result of the explosion but were relieved that none of our Engineers were amongst them. Dr. Edwards and I set about the task of assessing the injuries sustained by the Colonists and our Engineers. Because of the limited space in the Dome's Medical Centre, we agreed that I should return to the USS Mak'ala with our injured Engineers - some of whom were in a critical condition - in order to carry out their treatment in our Sick Bay. That allowed Dr. Edwards and her team to stay and treat the Colonists.

I am pleased to report that all our Engineers have undergone successful treatment for their injuries, although they will not be fit for duty for a few days.

I hope that the problems between the two planets can be resolved soon and prevent any similar incidents resulting in the loss of life and injuries.