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"What if your own technology holds you hostage?"
General Data
*SIM Type: Station Roleplay
*Production number: ALE-RP009
*Initiated: 110117
*Ended: 110117
*Year: 2386
*Aliens: Unknown Alien Virus
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Dark Day
*Next Mission: The Human Puzzle
*SIM Concept: Verbum Willowind
*Historian: Verbum Willowind

Alexandria gives rise to new breed of intelligence that takes control of the station.


Station Log

Stardate: 100119

It has been a busy week on Alexandria as we say goodbye to some old faces and hello to a few new ones. Our cadets are now fully nurtured from Alexandria's loving embrace and now sent out on their own to find their own destiny in the great machinations in UFS.

That's the pleasure of being the Station commander and watching those cadets continue to grow and learn and develop into the outstanding officers I have no doubt that they will become. However to protect Alexandria, we have a new ship, the USS Taurus.

Our position on the edge of the Pinastri system makes a tempting target for an invasion fleet or passing superior vessels. Somehow though, my crew faced down the Etherium with courage so there is really no worry that we can defeat anything that we might come up against. The USS Taurus is a small, Steamrunner Class patrol ship that will help keep the academy, the station and the cadets safe out here in space.

My Engineer, Lieutenant Commander Sov Meriman remarked that the ship was remarkably cramped but I cannot help but feel like the great adventurer Captain Benjamin Sisko and how he must have felt about the legendary USS Defiant.

With UFS reduced to Defstat 4, the crew have been enjoying time to have R&R both on the station and off. I have granted a little time for myself to recover from my injuries that I sustained with Ensign Burt who I am pleased to say is back to normal.

However we have stumbled across a mystery from these mysterious communications which we are still recieving and have been recieving for other a week. My Executive Officer, Commander Chad Hoorenbeek believes that the signals are somehow an advanced form of communication that we cannot analyse. The question is, who is sending these communications and why?

The main computer seems to be acting up a lot this week. The replicator this morning gave me a steaming cup of gravy rather then coffee which stands to reason that something might be wrong with the main computer.

The station's power systems also seem to be acting strange as well, we have recieved numorous complaints from the Academy that the lights in that section keep going on and off and some of temperatures in the rooms are off.

I have had my Chief look into this but so far he hasn't found....

Communcation log terminated due to disruption...


The crew of Alexandria is conducting repairs when they recieve a mysterious call on the computer reporting that there is a hull breach on Deck 9. The computer has automatically trapped two cadets behind a forcefield on Deck 9 however when the security team arrive to assess the damage, they find the entire deck intact. Further strange malfunctions begin to crop up in the station's computer system which comprimises several key systems.

Ensign Willowind called to the bridge when the crew discover these strange malufunctions as Operations is sealed off from the rest of the station, trapping several members of Alexandria's crew. A cadet who had just arrived for his physical, Ratchet Glaz is also trapped in Operations. Ensign Willowind orders Doctor Morath Landfall to inform all ships that Alexandria suspends all normal space traffic until the computer is back to normal. Lieutenant Commander Sov Meriman informs Ensign Willowind that the station is experience a massive station wide power drain as energy is being rerouted to the main computer.

A powerful electro-magnetic surge prevents Commander Meriman from attempting to reroute the power being diverted to the computer core. His hand is injured in the process while the computer begins to behave strangely. Ensign Tprai Helix is badly injured from a similar discharge when she attempts to disconnect the computer core and is taken to sickbay with the Cadet who assisted the Doctor in moving her.

Ensign Willowind and Commander Meriman stay in Operations in order to try and restore control of the computer. Despite being unsuccessful, they conclude that Alexandria's computers must have contracted a virus from the strange transmissions they have been recieving over the last couple of weeks. Engaging Ensign Helix's brilliant counter-virus response program they attempt to remove the virus but discover that the program cannot find a virus to locate.

The Commanding Officer and the Engineer are both called to sickbay where Ensign Helix has begun to exhibt strange behaviour. The Doctor theorises that when she was "shocked" an alien presence somehow entered her body and initiated a telepathic link with her. She resists the link insisting that she does not want to be a computer and despite her "half-vulcan" heritage, looses emotional control. At that moment, she is sedated however the holographic emitters in sickbay activate revealing a female figure who attempts to communicate with the crew.

The figure, referred to as "Jupiter" (For the class of Alexandria Station) insists that she is the station and that somehow the alien virus that penetrated Alexandria's computer somehow made the computer sentient, capable of its own thoughts and actions. After a tense round of diplomacy, Jupiter agrees to return computer control to the crew after demanding not to be ignored and condemned to "servile work". Investigations are underway with the help of Jupiter to discover how this has occured. Supplemental reports will follow.