Born to Serve Part I

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Born to Serve Part I
General Data
*Production number: 020
*Initiated: 080331
*Ended: 080401
*Year: 2383
*Previous Mission: Extinction by War
*Next Mission: Born to Serve Part II
*SIM Concept: Chase Quinnell
*Historian: MilesPrower Dagger

Redeemer is near Athena Station, beaming the contingent of cadets aboard the ship.


The Redeemer has just picked up a contingent of eager young Cadets from the Athena Station in orbit over Pinastri. These cadets have been assigned to the Redeemer on an official Cadet Cruise, so that they may experience what it's like to be an officer aboard a starship.

After arriving at the coordinates for a rendezvous with the USS Chancellor, the Redeemer is intercepted by 3 heavily armed Romulan vessels....


Mission Logs

[15:08] Cadet Lon Revnik reviews his console.
[15:08] Lt. Nailer Dagger wonders if he left the replicator on at home
[15:08] Lt. Jg michaels Toshi: all getting acquainted with your consoles i hope?
[15:08] Cadet Racquel Darwin familiarizes herself with helm

  • Lt. Quinnell walks onto the bridge of the Redeemer*

[15:08] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell looks around at the crew, eyeing the cadets and officers with a smile.
[15:09] Ens. Dell Draken runs a diagnostic on his console, fingers flying, getting familiar with it
[15:09] Cadet Lon Revnik: Aye, sir. That I am...
[15:09] Ens. Dell Draken: aye sir.
[15:09] Cadet Racquel Darwin: Aye aye, Captain.
[15:09] Ens. Ebak Naglo: Yes sir
[15:09] Lt. Nailer Dagger: everything is right where I left it mostly Sir
[15:09] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: I see you've all met my Executive officer, Lt. Michaels toshi
[15:09] Lt. Jg michaels Toshi looks around the bridge and smiles
[15:09] Cadet Lon Revnik nods in the affirmative.
[15:09] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: I think its time we take our little trip then.
[15:09] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell smiles
[15:10] Lt. Ebak Naglo smiles and nods to the CO and XO
[15:10] Cadet Racquel Darwin tenses ready
[15:10] Lt. Nailer Dagger: And I'm the CMO he never introduces
[15:10] Ens. Dell Draken chuckles.
[15:10] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: Ops, signal the Athena Station we are departing.
[15:10] Ens. Dell Draken: aye sir...signaling station...
[15:10] Lt. Jg michaels Toshi introduces the CMO 2and this is our miracle working Dr Mr Dagger"
[15:11] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: Helm, set course for the rendezvous with the USS Chancellor and engage at warp 6.
[15:11] Cadet Racquel Darwin smiles
[15:11] Ens. Dell Draken hits his console...'Athena Station..please come in......USS Redeemer ready to depart.
[15:11] Cadet Racquel Darwin: course set, warp 6 aye sir
[15:11] Cadet Racquel Darwin: engaged
[15:11] Cadet Lon Revnik nods a hello to Zem McCallen as he steps onto the bridge.
[15:12] Lt. Nailer Dagger: warp six away from a station nothing like blowing the barn doors off
[15:12] Cadet Zem McCallen stands at attention until addressed
[15:12] Ens. Dell Draken chuckles.
[15:12] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: Ahh hello cadet McCallen. You may take the empty seat. Program it for Comms
[15:12] Cadet Zem McCallen: Aye sir
[15:13] Lt. Nailer Dagger begins an open scan on long range scanners
[15:14] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: ::The Redeemer drops out of warp at the rendezvous site::
[15:14] Cadet Lon Revnik reviews warp engine performance.
[15:15] Ens. Dell Draken blinks, checking his console
[15:15] Ens. Ebak Naglo checks his own tactical scanners
[15:15] Cadet Zem McCallen readies Comm console
[15:15] Cadet Racquel Darwin checks helm control.
[15:15] Ens. Ebak Naglo frowns "Science...are you picking up some kind of....ghost on the sensors..very faint?....could it be another glitch?"
[15:15] Lt. Nailer Dagger beginning tachyon pulse
[15:15] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: Ghost?
[15:15] Lt. Nailer Dagger: I thought I saw
[15:15] Ens. Ebak Naglo: On tactical scanners sir
[15:15] Lt. Nailer Dagger: Sir cloaked vessels.
[15:15] Cadet Lon Revnik instinctively runs a check on the sensor systems.
[15:16] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: Cloaked vessels? Shields up yellow alert
[15:16] Ens. Ebak Naglo: Suggest we remain in...
[15:16] Cadet Lon Revnik pauses in mid-check.
[15:16] Cadet Racquel Darwin plots in evasive manoeuver alpha
[15:16] Ens. Dell Draken: raising shields, aye sir.
[15:16] Lt. Nailer Dagger puts sickbay on stand by
[15:16] Ens. Ebak Naglo: the enemy knows we know that they are there [15:16] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: Where is the USS Chancellor.. they should have been here by now
[15:16] Cadet Zem McCallen: Hailing frequencies open Sir
[15:16] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell frowns.
[15:17] Lt. Nailer Dagger: counting 3 vessels sir
[15:17] Ens. Ebak Naglo: They still haven't decloaked...
[15:18] Ens. Dell Draken: all stations reporting green captain
[15:18] Lt. Nailer Dagger: just shadows in a tachyon scan at this point
[15:18] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: I see.. keep an eye out for any hostile behavior
[15:18] Ens. Ebak Naglo: Confirmed...we know they are there
[15:18] Lt. Nailer Dagger: they appear to be sitting still
[15:18] Cadet Lon Revnik: All engineering systems operating at maximum efficiency, sir.
[15:18] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: Comms, ask the USS Chancellor why they haven't arrived yet
[15:19] Cadet Zem McCallen: Message outgoing to Chancellor sir
[15:19] Ens. Ebak Naglo: Could it be they were the same ships?
[15:19] Lt. Nailer Dagger: I'm not seeing them on long range Sir
[15:19] You: Possibly.
[15:19] Zem McCallen: No response from USS Chancellor sir
[15:19] Nailer Dagger: No debris in range
[15:20] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: The Chancellor was a galaxy class starship with over 600 people onboard.. some were civilians. If anything, we need to confirm they were destroyed or ambushed.
[15:20] Ens. Ebak Naglo: Prehaps it didn't leave debris?...
[15:20] Ens. Ebak Naglo: Plasma weapons have been known to do that..
[15:20] Cadet Lon Revnik: Is that possible sir?
[15:20] Ens. Dell Draken: confirming tactical debris
[15:20] Cadet Lon Revnik looks concerned.
[15:21] Lt. Nailer Dagger: could be but the warp trail would still be here
[15:21] Ens. Ebak Naglo: I've read about early Romulan attempts..and it needed 3 ships to fire the weapon
[15:21] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: The Romulans wouldn't risk a war with the Federation though.. would they? They're in no shape to mount offensives. Their senate will killed a few years back.
[15:21] Cadet Racquel Darwin: Are these Tal Shiar, maybe?
[15:21] Ens. Ebak Naglo: There are 3 cloaked ships nearby...and plasma weapons..leave no..trail..except..a plasma exhaust
[15:21] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: I thought the Tal Shiar was vanquished. [15:21] Lt. Nailer Dagger: possible
[15:21] Cadet Zem McCallen: Sir
[15:21] Cadet Racquel Darwin: Who knows, sir.
[15:21] Cadet Zem McCallen: Receiving distress call from the Chancellor
[15:22] Ens. Ebak Naglo: Romulans are...stubborn..
[15:22] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: Lets hear it Cadet.
[15:22] Lt. Nailer Dagger adjust long range scan
[15:22] Cadet Racquel Darwin plots in a course for the Chancellor.
[15:22] Cadet Zem McCallen: The message is very garbled sir
[15:22] Cadet Racquel Darwin finds it difficult without for sensor readings.
[15:22] Cadet Zem McCallen: Attempting to adjust resolution.....
[15:23] Ens. Dell Draken: boosting gain sir.
[15:23] =A= This is the USS Chancellor.. we've been ambushed by 3 Romulan..... our systems are ...... we're .... hostage....
[15:23] Cadet Lon Revnik: Let me see if I can help, Zem...
[15:23] Cadet Lon Revnik tweaks the communications array power settings
[15:24] Cadet Zem McCallen makes adjustments to sensor array
[15:24] Cadet Racquel Darwin: Can adjust the course with confirmed coordinates.
[15:24] Lt. Nailer Dagger scans the 3 vessels
[15:24] Lt. Jg michaels Toshi: anyway we can find where their signal was coming from?
[15:24] Cadet Zem McCallen: Unable to clarify signal sir...It is as were suddenly cut off....
[15:24] Cadet Zem McCallen: Triangulating last known coordinates....
[15:25] Ens. Ebak Naglo: My tac scans detect non standard warbird weapon configuration...
[15:25] Cadet Lon Revnik: Sensors operating at maximum efficiency. Could the Romulans be jamming us, sir? Or the Chancellor?
[15:25] Lt. Nailer Dagger: Captain I believe we are being scanned
[15:25] Cadet Zem McCallen: Transferring coordinates to helm control.......
[15:25] CadetRacquel Darwin: I have the coordinates.
[15:25] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: Helm, set course for those coordinates and engage at warp 8.
[15:25] Cadet Racquel Darwin: warp 8 sir, aye.
[15:25] Cadet Racquel Darwin: Engaged
[15:26] Lt. Nailer Dagger: Sir the 3 vessels are moving
[15:26] Cadet Racquel Darwin punches the console and the ship sets off.
[15:26] Cadet Racquel Darwin: Arrival in 4 minutes 30 seconds captain
[15:26] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: ::the Redeemer arrives at the designated coordinates::
[15:27] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: ::A Galaxy class starship is drifting, powerless and lifeless in space::
[15:27] Lt. Nailer Dagger: beginning scans
[15:27] Ens. Ebak Naglo: Tac scanners show that the phaser arrays are damaged, as are the torpedo launches
[15:27] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: Any life-form readings?
[15:27] Lt. Nailer Dagger: none sir
[15:27] Ens. Dell Draken: sick bay reports ready to receive causalities captain.
[15:28] Lt. Nailer Dagger: the ship is lifeless
[15:28] Lt. Jg michaels Toshi looks shocked
[15:28] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: They must have either killed them all or taken them aboard their own ship.
[15:28] Cadet Lon Revnik clenches his jaw at the news.
[15:28] Cadet Racquel Darwin brings the ship out of warp and onto maneuvering thrusters.
[15:28] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: ::A Romulan warbird decloaks off the starboard bow::
[15:28] Cadet Zem McCallen winces.
[15:28] Cadet Zem McCallen: Vessel not responding to hails sir
[15:28] Lt. Nailer Dagger: Captain they have decloaked
[15:28] Ens. Dell Draken frowns at the screen.
[15:28] Lt. Jg michaels Toshi: red alert?
[15:28] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: Hail them.
[15:29] Ens. Ebak Naglo: I agree
[15:29] Lt. Nailer Dagger: Shields Captain?
[15:29] Ens. Ebak Naglo: Shields are up
[15:29] Ens. Ebak Naglo: Standard yellow alert procedure Lt.
[15:29] Cadet Zem McCallen: Hailing again sir
[15:29] Cadet Racquel Darwin's finger is poised to enter evasive maneuver
[15:29] Lt. Nailer Dagger: but will they be effective
[15:30] Lt. Nailer Dagger: Sir I am detecting multiple transported signatures
[15:30] Ens. Dell Draken: confirmed.
[15:30] Cadet Zem McCallen half-spins his chair to free his sword arm
[15:31] Ens. Ebak Naglo: Their charging weapons!
[15:31] =A= We are the Romulans for Romulans Imperial Guard, state your business.. =A=
[15:31] Ens. Ebak Naglo: It appears...they're on the defensive...
[15:31] Ens. Ebak Naglo: They aren't firing..yet
[15:31] Ens. Dell Draken: bloody hell....they're in our space......the nerve!
[15:32] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: We have come in search of the missing people from that starship.. What do you know of them?
[15:32] Cadet Lon Revnik 's mouth is dry. He licks his lips nervously, as he listens.
[15:32] Ens. Ebak Naglo Hopes this diplomatic solution by the captain works
[15:32] =A= We have them on our starship where they should be. The Federation has no business signing treaties with the Romulan Empire. Your presence here, Federation vessel, will not be tolerated. Leave us at once =A=
[15:32] Lt. Nailer Dagger grabs his band aids
[15:32] Cadet Racquel Darwin plots in defensive and offensive patterns.
[15:33] Ens. Dell Draken quickly runs a diagnostic on ships status.
[15:33] Cadet Zem McCallen whispers sotto voce..."Sir....Romulans only repsect a position of superior strength....'
[15:33] Lt. Jg michaels Toshi: you would risk war rather than return men women and children where they belong?
[15:35] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: You know... I do not appreciate Federation citizens being whisked away from their starship. The fact they are being held captive under your care is not much better. I give you 5 minutes to release the prisoners or we will show you how much of a pest this starship can be.
[15:35] Cadet Zem McCallen mentions Gneral Order 20
[15:36] Cadet Lon Revnik looks over to Zem and then back to his console. This is not what he envisioned his cadet cruise being like.
[15:36] Cadet Zem McCallen: General Order 20 Officers and personnel of Starfleet Command may employ whatever means necessary to prevent the possession, transportation, sale, or commercial exchange of sentient beings held against their wishes within the boundaries of Federation space. This includes temporary violations of General Order 13, but not of the Prime Directive.
[15:36] Cadet Racquel Darwin: Are they held against their wishes?
[15:36] Cadet Zem McCallen raises an eyebrow
[15:36] Ens. Dell Draken: they're on a romulan vessel cadet...what do you think?
[15:36] Lt. Jg michaels Toshi: i think we can assume that
[15:36] Ens. Dell Draken grins
[15:36] Ens. Ebak Naglo: Agreed
[15:37] =A= Your ship will be dust when we're through with you. =A=
[15:37]  ::They cut the channel::
[15:37] Cadet Racquel Darwin: Well, sir. I think the response from the Romulans in less than 5 minutes will tell.
[15:37] Ens. Ebak Naglo: But the romulans aren't going down easy
[15:37] Lt. Jg michaels Toshi: red alert now?
[15:37] Cadet Racquel Darwin: Thus, our answer.
[15:37] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: Nice work Cadet, glad to see you know your stuff. If only these renegades adhered to our laws.
[15:37] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: Red alert
[15:37] Chase Quinnell: All hands, battle stations.
[15:37] Ebak Naglo: Charging phasers, loading torpedo tubes
[15:37] Racquel Darwin: aye, sir
[15:38] Nailer Dagger sickbay prepare for incoming wounded
[15:38] Dell Draken taps his console....'all stations reporting in captain.....we are green
[15:38] Zem McCallen keeps reaching for a sword that is not present
[15:38] You: Fire phasers at the leading Romulan vessel
[15:38] Ebak Naglo: Weapon and Shields are 100%
[15:38] Ebak Naglo fires a burst of phasers on the romulan vessel
[15:38] Lon Revnik looks one last time at all the green lights on his console, thinking they won't be there much longer.
[15:38] Nailer Dagger: Sir I will attempt to get transporter locks once we break thru there shields
[15:39] You: ::The Romulan vessel returns fire::
[15:39] Ebak Naglo: Thats going to take some time
[15:39] Ebak Naglo: We didn't make much of an impact on our first introduction
[15:39] Racquel Darwin enters evasive pattern
[15:39] michaels Toshi: we can force them to surrender the crew
[15:39] Chase Quinnell: Helm, maintain evasive maneuvers.
[15:39] Racquel Darwin: Aye sir
[15:39] michaels Toshi: Romulans know when they're outmatched
[15:39] Chase Quinnell: ::The other two Romulan vessels decloak and open fire::
[15:39] Dell Draken: i'd be carful sir...those are our people on that ship.
[15:39] Racquel Darwin continues evasive patterns
[15:40] Nailer Dagger: Sir the others are firing
[15:40] Ebak Naglo shakes his head "This doesn't look good"
[15:40]  ::A direct hit on the Redeemer's port nacelle vents plasma::
[15:40] michaels Toshi: oh, i forgot about them
[15:40] Ebak Naglo: Firing torps
[15:40] Lon Revnik: Damage to port nacelle, sir.
[15:40] Dell Draken grins
[15:40] Zem McCallen: One could aim for shields then.. engineering systems....
[15:40] Lon Revnik: Deploying engineering teams, now.
[15:40] Nailer Dagger: Sickbay reports casualties sir
[15:40] Zem McCallen: Allow a Marine squad to be transported....
[15:40] Chase Quinnell: First we must get rid of those shields
[15:40] Lon Revnik: Nacelle still functional, but we're leaking plasma...
[15:41] Racquel Darwin moves the ship away from a dangerous looking disruptor shot
[15:41] Ebak Naglo: the leading ships shields are down to 25%
[15:41]  ::The lead Romulan vessel suffers a loss of its starboard wing::
[15:41] michaels Toshi holds onto his chair
[15:41] Dell Draken: attempting to access the romulan ship systems sir.
[15:41] You: Do not destroy those warbirds! They contain Federation citizens
[15:41] Racquel Darwin: Difficult to avoid shot from 3 ships, sir.
[15:41] Lon Revnik: Excellent shot, sir!
[15:41] Nailer Dagger: attempting to find the crew
[15:41] Lon Revnik returns his attention to his console.
[15:41] Ebak Naglo: We need to break down thier shields...aiming for the shield generator
[15:42] Ebak Naglo: Hopefully that will stop them recharging once their down
[15:42] Racquel Darwin deftly avoids another volley of disruptor fire.
[15:42] Dell Draken: transporter room reports ready when the shields go down captain.
[15:42] Ebak Naglo: 10%
[15:42] Ebak Naglo: 5%
[15:42] Chase Quinnell: Disable that thing's engines and weapons.
[15:42] michaels Toshi: we'd also need to drop our shields....
[15:42] Zem McCallen grips his console against the lurching of the ship
[15:42] Racquel Darwin: I'm ready for it.
[15:42] Ebak Naglo: Their shields are down!
[15:42] Lon Revnik grabs a hold of his console to steady himself as the ship evades the disrupter fire.
[15:42] Racquel Darwin: that was close.
[15:42] Dell Draken: attempting to lock onto our people sir.
[15:42] Nailer Dagger: transporters locked sir
[15:43] michaels Toshi taps on his small console bringing up damage reports
[15:43] Racquel Darwin wrenches the ship out of harms way once more
[15:43] Chase Quinnell: Energize
[15:43] Nailer Dagger: we got a 5th of them sir
[15:43] Dell Draken is thrown in his seat as the helm pulls the ship this way and that
[15:43] Lon Revnik: Port nacelle breach has been contained sir. nacelle operating at 60%.
[15:43] Ebak Naglo: The other two vessels are being pests
[15:43] Racquel Darwin is still keeping the disruptors at bay.
[15:44] Chase Quinnell: Keep trying to disable them.
[15:44] Ebak Naglo: Aye sir
[15:44] Dell Draken: cannot get a lock on our people sir.....some sort of scrambler around then
[15:44] Nailer Dagger: seems the rest can't be transported there patterns are scrambled
[15:44] Racquel Darwin works the console furiously.
[15:44] michaels Toshi: can we take out their main power?
[15:44] Ebak Naglo: Incoming torpedo!
[15:44] Zem McCallen wince at the thought of a direct hit from a stateship disruptor
[15:44] Lon Revnik calls up Romulan Warbird schematics.
[15:44] Racquel Darwin swings the ship around.
[15:44] Nailer Dagger: Brace
[15:44] Ebak Naglo: Ops..can you send me those specs
[15:44] Zem McCallen grips his console
[15:44] michaels Toshi holds tight
[15:44] Dell Draken attempts to get around the transporter scrambler, fingers blurring on the console.
[15:44]  ::One of the Romulan warbirds ceases firing and begins to fire on the other un-disabled warbird::
[15:45] Zem McCallen: wtf?
[15:45] Ebak Naglo: What the hell!?
[15:45] Dell Draken: aye tactical.......transferring now.
[15:45] You: Hail that warbird
[15:45] Racquel Darwin: Errm?
[15:45] michaels Toshi: what on earth
[15:45] Zem McCallen: hailing sir
[15:45] Zem McCallen: Hailing frequencies open Sir
[15:45] Dell Draken: our people have taken the ship sir!!
[15:45] Ebak Naglo: Me thinks a commendeering officer was aboard that vessel
[15:45] Racquel Darwin finds it easier dodging bullets from a single warbird.
[15:46] Lon Revnik: Excellent!
[15:46] Ebak Naglo: Continuing fire on the other warbird
[15:46] Racquel Darwin has maneuvered the ship for a belly shot.
[15:46] Lon Revnik sees an opening on the Warbird scans.
[15:46] Lon Revnik: Here, sir!
[15:46] =A= Mr. Quinnell, this is Captain Brandim of the Chancellor. We have commandeered this vessel and are attempting to disable the other ship
[15:47] Racquel Darwin: I've got us perfect firing position sir.
[15:47] Lon Revnik transmits data to Mr. Naglo.
[15:47] Chase Quinnell: Good work, Captain. Lt Quinnell out.
[15:47] Dell Draken slams his console...'yess!
[15:47] You: Fire at will, Mr. Naglo
[15:47] Ebak Naglo: The appear to a least in this warbird...if we can disable the black hole they use to power their starships...
[15:47] Chase Quinnell: Shoot to disable
[15:47] Ebak Naglo fires another volley
[15:47] Lon Revnik: A weakness in their quantum singularity relay should slow them down, without any real damage to the ship.
[15:47] Ebak Naglo: can at least prevent them from escaping
[15:47] Zem McCallen sotto voce "Poor Will"
[15:48] Chase Quinnell: Then find a way to do it, Mr. Naglo!
[15:48] Racquel Darwin breezes the Redeemer away form a futile shot
[15:48] Nailer Dagger: Captain I must attend to the wounded in sickbay
[15:48] Zem McCallen: "He always gets fired at"
[15:48] Chase Quinnell: Dismissed, Nailer.
[15:48] michaels Toshi: good luck Doc
[15:49] Racquel Darwin moves the Redeemer ready for another volley at a weak spot.
[15:49] Zem McCallen presses buttons in a flurry to keep lines open and clear
[15:50] Racquel Darwin keeps the Redeemer one step ahead of the Romulan disruptors.
[15:50] Lon Revnik: Port nacelle up to 80%, sir.
[15:50] Lon Revnik plans to thank those engineering teams personally.
[15:50] michaels Toshi: what would be our top warp factor mr Revnik?
[15:50] Zem McCallen lurches from the lag in the inertial dampers
[15:51]  ::The second Romulan warbird loses weapons and engines::
[15:51] Ebak Naglo "Haha!"
[15:51] Lon Revnik: With this damage...I wouldn't try over warp 7, sir.
[15:51] Ebak Naglo: Their weapons and engines are down
[15:51] michaels Toshi: maybe they'll respond to diplomacy now
[15:51] Lon Revnik: But I've got teams trying to raise that number, sir.
[15:51] Zem McCallen: Indeed
[15:52] Chase Quinnell: Hail the Romulan vessel
[15:52] Dell Draken: damage reported on decks 11, 13, and 15 sir......damage crews dispatched.
[15:52] Ebak Naglo: I always knew 13 was a bad number
[15:52] Dell Draken grins.
[15:53] Chase Quinnell: Romulan vessel, you're out-matched. Do you surrender?
[15:53] Lon Revnik smiles...the humor breaking the tension.
[15:53] Zem McCallen: Such superstition is illogical
[15:53] Ebak Naglo: and thats why you vulcans will understand it...humor isn't logical...superstition isn't logical..but it is refreshing
[15:54] =A= Federation Starship...........=A=
[15:54] =A= We do not surrender to the Federation. Our organization will crush you for this! =A=
[15:54] Racquel Darwin: Organization?
[15:54] Lon Revnik: Well...they're persistent, sir...
[15:54] Ebak Naglo "Stubborn to the end...."
[15:54] michaels Toshi: right now we're in the position to crush
[15:54] Dell Draken: aye
[15:54] Chase Quinnell: Very well.. we'll take the prisoners by force.
[15:54]  ::Chase Quinnell motions to cut the channel::
[15:54] Chase Quinnell: Yea.. something about Romulans for Romulans
[15:54] Ebak Naglo: The word sir?....
[15:54] Zem McCallen: They have closed hailing frequencies sir.
[15:54] Zem McCallen: AND..
[15:55] Racquel Darwin nudges the ship for optimum targeting.
[15:55] Chase Quinnell: Beam the prisoners up. Get them off those ships
[15:55] Dell Draken: perhaps an armed boarding party captain?
[15:55] Zem McCallen: I am human, not
[15:55] Ebak Naglo: Now that sounds like a good idea...
[15:55] Dell Draken: aye captain....locking on......
[15:55] Dell Draken: transport in progress.
[15:55] Ebak Naglo: My apologies...but you seem to have vulcan blood in you
[15:55] Chase Quinnell: And let those ships leave. They will tell their friends just how easily one of their ships was commandeered by Federation prisoners.
[15:55] Zem McCallen: An admirable people
[15:56] Lon Revnik looks at the Captain with admiration.
[15:56] Ebak Naglo nods
[15:56] Dell Draken receives a signal...'transporter reports the crew of the chancellor on board captain
[15:56] Ebak Naglo takes his hands off his console
[15:56] Lon Revnik diverts power to the transporters.
[15:56] Chase Quinnell: I have to inform UF Starfleet Command of the situation with these disgruntled Romulans. I'm sure the Romulan Senate would also like to know.
[15:56] Zem McCallen: Sir?
[15:56] Chase Quinnell: The bridge is yours, Lt. Toshi
[15:56] michaels Toshi: aye captain
[15:56] Zem McCallen: Subspace communication......
[15:57] Ebak Naglo: heading captain?
[15:57] Racquel Darwin stands by for orders.
[15:57] michaels Toshi: the Chancellor is here and may be salvageable
[15:57] Zem McCallen: Scrambled subspace communiqué between Warbird and.....
[15:57] Zem McCallen: Romulan home world
[15:57] michaels Toshi: anway we can intercept and decrypt it?