Born to Serve Part II

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Born to Serve Part II
General Data
*Production number: 021
*Initiated: 080401
*Ended: 080402
*Year: 2383
*Previous Mission: Born to Serve Part I
*Next Mission: Born to Serve Part III
*SIM Concept: Chase Quinnell
*Historian: MilesPrower Dagger

The Redeemer is holding position with the USS Chancellor at the location of the battle with the RFRIG ships.


The Redeemer is holding position at the location of the battle with the Romulan ships. A transmission is detected between the Romulan warbirds and the Romulan home world, attempts at decrypting it are underway.

Apparently, there is a rogue Romulan agency known as the Romulans for Romulans Imperial Guard (RFRIG). They have managed to seize a number of military weapons and ships, and are against the recent treaties and non-aggression agreements signed by the Romulan Alliance and the Federation. The Romulan Alliance has asked the Federation to help them put this organization down before it becomes too large a threat.


Mission Logs

[16:33] Ens. Dell Draken runs his fingers over his console...'transferring comms to my terminal captain.
[16:34] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: Helm, keep us in this position. Ops, what's the status on our decryption?
[16:34] Cadet Racquel Darwin: Reading position holding, sir.
[16:34] Ens. Dell Draken: checking now captain.....stand by
[16:34] Lt. Jg michaels Toshi performs some system checks after the battle
[16:34] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: Michaels, I hope you know how to keep this bucketabolts together..
[16:35] Lt. Jg michaels Toshi: i know how to, and this is hardly a bucket of bolts
[16:35] Ens. Ebak Naglo: At least I can stop it from being torn apart
[16:35] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: It is a bucketabolts when you have Romulans tearing it apart
[16:35] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell smirks
[16:35] Lt. Jg Orion Pastorelli is engrossed in telemetry reading from several probes... [16:35] Ens. Ebak Naglo: Correction, HAD
[16:35] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell nods. "Yes, you're right Ebak."
[16:36] Ens. Dell Draken: decryption finished captain.
[16:36] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: Put it through, Ensign.
[16:36] Ens. Dell Draken: looks like coordinates......transferring to helm sir.
[16:36] Cadet Racquel Darwin: Received.
[16:36] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: Helm, set course for those coordinates. Standby on engage.
[16:37] Ens. Racquel Darwin: course laid in sir, aye.
[16:37] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: Ops, have the Chancellor come with us on this mission. We may need their help.
[16:37] Dell Draken grins remembering 'heavy foot'.
[16:37] Racquel Darwin grins.
[16:37] Ebak Naglo: I thought their engines were offline?
[16:37] Racquel Darwin: I did say take your sickness pill.
[16:37] Dell Draken: aye sir......coding for transmission now.
[16:38] Chase Quinnell: Their power was restored not long ago.
[16:38] Dell Draken: message received....they on our wing captain....
[16:38] You: You were in the mess eating a quick snack when it happened, Mr. Naglo
[16:38] Chase Quinnell smiles
[16:38] Dell Draken: i've transmitted coordinates to them as well.
[16:38] Chase Quinnell: Helm, engage warp 8.
[16:38] Racquel Darwin: engaged sir.
[16:38] Orion Pastorelli reconfigures long ranged sensors and registers the changes with tactical.
[16:38] Ebak Naglo: Oi...careful captain..I have the weapon controls up here
[16:40] Chase Quinnell: Helm, ETA?
[16:40] Racquel Darwin: 11 minutes and 40 seconds, sir.
[16:40] Dell Draken: Chancellor reports reroute with us captain
[16:42] michaels Toshi: the quick patches made on the port nacelle are holding well so far
[16:42] Dell Draken: ships status captain....all stations reporting repairs completed.
[16:42]  ::The ship drops out of warp at the designated coordinates. It appears to be a large asteroid field::
[16:42] Dell Draken checks his keyboard for missing keys
[16:42] Chase Quinnell: Ops, Science, report.
[16:42] Chase Quinnell: Where are we?
[16:43] Dell Draken runs his fingers over his panel.....'checking now sir.
[16:43] Orion Pastorelli begins running standard mineralogical and radiation scans... "sweeping the area sir..."
[16:43] Dell Draken: i'm reading a class m planet sir......orion? confirm?
[16:44] Racquel Darwin: Sir, unless I'm much mistaken...
[16:44] Racquel Darwin: We're deep into what was the old neutral zone.
[16:44] Chase Quinnell: Neutral zone?
[16:44] You: We're in the Delta Quadrant
[16:44] Racquel Darwin: Err... stand by.
[16:44] Dell Draken grins
[16:44] Chase Quinnell: Check your sensors again
[16:44] Racquel Darwin kicks the console.
[16:45] michaels Toshi: i don't think my patches on the nacelle was that good
[16:45] Chase Quinnell grins.
[16:45] Racquel Darwin: You said bucketabolts
[16:45] Dell Draken: could be the planet the rfr is using as a headquarters sir.
[16:45] Racquel Darwin: Did microsoft install the computer system?
[16:45] Dell Draken: uh oh.....ooooooooo
[16:45] Chase Quinnell: Microsoft?
[16:46] Chase Quinnell: I am unfamiliar with that term.
[16:46] Dell Draken mumbles something about the blue screen of death
[16:46] michaels Toshi: i hope not or i'd have the BSOD a lot
[16:46] michaels Toshi: an old earth computer operating system
[16:46] You: Right...
[16:46] Orion Pastorelli: Mr. Dell, trying to confirm planet readings...but it would be very odd to find a planet this far out in deep space
[16:46] Racquel Darwin: Something historians told me about 20/21 century earth.
[16:46] Chase Quinnell: I think our answer lies in one of these larger asteroids.
[16:47] michaels Toshi: they could be hiding bases or ships inside the larger asteroids
[16:47] Dell Draken check his readings....'aye
[16:47] Chase Quinnell: Helm, take us through the field slowly. Ops, ask the Chancellor to follow very carefully.
[16:47] Orion Pastorelli: agreed, scanning for carbon constructs and heat signatures
[16:47] Racquel Darwin: Aye aye, sir.
[16:47] Dell Draken: aye sir. transmitting now.
[16:47] Chase Quinnell: Maintain radio silence and set systems on passive mode.
[16:48] Chase Quinnell: We're going in.
[16:48] Dell Draken: Chancellor notified.....setting console, aye captain.
[16:48] Racquel Darwin gently nudges the Redeemer into the asteroid field.
[16:49] Racquel Darwin: steady at 40m/s sir.
[16:49] Orion Pastorelli furrows his brow while reading the scan output, "sir, I am getting readings consistant with class M planets, very odd, coming from a large asteroid at the far side of the field..."
[16:50] Chase Quinnell: Helm, take us to those coordinates on one quarter impulse
[16:50] Orion Pastorelli: forwarding results to Ops
[16:50] Racquel Darwin: 1/4 impulse, aye sir.
[16:50] Dell Draken: scanning for comm signals...picking up a little noise sir.
[16:50] Racquel Darwin nudges the ship up a notch.
[16:50] Chase Quinnell: those scans are low intensity, right Ensign?
[16:50] Chase Quinnell: I'd hate to blow our cover
[16:51] Dell Draken: aye sir....non intrusive.
[16:51] Chase Quinnell: Helm, hide us behind this asteroid. We should be able to send a probe 'round the bend to see what's up.
[16:52] Racquel Darwin: Aye aye sir.
[16:52] Chase Quinnell: Ops, launch a probe to see what's going on with that asteroid.
[16:52] Racquel Darwin brings the ship to a stop, hiding behind the asteroid.
[16:52] Dell Draken nods. 'aye sir......configuring probe.
[16:53] Racquel Darwin makes minute positional adjustments relative to the asteroid.
[16:53] Chase Quinnell: We should be able to maintain our element of surprise from here. The probe should be barely detectable. Most likely interpreted as a mere piece of rock.
[16:53] Dell Draken: launching now, confirm please
[16:54] Ebak Naglo: If there’s a ship in the area...they may detect the probe...there are ways of masking ships from sensors
[16:54] Orion Pastorelli 's eyes grow very wide as he tries to make sense of his readings... " sir this is all very stange, I believe we are dealing with a crude Dyson sphere encapsulated in the astroid, will need to confirm with probe readings..."
[16:55] Ebak Naglo: A Dyson Sphere?
[16:55] Dell Draken: confirming readings's one big asteroid.
[16:55] Chase Quinnell: Amazing.. it'd take quite a bit of effort to build something like that... even if it's just a hollowed out asteroid.
[16:55] Orion Pastorelli: its a theoretical artificial star system
[16:55] Orion Pastorelli: very advanced technology....
[16:55] Dell Draken: might have been a left over project the RFR(Romulans for Romulans) took over.
[16:56] Orion Pastorelli: agreed...
[16:56] Ebak Naglo: Could this same technology create and man ships?
[16:56] Chase Quinnell: I believe Captain Picard encountered one a few years back. It was a very large sphere which had been abandoned due to its star having some dysfunctions.
[16:56] Orion Pastorelli: understood, I will review the records...
[16:57] Orion Pastorelli: you mean self-sustaining shipyard mr. Ebak?
[16:57] Ebak Naglo: Exactly
[16:57] Ebak Naglo: Artificially intelligent ships...I've heard theories about such things
[16:57] Dell Draken: probe sending back data captain....multiple sensor readings. someone is out there.
[16:57] michaels Toshi: which would be very dangerous in the hands of the RFR
[16:58] Chase Quinnell: Whatever they're doing in there... I wanna find out and I want to put an end to it.
[16:58] michaels Toshi: yes, but what if they've already made a fleet?
[16:58] Chase Quinnell: Then we may have a problem on our hands.
[16:58] Chase Quinnell: And this 'bucketabolts' is going to lose a few of its screws.
[16:58] Dell Draken: recommend an away team captain.....then may not be able to detect a small craft.
[16:59] Chase Quinnell: How would we get inside undetected?
[16:59] Dell Draken: won't know that until i send the probe in closer......shall i?
[16:59] michaels Toshi: could we beam the shuttle and it's crew inside without the Redeemer being noticed?
[16:59] Ebak Naglo: Why don't we knock and see if anyone’s home? Hail them I mean.
[17:00] Chase Quinnell: They may have shields surrounding their little establishment and I doubt they'd leave it in the care of only automated computers.
[17:00] Chase Quinnell: They'd certainly see someone coming through their front door
[17:00] Ebak Naglo: If its an automated thing...according to reports I've read Dyson Spheres open up in response to a hail
[17:00] Chase Quinnell: Some do, but who's to say this one is opened automatically?
[17:01] Ebak Naglo: True
[17:01] Chase Quinnell: It is a military installation after all.
[17:01] michaels Toshi: this one might be able to tell it's the enemy come knocking
[17:01] Dell Draken: probe is reading shields around the exterior of the sphere inside the asteroid captain.
[17:02] Chase Quinnell: Ops, can you send an encrypted message through the Federation Emergency channel so that it looks like nothing more than space dust interference?
[17:02] Dell Draken: aye sir. encoding now.
[17:02] Chase Quinnell: Ask for assistance from all available ships in the area.
[17:02] Ebak Naglo: Ops, Science...are you picking up an odd cloak signature near the sphere...not a cloaked ship..but like a cloaked ship?
[17:02] Dell Draken: direct approach, 'eh? yes sir.
[17:02] Chase Quinnell: As for us... I think we'd better plow an opening for the fleet.
[17:03] Dell Draken: transmitting now captain....
[17:03] Dell Draken: aye sir.....reading tachyon emissions
[17:03] Chase Quinnell: Inform the Chancellor that we intend to move in.
[17:03] Chase Quinnell: Oh darn.
[17:03] Chase Quinnell: That means my lunch break is put back indefinitely
[17:03] Dell Draken encodes the message to the Chancellor and transmits on low band...
[17:04] Chase Quinnell: Helm, bring us around the corner. Lets give these Romulans a surprise.
[17:04] Racquel Darwin: Aye aye, sir.
[17:04] Chase Quinnell: All hands, battle stations.
[17:04] Dell Draken: message from emergency frequency starfleet sir.
[17:04] Ebak Naglo: I don't think its a cloaked ship captain...but nor is it an uncloaked ship...
[17:04] Orion Pastorelli fingers mover over his panel with speed, " this is incredible, starfleet science has been trying to create a prototype dyson sphere for years, I can't believe romulans beat us to it..."
[17:04] Racquel Darwin works at the console and moves the Redeemer out of the asteroids shadow.
[17:05] Dell Draken: no other ships in range......we're on our own for the time being captain....
[17:05] Dell Draken: they wish us luck.
[17:05] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: Crap.
[17:05] Chase Quinnell: Well I guess we'll have to improvise
[17:05] michaels Toshi looks nervous
[17:05] Dell Draken: what about....creating a fleet captain?
[17:05] Ebak Naglo: Captain...I think we have some holo-cloaked ships nearby...
[17:06] michaels Toshi: holo-cloaked?
[17:06] Chase Quinnell: holo-cloaked?
[17:06] Chase Quinnell: Creating a fleet?
[17:06] Dell Draken: if was can generate enough warp drive signatures around us, they may think they're outnumbered.
[17:06] Chase Quinnell: Do it, Dell.
[17:06] Ebak Naglo: Its something I've heard of...a cloak that instead of makes a ship appear makes them appear as something else..say...another ship....or an asteroid....
[17:06] Dell Draken: aye need your help on this one.
[17:06] Chase Quinnell: What are you saying, Ebak?
[17:07] michaels Toshi: that these asteroids could be the fleet?
[17:07] Racquel Darwin: Can we disguise ourselves as another asteroid?
[17:07] Chase Quinnell shivers..
[17:07] Ebak Naglo: These asteroids....may not be asteroids....they could be an entire fleet....can someone see if the dimensions of the asteroids are bigger than a warbird or any romulan ships on database
[17:07] Orion Pastorelli: What???
[17:07] Orion Pastorelli , seeming oblivious to the current situation, continues analyzing the probe data and mumbles to himself, " ok, so they got a low-level protostar, huh? yes, sir, on it..."
[17:07] michaels Toshi: and that we're sitting in the middle of the enemy? *looks nervous*
[17:07] Ebak Naglo: No...we don't have the technology
[17:07] Chase Quinnell: Err...
[17:07] Ebak Naglo: Starfleet are still testing their own version
[17:07] Chase Quinnell: I think we're in trouble.
[17:08] michaels Toshi: i think helm should get us outta here fast?
[17:08] Racquel Darwin: Science, any signs of lie inside these smaller asteroids?
[17:08] Chase Quinnell: Helm, I concur
[17:08] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: Get us the hell outta here.
[17:08] Racquel Darwin: Aye aye sir.
[17:08] Ebak Naglo: The asteroids are decloaking..
[17:08] Dell Draken groans.
[17:08] Chase Quinnell: Warp 9 engage!
[17:08] michaels Toshi: sir i suggest on our exit we take extensive scans?
[17:08] Ebak Naglo: They..uh...are romulan ships disguised
[17:08] Racquel Darwin works at the helm and we flee like a scorched cat.
[17:09] Dell Draken: chancellor is in our wake sir.
[17:09]  ::The ship engages at warp 9.8. The Romulan ships lay chase::
[17:09] Ebak Naglo: Captain...there were hundreds of asteroids back there...
[17:09] michaels Toshi: increase power to warp drive?
[17:09] Racquel Darwin: Now we're moving, sir, any thought to a course?
[17:09] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: Don't you think I know that Ebak!
[17:10] Dell Draken: hundreds....did starfleet hq know that when they agreed to help the romulan high command?
[17:10] Chase Quinnell: Lay in a course to the nearest Federation starbase. Preferably one with many ships that can help us.
[17:10] Racquel Darwin: Aye aye, sir.
[17:10] Orion Pastorelli freezes trying to figure out what is going on... "sir, if Mr. Ebak is correct then all our readings to this point are suspect..."
[17:10] Lt. Jg Chase Quinnell: Inform that starbase that they have a large fleet headed their way.
[17:10] Racquel Darwin: Course set in
[17:10] michaels Toshi: shall i increase power to engines sir?
[17:10] Racquel Darwin: We're on our way.
[17:10] Chase Quinnell: Send out a wide-band distress signal. Ask the Federation fleet to mobilize at our destination. We're going to need help..
[17:10] Ebak Naglo: With alI suggest we take weapons away and divert power to engines...then we could probably push warp 9.9
[17:11] Chase Quinnell: Aye, make it so Michaels.
[17:11] michaels Toshi: we could hold warp 9.99956 for 40 secs if i increased power
[17:11] Dell Draken: aye sir..transmitting now.
[17:11] Racquel Darwin: The RFR must either be extremely strong, or the Romulans are up to something as a whole.
[17:11] michaels Toshi increases power robbing the replicators of power for a short while
[17:11] Ebak Naglo: They must be crazy to use a requires more energy than a standard cloak....its madness..
[17:11] michaels Toshi: it works though
[17:12] michaels Toshi: which is why they have us running....
[17:12] Chase Quinnell: 100s of Romulan warbirds... 2 Federation ships
[17:12] Ebak Naglo: Either that or they've found a way to reduce the power it needs
[17:12] Chase Quinnell: Not even a Klingon could defeat those odds.
[17:12] Ebak Naglo: No way
[17:12] Dell Draken: Starfleet responding captain....mobilizing all ships in the area.
[17:12] Ebak Naglo: Its better to run and live to fight another day
[17:12] Racquel Darwin: Unless they've developed a power source greater than the old tame quantum singularity.
[17:13] Chase Quinnell: That Dyson sphere had lots of power, correct?
[17:13] Ebak Naglo: They use a mini black hole to power their ships cadet....anything you know thats more powerful?
[17:13] Orion Pastorelli: I agree, something is not right here, Its possible we were also fed false sensor data, ...
[17:13] Ebak Naglo: True
[17:13] Racquel Darwin: I'm not Romulan, Ensign.
[17:13] michaels Toshi: can we scan the ships following us?
[17:13] Chase Quinnell: Sure go ahead but don't reduce engine power
[17:13] michaels Toshi: aye
[17:14]  ::The ship drops out of warp at Starbase 427::
[17:14] michaels Toshi: thank gawd
[17:14] Chase Quinnell: Order our ships to engage the enemy fleet.
[17:14] Chase Quinnell: Helm, bring us about.
[17:14] michaels Toshi gives power back to the replicators
[17:14] Dell Draken: Starbase 427 hailing captain....they been appraised and are ready.
[17:15] Racquel Darwin: aye sir
[17:15] Chase Quinnell: Acknowledge their hail
[17:15] Dell Draken: aye capt.
[17:15] Chase Quinnell: Tactical, fire on the lead Romulan vessel
[17:15] Ebak Naglo: Aye sir
[17:16] Racquel Darwin prepares evasive maneuvers.
[17:16] Orion Pastorelli braces himself...
[17:16] Chase Quinnell: Evasive maneuvers cadet. Keep us away from those phasers
[17:16] Racquel Darwin: Aye aye sir.
[17:16] Racquel Darwin works the console
[17:16]  ::one of the Romulan ships fires at the Redeemer.::
[17:16] Racquel Darwin keeps us out of trouble.
[17:16] Dell Draken: Chancellor firing captain...attempting to keep them busy
[17:17] Ebak Naglo: The lead vessels shields are down to 25%
[17:17] Chase Quinnell: Helm, bring us by that Romulan ship
[17:17] Racquel Darwin: Aye aye, sir.
[17:17] Racquel Darwin works at the helm.
[17:17] Dell Draken: starbase defenses are also assisting.....but we need to keep in range.
[17:17]  ::about 1/3rd of the Romulan fleet cloaks. Their intent unknown::
[17:18] Ebak Naglo: Their shields are down
[17:18] Chase Quinnell: What is this? Why are some of them cloaking?
[17:18] Ebak Naglo: It appears they've also found out how to make them cloak and holo-cloak without needing 2 separate devices
[17:18] Chase Quinnell: Obviously
[17:19] Ebak Naglo: What the hell is powering those ships...there is no way this should be possible..not even the Redeemers core could power that much
[17:19] michaels Toshi: their holocloak is useless here, since we know what was here before they arrived
[17:19]  ::3 Romulan ships decloak next to the USS Harrisburg and the USS Derina. They destroy them in one brutal sweep::
[17:19] michaels Toshi: omg
[17:20] Dell Draken blinks.
[17:20] Ebak Naglo: Mother of god...
[17:20] Chase Quinnell: This.. this is how they fight?
[17:20] Ebak Naglo: A cowards fight..
[17:20] Chase Quinnell: I'll say..
[17:20]  : Dayna Bedrosian: Coming through loud and clear
[17:20] Dell Draken: perhaps we should try hailing them captain
[17:20] michaels Toshi: i have one thing to say, arm quantum torpedoes
[17:20] Racquel Darwin: Don't they emit an exhaust while cloaked?
[17:20] Chase Quinnell: I think it's known how much they disapprove of the Federation
[17:20] Chase Quinnell: Aye, that they do.
[17:21] Ebak Naglo: Arming torpedo
[17:21] Racquel Darwin: Fire some Q-Ts up their tailpipe
[17:21] Chase Quinnell: Fire quantum torpedoes at the nearest Romulan warbird.
[17:21] Ebak Naglo: The Darshum just went up...
[17:21] Chase Quinnell: I think we may need to break out our stores of tri-phasic torpedoes..
[17:21] Orion Pastorelli grows pale, " sir! Racquel is on to something, may be able to track them while in cloak"
[17:22] Orion Pastorelli begins doing the math...
[17:22] Dell Draken: tri phasic? i thought they were still in r&d?
[17:22] Chase Quinnell: Then do it Orion. I don't want to end up like our friends.
[17:22] Ebak Naglo: Assuming they still let off emissions..but whatever's powering it MUST let off something!
[17:22] Ebak Naglo: Even if its not from the cloak
[17:22] Ebak Naglo: Going for a full barrage
[17:23] Chase Quinnell: Keep our Tri-Phasic torps at the ready. Save them for the perfect moment.
[17:23] Ebak Naglo: The second and third romulan ships shields are down...but they are starting to decloak
[17:23] Ebak Naglo: Major damage to the seconds hull
[17:23] Racquel Darwin keeps her fingers dancing over the helm, just ahead of the Romulans' disruptors
[17:23] Orion Pastorelli: ok I have reconfigured the navigational sensors to detect impulse debree particles, Tactical you will have to interface with the Helm to locate and target!
[17:24]  ::2 Romulan vessels decloak next to the Chancellor. They hit it so hard that the ship is torn in two. Escape pods are seen ejecting from the sides::
[17:24] Ebak Naglo: my eyes and ears
[17:24] Racquel Darwin: Working sir
[17:24] Chase Quinnell: I'll be darned.. those guys are really starting to piss me off.
[17:24] Racquel Darwin: Aye aye.
[17:24] Ebak Naglo: Just give the word...
[17:24] Racquel Darwin works to get the ship in position.
[17:24] Racquel Darwin: ready
[17:24] Dell Draken: yipes!........notifying transporter to pick up survivors captain....
[17:25] Dell Draken: sickbay reports ready to receive causalities.
[17:25] Orion Pastorelli: Ops, are the pods making it to safety?
[17:25] Chase Quinnell: Fire Tri-Phasic torpedoes at that cluster of Romulan vessels. Aim for their nacelles. I want them all to go up in one huge boom.
[17:25] Ebak Naglo: Direct hit to romulan vessel
[17:25] Ebak Naglo: Yes sir...
[17:25] Chase Quinnell: Fire!
[17:25] Ebak Naglo readys a Tri-Phasic Torpedo
[17:25] Ebak Naglo fires
[17:25]  ::A large, bone shaking explosion erupts the cluster of Romulan ships into a large fireball::
[17:25] michaels Toshi makes quick patches to the ship, coordinating the repair efforts
[17:25] Dell Draken: aye science.....when we have the chance.
[17:26] Ebak Naglo: darn those things pack some punch..can we do that again?
[17:26] Racquel Darwin keeps us away from the blast
[17:26] Chase Quinnell: Status report on the enemy fleet's size.
[17:26] Chase Quinnell smirks at Ebak.
[17:26] Chase Quinnell: Perhaps
[17:26] Ebak Naglo: Their numbers are thinning..but...still not a big dent...15 ships destroyed....I don't know how many
[17:26]  ::2 Romulan warbirds decloak off our port bow::
[17:27] Chase Quinnell: Err..
[17:27] Racquel Darwin executes avoidance
[17:27] michaels Toshi: holy mofos!
[17:27]  ::The USS Benton sweeps by and wipes out one of the warbirds. The other takes a serious beating::
[17:27] Chase Quinnell: Is that the Benton? Didn't they help us before?
[17:27] Orion Pastorelli: grrr... they are on to us, they re-modulated their impulse drives, will have to reconfig nav sensors in real time to compensate!
[17:27] Ebak Naglo: I'll teach your SOBs to ambush me
[17:27] michaels Toshi: i think they must love us.
[17:28] Chase Quinnell: Looks like I owe Captain Reynolds another drink.
[17:28] Racquel Darwin places the Redeemer in an ideal spot for another volley
[17:28] Racquel Darwin: Ready again.
[17:28] Chase Quinnell: Fire tri-phasic torpedoes at those warbirds.
[17:28] Chase Quinnell: It should eliminate another 5.
[17:28] Ebak Naglo fires
[17:29] Racquel Darwin swings the ship out of harm's way.
[17:29] Dell Draken feels the explosions through his chair
[17:29] Ebak Naglo: 23 down in total
[17:29] ::The shockwaves shake the ship fairly gently::
[17:29] Racquel Darwin: Scanning again.
[17:29] Chase Quinnell: darn I love those things..
[17:29] Racquel Darwin: They're thinning their formations, sir.
[17:29] Ebak Naglo: Helm...keep us in range...I need us to be on target...we can't afford to miss..
[17:29] Chase Quinnell: Do we have the survivors of the Chancellor aboard, Mr. Draken?
[17:29] Racquel Darwin: Aye aye, sir.
[17:30] Dell Draken: aye sir....was able to get them through the shields quickly.
[17:30] Racquel Darwin swings the ship right up behind a signature.
[17:30] Racquel Darwin: Ready for firing.
[17:30] Ebak Naglo: way ahead of you cadet
[17:30]  ::10 Romulan warbirds decloak around the Starbase and begin some sort of interlinking energy field::
[17:30] Racquel Darwin switches to another target with the volley away.
[17:30] Chase Quinnell: I think we may have a problem.
[17:30] michaels Toshi: holy crap
[17:31] michaels Toshi: scan that field
[17:31] Ebak Naglo: darn..
[17:31] Chase Quinnell: All vessels, focus attacks on those romulan ships!! Don't let them destroy the Starbase!
[17:31] Chase Quinnell: There's millions of people on that starbase
[17:31] Racquel Darwin executes attack position
[17:31] michaels Toshi: we have some damage to the inertial dampers but i can keep them online for a while
[17:32] Racquel Darwin: You'll need them with me driving
[17:32] Dell Draken: starbase 427 requesting assistance captain.
[17:33] Orion Pastorelli reading massive subspace distortions imitating from that field! proceed with caution!
[17:33] Chase Quinnell: What in the hell are they doing..?
[17:33] Racquel Darwin: Aye aye, Orion.
[17:33] Orion Pastorelli: unknown sir! working...
[17:33] Ebak Naglo: Right now..I'm in a shoot first, ask questions later mood
[17:33] Dell Draken: i don't want to find out...we need to take that field out!
[17:33] Dell Draken: starbase firing all weapons
[17:33] Orion Pastorelli: bely that order, they know we will do that
[17:33]  ::One of the Romulan ships falls and a gap in the field begins to open up::
[17:34] Racquel Darwin: Attack position, delta.
[17:34]  ::The field begins to regenerate in the empty space::
[17:34] Ebak Naglo: you know the kirk-epsilon move?
[17:34] Racquel Darwin: aye aye
[17:34] Ebak Naglo: Do it
[17:34] Chase Quinnell: Err... we need a solution and fast.
[17:34] Racquel Darwin: working sir.
[17:34] Orion Pastorelli: ok we need to take out the ship in the keystone position...
[17:34] Orion Pastorelli: working...
[17:34] Racquel Darwin: it's ready
[17:35] Ebak Naglo: Could we modify the Deflector Dish to somehow combat the field
[17:35] Racquel Darwin: aye
[17:35] Orion Pastorelli: agreed!
[17:35] Chase Quinnell: Michaels, can it be done?
[17:35] michaels Toshi: i think we could disable it with a burst for a short while
[17:35] michaels Toshi: we'd need to destroy the keystone ship after that though
[17:35] Ebak Naglo: Science, can you locate that ship?
[17:35] michaels Toshi: or the field would begin to reassert itself
[17:36] Racquel Darwin: If you tell me which one it is, I'll get you there.
[17:36] Ebak Naglo: and if you get me there....I'll blow it up
[17:36]  ::The field begins to increase in intensity. Parts of the Starbase begin to phase in and out of our dimensions::
[17:36] Chase Quinnell: We better hurry.
[17:36] Racquel Darwin: science!
[17:36] Orion Pastorelli works furiously trying to determine the keystone ship... "there are efforts are coordinated around one ship if we don't take that one out we will be wasting our time..."
[17:36] michaels Toshi: aye sir, modulating deflector pulse....
[17:37] michaels Toshi: on your mark captain
[17:37] Ebak Naglo: Can we triangulate the signal...old earth trick?..
[17:37] Orion Pastorelli: Toshi plan should buy us some time, recommend implement
[17:37] Chase Quinnell: Toshi, deploy the weapon!
[17:37] Racquel Darwin holds position
[17:37] Chase Quinnell: Always wanted to say that
[17:37] Chase Quinnell smiles.
[17:37] Ebak Naglo: In your hands engineering
[17:37] michaels Toshi: aye sir engaging deflector pulse
[17:37] michaels Toshi: any effect?
[17:37] Orion Pastorelli: good idea Naglo are will need to send out 2 probes to triangulate
[17:38] Chase Quinnell: Send the probes out, Ops.
[17:38] Dell Draken: starbase reports are breaking up sir.
[17:38] Chase Quinnell: Get them our keystone ship and lets knock it out.
[17:38] Orion Pastorelli: yes! the subspace patterns are reverting...
[17:38] Dell Draken: probes launched captain
[17:38] Ebak Naglo: Ops...where are those probes?
[17:38] Chase Quinnell: That starbase won't stay here for long though, lets hurry!
[17:38] Dell Draken: the probes along with the problems are launched as well. !!
[17:38] Racquel Darwin is poised
[17:39] Ebak Naglo: Transfer to helm as soon as you get the co-ordinates science
[17:39] Chase Quinnell: Science? You got it yet?
[17:39] Orion Pastorelli: got it! transferring keystone coordinate to help and tactical!
[17:39] Racquel Darwin blasts the ship for a fraction of a second at warp one getting us in perfect position
[17:40] Ebak Naglo: Received
[17:40] Chase Quinnell: Fire at will, Mr. Naglo.
[17:40] Ebak Naglo: Get us there
[17:40] Chase Quinnell: Blow that thing sky high
[17:40] Ebak Naglo: I always brought the fireworks to the party..
[17:40] Orion Pastorelli: there will be subspace feedback, braces yourselves!
[17:40] Ebak Naglo braces
[17:40]  ::Holds onto his armrests::
[17:40] Dell Draken braces as well.
[17:41] Racquel Darwin moves the ship into a comfy position
[17:41]  ::the ship is rocked violently::
[17:41] michaels Toshi falls out his chair
[17:41] Racquel Darwin: bringing about sir
[17:41] Chase Quinnell: Feels like...urgh... a ....umph.... rollercoaster!
[17:41] michaels Toshi gets up dusts himself off and sits down
[17:41] Ebak Naglo is rocked about, but manages to stay upright...just barely
[17:41] Orion Pastorelli: you ok Toshi?
[17:41] Racquel Darwin moves the ship to ride the waves
[17:41] Chase Quinnell: Hang ten!
[17:41] Ebak Naglo: Cowabunga!
[17:41] michaels Toshi: fine, just my ego was bruised *smiles*
[17:42] Racquel Darwin: Gooooodmorning Vietnam !!!
[17:42] Dell Draken grins. 'perhaps seatbelts can be installed on the next refit.
[17:42] Orion Pastorelli: fancy steering there, Helm!
[17:42] Chase Quinnell: Phew!
[17:42] Chase Quinnell: I agree Mr. Draken
[17:42] Ebak Naglo: whew...I haven't surfed like that since lake Da'sure on Cait...
[17:42] Chase Quinnell: Now we gotta finish up the remaining Romulan vessels
[17:42] Chase Quinnell: Status report!
[17:43] Racquel Darwin: helm good
[17:43] Ebak Naglo: All weapons online...minimal damage to hull...shields at 50%
[17:43] michaels Toshi: we have 2 ruptured EPS taps and the port nacelle is venting plasma once again
[17:43] Chase Quinnell sighs
[17:43] Dell Draken: starbase comms are clearing up captain
[17:43] Chase Quinnell: That nacelle really makes me want to start beating on things
[17:43] Ebak Naglo: incoming disruptors and torps....they're mad at us now...
[17:43] Racquel Darwin begins to move the ship to attack the remaining warbirds
[17:43] Chase Quinnell: Brace for impact!
[17:43]  ::The ship rocks violently::
[17:43] Ebak Naglo Braces
[17:43] michaels Toshi holds tight
[17:43] Dell Draken: reports coming in from around the ship captain....little beat up but ready to finish this
[17:44] Orion Pastorelli: the other ships seem to be regroup, have no idea if they will able to attempt another attack on the station....
[17:44] Racquel Darwin swings the ship out of the way as best she can
[17:44] Chase Quinnell: Damage report.
[17:44] Ebak Naglo: They tore up the hull a little....the ventral phaser array is lightly damaged..but nothing serious
[17:44] Ebak Naglo: They appear to be concentrating fire on us..its now personal
[17:44] Racquel Darwin's fingers dance over helm
[17:44] michaels Toshi: hull breaches on deck 9 and 8, and the port nacelle is offline
[17:45] michaels Toshi: dispatching repair teams
[17:45] Racquel Darwin: Hem is a little iffy, sir.
[17:45] michaels Toshi: but the nacelle will have to be repaired after the battle
[17:45] Ebak Naglo: We can't keep this up captain..we are nearly out of torps
[17:45] Racquel Darwin works to compensate
[17:45]  ::The USS Cherynoble takes a heavy hit. Their starboard nacelle tears apart. Their escape pods eject but many are soon vaporized by Romulan disruptors::
[17:46] Chase Quinnell: Beam up those escape pods!
[17:46] michaels Toshi: the cruelty they inflict....
[17:46] Dell Draken: aye captain..locking on.
[17:46] Orion Pastorelli continues to reconfigure the navigational sensors trying to keep up with the cloaked ships impule drive mods.... "wow they are racing to stay ahead..."
[17:46] Racquel Darwin parks the Redeemer right on top of the warbird responsible.
[17:46] Ebak Naglo: Science! Ops! I'm picking up multiple fed ships incoming at high warp..sovereign class in the lead
[17:46] Chase Quinnell: These Romulan fundamentalists really piss me off.
[17:47] Dell Draken: modulating shield freq.......beaming survivors onboard captain
[17:47] Chase Quinnell: Fire a Tri phasic torpedo directly onto that warbird
[17:47] Dell Draken: confirming tactical’s reading captain.......the cavalry is here!
[17:47] Ebak Naglo: Oh captain...your mean..
[17:47] Ebak Naglo: Whats the lead vessel?...
[17:47] Ebak Naglo hopes that sovereign isn't the USS Sovereign
[17:48] =A= This is Admiral Necheyev of the Sovereign. We are here to assist. I hope I wasn't called in from the Alpha Quadrant for nothing. Necheyev out. =A=
[17:48] Racquel Darwin: Ebak, am I going to have to park on this warbird all day?
[17:48] Dell Draken: confirming.....USS Sovereign in the lead
[17:48] michaels Toshi: could the romulans be reconsidering?
[17:48] michaels Toshi: looking at the damage we've dealt
[17:49] Ebak Naglo: Thats it...we're out of torpedoes...
[17:49] Ebak Naglo: Why did it have to be Admiral Necheyev?...
[17:49] Chase Quinnell shrugs.
[17:49] Chase Quinnell: I sure hope she can pack a punch.
[17:49] Dell Draken grins at ebak...'problem with the admiral?
[17:50] Racquel Darwin keeps the Redeemer moving to attack.
[17:50] Ebak Naglo: I would have had more hope had Picard turned up..where is he anyway...
[17:50] Ebak Naglo: and the admiral have history...not good history.
[17:50] Ebak Naglo: Remind me to tell you about it over a drink of romulan ale
[17:50] Chase Quinnell: Last I heard they were on a diplomatic mission with the Romulan Senate
[17:50] Ebak Naglo: Well this sure seems like picards party...he's missing the whole fun too
[17:51] Ebak Naglo: Engineering..can you find me up a few torpedoes...use the replicators if you need too...hull parts..we need something solid to fire at those ships
[17:51]  ::The Romulan fleet begins to fall back. They retreat with a final message over all frequencies::
[17:51] =A= The Federation will die. =A=
[17:51] Ebak Naglo: Up yours you green blooded sons of....
[17:51] michaels Toshi: doesn't look like you'll need them
[17:51] Chase Quinnell: Man these guys are really anti-Federation..
[17:51] Ebak Naglo: No...guess not
[17:52] Racquel Darwin: Hmmm. After this pasting?
[17:52] Chase Quinnell: I want a report on our fleet's status..
[17:52] Dell Draken: aye sir.......getting reports in now.
[17:52] Chase Quinnell: How many lives did we lose?
[17:52] Orion Pastorelli: mr. Dell recommend increasing power to forward shields to cover the navigations sensors better, if loose them we won't be able to target the cloaked warbirds...
[17:52] michaels Toshi: now, i guess we have to schedule repairs with the starbase, and with so many damaged starships this will take a while....
[17:52] Chase Quinnell gets a grim look on his face.
[17:52] Ebak Naglo: The cavalry is holding out with minimal losses..but we lost the Chancellor, the Copernicus...and the Reliant A.
[17:52] Chase Quinnell sighs.
[17:53] Ebak Naglo: As well as a few more vessels..but I didn't see their
[17:53] Chase Quinnell looks over the Science console.
[17:53] Ebak Naglo: Well at least the reliant kept lost its starboard nacelle before it blew...
[17:53] Orion Pastorelli: checking the sensor logs, mr. Ebak, they registries should be there
[17:53] Ebak Naglo smiled...trying to make light on the situation with humor
[17:54] Chase Quinnell: The USS Delphiric, the USS Mendella, the USS Sands...
[17:54] Chase Quinnell: the USS Benton!
[17:54] Ebak Naglo: The Benton!?
[17:54] michaels Toshi: they were destroyed? !
[17:54] Dell Draken shakes his head in dismay
[17:54] Ebak Naglo: Wasn't it that new Excalibur class?
[17:54] Chase Quinnell: Yes.. the Benton is destroyed..
[17:54] Chase Quinnell: It was Intrepid class
[17:54] michaels Toshi: they died saving the souls onboard the redeemer
[17:54] Chase Quinnell: I knew the Captain very well.
[17:54] Ebak Naglo: Ah..
[17:54] Ebak Naglo: I'm sorry captain..
[17:54] Chase Quinnell: He's saved the Redeemer at least twice now..
[17:55] Ebak Naglo: I should have done more...
[17:55] Racquel Darwin: They are with the prophets now.
[17:55] Chase Quinnell: There's nothing you could have done Ebak. I wish Captain Reynolds and his crew a peaceful rest..
[17:55] Chase Quinnell sighs.
[17:55] Ebak Naglo nods and hangs his head