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United Federation Starfleet is divided into several branches to create an easy organizational structure. Officers are placed into branches based on expertise and responisibilities. Of course a member of UFS has the ability to choose the branch he/she would like to serve in. Cadets choose the branch they would like to serve in during their second period ath the UFS Academy, where they will recieve specialized training for their selected branch. It is not uncommon that an officer change branches during their career in United Federation Starfleet. While officers have a broad knowledge and expertise about the branch they serve in, enlisted personnel are specialized in only certain aspects of the branch they serve in.

Officers are assigned to a branch for administrative and training purposes, generally, their operational chain of command does not go through the branch. For example, while the Chief Medical Officer of a starship is a member of the medical branch, his/her operational Chain of Command goes through the ship or station they are assigned to and NOT through the branch. In the event a person is assigned directly to the branch, they would follow the branch Chain of Command

It is also possible that officers, while assigned to a ship or station not only fall under that operational Chain of Command, they also hold a dual responsibility to the division of their branch which oversees their deployment. This is often the case with UF Starfleet Intelligence Officers.

All branches are ultimatly answerable to UF Starfleet Command