By the Light You Were Born

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By the Light You Were Born
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP070
*Initiated: 110625
*Ended: 110625
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: By the Light You Were Born
*Previous Mission: Tairis
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Mulgrave Dwi
*Historian: April Coswell

The crew investigates the disappearance of an archaelogical team which had been studying the ruins of a church... and find that the church is not so abandoned after all.


Location: In orbit of Tairis, Dactes Sector, parsec 45

Captain's log, Stardate 110625

The Retchans have arrived, and they certainly don’t do things by halves. Captain Jaali informs me that not only will his fleet of ships with him be assisting the Uretchans but his entire clan has mobilized. The old soldier has more contacts than I thought and told me that not only had he been shamed by the actions of his fellow Nuecha in leaving the Uretchans to die but he made darn sure his own clan felt that shame too.

In the end he made them realize that they were letting their past prejudices kill innocent people, people that not too long ago were a part of the Retchan clan before they broke off and formed the Uretchans. Retcha command capitulated and despite some of the other clans objecting they had enough support that the other clans will not interfere in their relief efforts.

The Uretchans have gratefully accepted their help, there was little else they could do. Starfleet does not have the resources to keep this under control, with an entire Neucha clan every affected Uretchan world can be quarantined and if not assisted immediately at least receive some relief.

This will go a long way to stopping this virus in its tracks. Captain Jaali informs me with his new status he is currently considered the de facto leader of the Retchan clan. With this in mind I have called together Captain Jaali and what is left of the Uretchan clan leadership on this planet with the intention to formally bring these two adversaries back together.

I do not know what the final results of these peace talks will be but I think, no I hope that I can find a way to resolve their differences.

In the meantime the Sheppard will continue to assist the ships in orbit and investigate the viral outbreak. So far they have made good progress as it seems that the planet of Tairis may very well have the means in which we can finally combat this virus.

Computer, end log.


At the peace negotiations, Captain Dwi was informed by one of the diplomats that an archaeological team his son was a part of had disappeared while studying the ruins of a church that had been once been the site of a clan-based cult. Upon her return to the Sheppard, she arranged for two away teams to assemble and beam down to the planet in search of the lost archaeologists.

Once on the surface, one of the away teams, under the command of Executive Officer Kaelin Odriscoll, found blood on one of the mushroom-like native plants and, subsequently, the corpse of one of the archaeologists. It appeared that he had been killed by a Federation-signature weapon. Meanwhile, the other team, commanded by the Captain, made it to the church ruins and the adjoining observation lab set up by the archaeologists. In the lab, they found blast marks consistent with a Type-II phaser, as well as evidence of blood. Lt. Cmdrs April Coswell and Merlin, aided by Science crewman Aaron Blaser, proceeded to restore power to the computer interfaces and access the logs. The latter logs revealed recent occupation of the church by some type of revivalist cult, mentioned a priest and culminated in one final recording, a frantic report of invaders shooting their way into the lab.

Meanwhile, Commander Odriscoll's team investigated the church, where they were confronted by a black-robed man who introduced himself as Maalachi and voiced indignation at their presence. Questioned by Commander Odriscoll as to the presence of blood on the premises, the man, who seemed to be a priest, recited what seemed to be some sort of Scripture. He then activated a device which he called a "relic", causing the away team members to lose consciousness.

In the lab, Captain Dwi's team had managed to date the bloodstains and the logs to approximately one week when they saw the flash of light coming from the church - the effect of the device. Unable to raise Commander Odriscoll's team, they made their way to the church where they too were confronted by the priest. With another flash of light from the device, all of the Captain's team except Lady Byrna was rendered unconscious.

When both away teams regained consciousness, the priest had gone, but Lady Byrna reported that before leaving, he had whispered to the Captain's ear that her part had only begun. Efforts to locate the priest on the planet proved fruitless.


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