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General Data
*Production number: AST-RP163
*Initiated: 140105
*Year: 2412
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: Out of the Cold
*Next Mission: Quaestio
*SIM Concept: David7 Bravin, Genny7 Markus
*Historian: Poison Toocool


Although the hieroglyphs found on the Class L planet did not give any information about the Gateway, the Star Chart we discovered was most useful in showing the local star systems. Using it to help navigate, the USS Neil Armstrong left the Cryraion system and travelled to a nearby system with a Class M planet. An Away Team beamed down to an area of the planet which had landscaped gardens, buildings and a castle. They also encountered automated guards patrolling the area before beaming back up to the ship.

The Iconian artifact aboard the USS Neil Armstrong has started reacting to something in the area. As such a second Away Mission is planned to the planet to investigate this further and see what, if anything, the automated guards are protecting.

Crew participation

Cmdr Genny7 Markus: Mission Leader

Capt Karl Quar: Chief Engineer

Cmdr Breydon Lane: Medical Officer

Cmdr David7 Bravin: Chief Science Officer


Log Entry: Commander Genny7 Markus, 140323:

At dawn the Away Team gathered once more to discuss plans before returning to the planet. Commander Bravin reported that the artifact we had in the science department had started to glow again, pointing to there being another artifact on the planet. We made our way to the transporter room and arrived at the same area as before. I gave Commander Bravin the lead so that he could track the artefact, hopefully. We made our way to a walled area that we could see was patrolled by two more of the plant like guards. The gates opened on our touch and we walked in and made our way to a central sitting area. Commander Bravin then said he would see if the guards were friendly and he could talk with them, he walked off and shortly after we heard him cry out ouch. As we ran to him, he was running back to us and Doctor Lane took charge and got him to a sit. Once he had his breath back he explained that the guard had stung him. The doctor treated him and he recovered quickly, with that we decided that this was not the place for us and watched until the guards had their backs to us and made a run for the gates and out.

We continued our search on the other side of the castle and found what looked like a market place but no people and no produce. This world is strange. Commander Bravin lead us down below the market and it was then that his scans reacted to an Iconian artifact again. Once we had searched we found another pair of wooden doors which again opened on our touch. Inside was another copy of the star chart we had found on the ice planet and a control panel which was broken. Doctor Lane had decided to search around the corner of the room and we heard him exclaim oops and call to Captain Quar to come and look. He had found a symbol on the wall and touched it, before us stood another gateway and it was active. I decided that someone had to take a risk and go through so I put my hand to the control.... and found myself standing on the ice planet near to the settlement. The others followed me, and we headed for the only building we had not looked at last time - a wooden shack. As we walked towards it a message came to our minds "Walk on the iced water and you will see the secret room", something else we had missed. Inside we found a wood fire and seating very primitive so not Iconian. Because we had sealed the entrance from the lake we headed for the secret cave leading back to the gateway. It was still working, so we decided to use it and hope that it took us back to the last planet. Success it did.

One last tower to explore. We took the lift to the top and found an apartment with several rooms, a living room and a bedroom. In the living room there were loads of books - who could live here? Captain Quar called from the balcony that he had seen a moving vehicle, I went outside to see what looked like a Starfleet shuttle, I called to it on my combadge but got no reply and looking closer there was no pilot. Things were not right on this planet - it was time for us to leave.