Cave Diving

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"Going Spelunking"
Cave Diving
General Data
*Production number: CNH-RP005
*Initiated: 120819
*Ended: 120819
*Year: 2387
*Forum Thread: [1]
*Previous Mission: All That Glitters...
*Next Mission: Deadly Attraction
*SIM Concept: Lan Nakajima
*Historian: Lan Nakajima


Current Location: Telos Sector, 27 LY Spinward of Pinastri

Captain's Log,

We've arrived in orbit of the high gravity planet the Avianis log directed us to. So far we've been unable to detect any of the electromagnetic signals that the outpost on Arrakis was generating, which is mostly an indication that they have either moved on and not left their signal markers, or something has gone terribly wrong. After much deliberation i've decided to send down an investigation team to discover what exactly happened to the Avianis on this world. with any luck we'll find one of them, or at least where they've moved on to.

Crew Participation

Commanding Officer - Lan Nakajima

Executive Officer - MilesPrower Dagger

Chief Operations officer - Melina Firehawk

Chief Security Officer - Fuzor2003 Leogala

Security Officer - Otheno Floresby

Chief Engineer - Yuzuki Ultsch

Vice Chief Engineer - Voludo Porthos

Chief Medical Officer - Meynara DeShaw

Medical Officer - Rex Altham

Chief Science Officer - Akara Dover

Marine OIC - Jade Ella

Marine - BradAlexander Resident

Guests: Ronin Calayan - As Himself


Upon arriving in orbit of the planet ***** Captain Nakajima called a conference to discuss the mission. We were to beam down to a high gravity planet in search of this mysterious Avianis race. Two Away Teams were organized and outfitted for combat. One team consisted of Lan Nakajima, Fuzor2003 resident, Otheno Floresby, Voludo Porthos, Meynara DeShaw and Jade Ella while the other team was mae up of MilesPrower Dagger, Melina Firehawk, Yuzuki Ultsch, Duath Velde , Akara Dover and BradAlexander Resident

Upon arriving on plant both teams were in a firefight with indigenous lifeforms. Both Teams worked their way into some caves and found a hidden research station set up years ago by the deceased Ronin Calayan and a holographic message from him left for those who found the station. The message stated that the research was very dangerous, something so dangerous that he didn't even inform Starfleet of it. The last clue was a mysterious disk that reacted to the Captain with a logo known to be associated with the Avianis. With the data from Ronin's lab as well as the new clue the crew returns to the Cochrane.