Children of Destruction

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General Data
*SIM Type: USS Shogun Missions
*Production number: SHO-RP002
*Initiated: 090408
*Ended: 090411
*Year: 2384
*Aliens: None
*Forum Thread: Children of Destruction
*Previous Mission: Previous<<
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Ulrich Bechir
*Historian: Damien Korolev

The Shogun investigates the ruined homeworld of a once advanced society. The investigation takes a turn for the worse when an officer is possessed by an unknown force.


Captain's Log - Stardate 090408

"Science, Engineering and Medical have been working tirelessly to catalogue and scan this system but their time is running out. In 2 days we will leave the 'junkyard' region and go to Amphora V. Readings have been, overall, difficult but not impossible. Radiation protocols will have to be followed and due to the issues surrounding transporter technology and specific radiation types we will be taking shuttles down this time. The goal will be to land in specific and different points on the main continent and try to ascertain who this culture was and what happened to them. We also need answers surrounding LT Baxton. It might be possible that this planet will be able to provide them. If the 'tube' introduced something dangerous into his bloodstream the answer may be found on Amphorus V, otherwise medical will have to spend some time attempting to ascertain this.

I hope the mission is fruitful and informative for everyone involved."


Arriving at Amphora V the Shogun detected high levels of radiation in the atmosphere, as well as signs of a ruined infrastructure. Radiation levels precluded the use of the transporter so instead the away team was dispatched in shuttlecraft. Once on the surface the team split into two groups.

The team led by Ensign Lir-02x discovered a village of surviving inhabitants and Captain Bechir was called to their location to see for himself. The second team proceeded to a ruined city, the centerpiece of which was a large, pyramid shaped structure. Close to the Pyramid was an enormous black monolith of unknown origin.

The pyramid was determined to be a power station of some type. Various non-working consoles and monitoring equipment littered the interior. In the centre of the building was a large, glowing crystal, seemingly a power source of some description. In the course of his duties Lt. Baxton came into close proximity to the crystal and immediately began acting strangely. In a trance-like state, he began to tell of a "black brick" that descended from the sky and laid waste to the planet's society, and needed to be destroyed. His behavior became so erratic that Ensign Teichmann was forced to stun him. Doctors Questi and Skytower, along with Ensigns Brouwer and Odriscoll, brought Baxton back to the ship for treatment. Those who remained surmised that the conflict Lt. Baxton spoke of was a civil war, and also that the remaining power generating infrastructure was damaged and responsible for the high levels of radiation on the planet.

Meanwhile, at the native village, the Captain and XO debated whether the prime directive should apply in this case. Although the survivors came from a once highly advanced civilization, the society that now stood in it's place was greatly devolved and at a low level of cultural development. However, it was decided that humanitarian concerns came first and so the Captain allowed Dr. Vaniva to treat the inhabitants.

Aboard the Shogun the medical staff determined that it was the nanites remaining in his blood from the previous mission that allowed the crystal to control Lt. Baxton, who by now was critically ill. Meanwhile Ensign Drevnerussky had been studying the medical/stasis device that injected Baxton with the nanites. Having connected it to a power source the device's components fused, rendering it inoperable.

On the surface the away team came to the conclusion that the power plant's remaining systems were still exerting control over Lt. Baxton. The Captain gave the order to disable the reactor systems, which had the effect of both curing Lt. Baxton and stopping the radiation from further effecting the planet's inhabitants.


Crew Manifest

Historian's Note

Although not certain, it has been posited that Amphora V is, in fact, the Nyrian homeworld. Artifacts found in the "junkyard" on the Shogun's previous mission would seem to support this.