Clandestine Meetings

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Clandestine Meetings
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Missions
*Production number: SHEP-RP061
*Initiated: 110423
*Ended: 110423
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Clandestine Meetings
*Previous Mission: Previous
*Next Mission: Next >>
*SIM Concept: Mulgrave Dwi
*Historian: April Coswell

On the planet Talmont, the crew of the Sheppard tries to find out what happened to the mysterious informant they were supposed to meet. In the process, one of the crew vanishes.


Captain's log, Stardate 110423.

After conversing with Starfleet Command, the Sheppard and the Luranza have been given permission to assist in the diplomatic proceedings between the Retcha and Uretcha. It seems the Uretcha have agreed to peace talks. These will occur on a clan neutral planet, there will also be several other clan representatives there representing the Livnecha, Meklecha, Yglekcha, Neguracha, and Krellecha clans. The last clan on that list are also known as the Red Sun Rising mercenary group which, though opposed to allowing Starfleet to help mediate in this dispute, were overruled by the rest of the clans.

I believe the request for Starfleet to help mediate in what is essentially an internal dispute between the clans is a positive sign and we may be able to out of this open up official diplomatic proceedings between our two peoples. At present, the Luranza and the Sheppard are being escorted by a small force of Livnecha ships to the meeting place. We should arrive in the next 12 hours, at which time myself and Captain Meril of the Luranza will beam down and begin mediation talks.

I'm not sure how long these talks will take but I'm expecting to be detained for several days at least. In the meantime Lt CMDR Odriscoll will be in command of the Sheppard while I am on the planet. I would under normal circumstances allow the Sheppard crew some small amount of shore leave - however we received an encrypted message from Captain Jaali of the Retcha, his message was brief and highly cryptic, but he wants us to meet a contact on a nearby planet in the same system who has information relating to diplomatic proceedings.

If it was anyone other than captain Jaali I might question their motives, as clandestine meetings tend not stimulate an aura of trust during diplomatic proceedings. But I never liked a mystery and, well, we need to know all the data and information in order to proceed as the sudden decision by the Uretcha to sit down and talk peace has me worried about some ulterior motive. So while i am busy with the peace talks, Lt commander Odriscoll will take the Sheppard on the premise of providing the Sheppard crew with shore leave separate from the diplomatic proceedings and meet with this contact. He is aware of the delicate situation and I trust that he and the crew can carry out their mission without causing any diplomatic problems.

Meanwhile, at the power generator, the second task force, made up of Lieutenant Commander Jess Hamelin and Lieutenants April Coswell and Zoey Fhang, using the local surveillance cameras, worked to piece together a picture of what had happened to Mr. Mollaji. However, things went awry when Lieutenant Coswell was suddenly teleported out.

Computer, end log.


While Captain Dwi was engaged in diplomatic talks, the Sheppard, under the command of acting XO Kaelin Odriscoll, proceeded to the planet Talmont where an away team was to meet with a mysterious informant, known only as Mr. Mollaji,, who claimed to want to share the real reasons why the Urechta were asking for peace talks at this precise time. When the away team arrived at the agreed coordinates at a power generator on the planet, however, there was no trace of Mr. Mollaji - only evidence of Urechta DNA residue on the pavement.

In order to find out who had killed the mysterious informant, Lieutenant Commander Odriscoll divided the away team into two groups - one of which was to remain at the power generator and try to piece together what had happened, while the other made its way to the spaceport in order to find an accessible computer console. At the spaceport, Beta Team did manage to retrieve some data from a Urechtan vessel in orbit which, presumably, had belonged to the elusive Mr. Mollaji. However, Lt. Commander Odriscoll's team also experienced an unpleasant encounter with pirates at the spaceport and had to leave quickly, defending its way back to the beam-in point.

Meanwhile, at the power generator, Lieutenant Commander Jess Hamelin's Alpha team was attempting to use the local surveillance cameras to find out what had happened to Mr. Mollaji when Lieutenant April Coswell, who had gone out to take readings on one of the cameras, was suddenly beamed out.

After Beta Team was apprised of the situation, both teams beamed back to Sheppard. Lt. Commander Hamelin, Lady Byrna, Lieutenant Zapatero and Nurse Setsuko transported over to the ship Alpha team had found in orbit. Although they found it empty, they found the medical bay locked up and filled with the virus the Sheppard and the Luranza had encountered on the Mudball planet. They also found the nav logs tampered with, and the personal logs erased. They concluded that the ship belonged to Mr. Mollaji, who either erased the logs himself, or the ship was tampered with by the killer.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the Sheppard crew, Lieutenant Coswell was being interrogated by a Urechtan named Kull Lamoset, who wanted the cure for the mutagenic virus. In the course of the interrogation, the Nabraithian device implanted in her skull became damaged, causing severe mental instability.


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