Command Call

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USS Sheppard
Command Call
General Data
*SIM Type: USS Sheppard Mission Listing
*Production number: SHEPRP217
*Initiated: 180725
*Ended: In Progress
*Year: 2416
*Forum Thread: Command Call
*Previous Mission: [[]]
*Next Mission: [[]]
*SIM Concept: Rich Lombardia
*Historian: Rich Lombardia

Mission chat log: Command Call Chat log


<<Incoming High Priority Message>>

<<Contents Encrypted>>

<<Command Code Accepted>>

<<Decrypting Message>>

This is Commander Rich Lombardia of the USS Sheppard. I have rendezvous with the Freighter Ragnar's Prize at <coordinates given> to retrieve the necessary parts for repairing our Quantum Slipsteam drive. During this exchange the freighter was attacked. Shields are down, power systems are fluctuating and we have been boarded. I assume they are pirates but do not know who they are or their intentions. Request immediate assistance.....

<<Transmission terminated at source>>



Lieutenant Firefrick,

There is ample personnel from the crews of the USS Sheppard and SS Peedy Thor to form a rescue team. Unfortunately there are no starships in range for the task. You are Authorized to take up to two runabouts with what ever personnel you deem necessary for your rescue mission. Evaluate the situation. If possible rescue Cmdr Lombardia. If not, we will assign a starship as soon as one is available.

In Service, Comm K. Mistwallow

Crew participation

Crew participation

  • Rich Lombardia as Ensign Sal Monella
  • Fema Firefrick
  • Emerald Lombardia
  • Martian McDunner
  • Colin Nemeth
  • Talena Constantine

Guest Stars

  • Dazria Mel M.D.
  • Launce Kolby
  • Conrad Starsider


After docking for repairs and crew rehabilitations. I received word that commander Lombardia had embarked to retrieve needed parts for the Sheppards 'QSD'. After his rendezvous the freighter was apparently attacked by parties unknown ( possibly pirates) and his distress call was terminated in mid transmission. I received the following "Fleet Order to Action"

I assembled a team from the Station volunteers and available Sheppard crew and we embarked in 2 Danube Class Runabouts to the last known position of the freighter. We dis-embarked the Peed Thor and proceeded to the last known co-ordinates of the freighter " Ragnar" Upon arrival to the freighter short range scans showed no external damage however the ships Main Computer and Propulsion were off-line and the Life Support failing. Scans also found no life signs aboard. After boarding, a cursory search was preformed and it was discovered there was traces of residual low yield radiation and medical protocols initiated! Engineering personnel were tasked with bringing Life Support and the Computer back online as well assessing Propulsion Systems. Further search yielded a single apparent female crew member deceased for unknown reasons. Also discovered were Commander Lombardia's uniform and ComBadge. It was further discovered that the cargo and some of the ships memory chips had been scanned, looted and were missing. A PADD found with the dead crew member showed scans of hidden compartments and unknown cargo with in the body of the freighter itself. It was then the Life Support systems and main Computer were brought back on line! Further assessments were then made! The PADD also showed transmissions from the Sai'seki station in the Berenger system being attacked by Kazon Raiders. The info showed that the "Ragnar" had also been attacked by Kazon pirates.


Commander Lombardia was on a mission to retrieve the needed parts for the Sheppards QSD. He may or may not have stumbled into or unknowingly somehow been involved with a smuggling operation or act of piracy. The facts that his shuttlecraft is gone, the freighters cargo and key components are missing, the reasons for the " Ragnar's " systems shutdown and other info bear this theory out. His uniform and ComBadge being left behind and no other evidence available bring out the possibility he may be a prisoner disguised with-in the freighter crew or he is following the hijacker's. As soon as the "Ragnar" is operational,,vessel assignment's will be taken and we will follow the plasma signature in search of him and the kidnapped crew of the " Ragnar ".

End of Log In Service Lieutenant (JG) Fema Firefrick Mission Commander


  • Ensign McDunner

Wow what a mess the freighter was thank heavens there was an engineer Cadet along with our group to help. We got to work right away on getting power to the life support then continued work on the main power supply and computer. We managed to get the ship impulse working but it take time to get the warp drive and defenses working. We will have no shields since there damaged too badly and need replaced,

  • Dr. Lombardia

Commander Rich Lombardia had rendezvous with the Freighter Ragnar's Priz. We received a message that they had been boarded, no communication from the Commander after. We head to the freighter, upon arrival it is deserted, no signs of the Commander, although we do find his uniform but his combadge is missing. We also find the body of one of the crew, but idea who or what had been there.